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Originally Posted by denethorthefirst View Post
In my opinion the Ring is not sentient and has no will of its own. It is a very powerful object that is somehow tied to its creator or is maybe even a part of him, nothing more, nothing less. Whenever someone speaks of its "will" this is meant metaphorically and not literally. The ring does not "choose" to leave other people and cannot manipulate them. However, in my opinion, the extraordinary power of this object does influence people and does seem to act like a powerful drug. It influences peoples consciousness (they can become powerful rulers, conquer middle-earth, etc.) but maybe also their subconsciousness in that they become less resistant towards Sauron (but that is speculation).
Well, the Ring is Sauron, in that it is merely an inanimate object infused with part of his fea. It can have no 'will' or consciousness not derived from him.
Possession, and especially the active use of the One, is an act of opening one's mind and soul to being overwhelmed by his superior spirit. The Ring conquers by immersing the bearer in that spirit to the point that he becomes an extension of Sauron, sharing the latter's desire for power to enact whatever dreams the bearer holds. It is that desire for power beyond one's native abilities that sows the seeds of destruction.
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