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"Yes, as a matter of fact I did," said Nuru. She glanced at Rie. "Rie can tell you that much. We were visiting Rohan just recently and we saw and spoke to him at The White Horse. I also spoke to him on my way back to Rivendell, for after some time Master Elrond sent a message saying that if I so desired, I could return. Needless to say, I rode there as speedily as I could!

"About a month passed at Rivendell with Girithtil still torturing me with cruel words and deeds, until at last I found her in a time of trouble (my memory seems to not wish to recollect what it was) and I was the one thrown to her to help her quite by chance, for I stumbled upon her weeping in the night. We were not friends, but I could not leave her in sorrow, so I spoke to her and helped her, and we became wonderful friends. Since then, everything has been a dream at Rivendell, as it should be.

"And there ends my tale thus far. I've travelled to the Shire, where I met Rie and we became friends, I've travelled to Rohan to see Firramer, and I've travelled here to meet all of you. Some day my story will grow greater and longer and so interesting everyone will want to hear it." She gazed out the window, her eyes shining with excitement. "I'll write it down in words and leave it here for all the Men, Dwarves, Hobbits, and Elves, and those yet to come, and I'll pass over the sea to the Undying Lands, where I'll live in peace for all time."
In the fury of the moment I can see the Master's hand
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