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Pipe Frodo went to Mordor and brought back a....

Ok, the rules are simple. For those who have played 'my auntie went to London and brought me back a...' you'll know how to play, but for those who don't:

It involves the alphabet, you'd say, Frodo went to Mordor and brought back an...
The next person would go: Frodo went to Mordor and brought back...
An Apple and a Banana...

It would help if you bolded the objects. If we get to z we just go to a and carry on, one of the moderators could tell us to start over... If it gets too much.

Please have them Tolkein related.

I'll start:

Frodo went to Mordor and brought back...

Aeglos (Spear of Gil-galad)...
No more knee caps for you!
No more Life for you!
And you! No more toe nails for you! mwahahaha!

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