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Old 04-16-2007, 09:49 AM   #121
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Thumbs up

Name: Fallon
Age: 20
Occupation: is student an occupation?
Future Aspirations: to be a teacher
Goal in life: I don't have goals
Short term goals: see above
Passion: music
Hobbies: knitting, playing music
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): being the one who works 3 jobs while going to school...and having zero life

Fave book:Catch-22
Fave movie:The Graduate
Fave sport: HOCKEY!
Fave store: Frenchy's Thrift Boutique
Fave music: Everything before 1991

What you can't stand: current music
What you plain dislike: school, working
Who you admire: my best friend Anne
What you most love to do: lie down and listen to music
Your self-confessed flaws: I'm a dreamer
What intrigues/fascinates you: how people can think that wearing spandek leggings with a skirt over it looks nice.
What scares you: not very much
Quotation to live by: "Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existance" --> this was one of my friend's favourite quotes

Additional comments: how many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?
I am against nature. I don't dig nature at all. I think nature is very unnatural. I think the truly natural things are dreams, which nature can't touch with decay.
- Bob Dylan
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Ghost Prince of Cardolan
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Location: In hospitals, call rooms and (rarely) my apartment.
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Farael has just left Hobbiton.
Name: Farael, Che... also known as Matias by some =P but Mati by my firends
Age: 21... I feel old
Occupation: Student, super-hero... but only when I'm not studying. Sadly, it hasn't happened yet.
Future Aspirations: Maybe to get into Med School... but not too sure about that anymore. It's taken too much of a toll on me
Goal in life: Be happy, maybe find Ms. Farael, find a job I like... oh! and go to Europe
Short term goals: EUROTRIP though it might take a while
Passion: Ranting!! There is nothing like a good, passionate, spontaneous rant.
Hobbies: Read above
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): My passion in life... or rather, the fact that I can get easily excited when something really interests (or upsets) me

Fave book:I've got to say it's LoTR, but I had to think about it... there are so many other great ones, like "Arabian Nights" (I think that's the name in English) and "La Gesta del Marrano" (sorry, can't translate that one and be fair to its meaning)
Fave movie:Again, so many... but I recently watched "La Historia Oficial" (old argentine movie) and I must say I'm quite impressed... it definitely hits a nerve in me, but that's why I'd say it's up there. LoTR (again?) is also good... I don't know, hard to say
Fave sport:To watch: Football (NFL, I know ,I'm a bad Canuck) To play: Football or Volleyball (no, not soccer)
Fave store: Does Subway count? if not, probably McNally Robinson and Chapters (two biggest bookstores around here)
Fave music: Pink Floyd!

What you can't stand: Bimbos and jocks. Really, if all you do with your life is look good and "talk, you know, all like this, *click tounge* you know? it's sooo in" there is just something not right!!
What you plain dislike: The feeling of despair that can overcome you when you find out that growing old does not mean more freedom but just different (yet still very real) boundaries
Who you admire: My dad.. what can I say? he makes mistakes just like anyone else, but I've never seen someone so determined to make things right
What you most love to do: Right now, sleep... but when I'm better rested, staying up late at night reading a good book... or camping... or listening to good music... or being in good company.. I don't know, I can't pick ONE thing.
Your self-confessed flaws: I'm too rational. Sometimes I wish I could cry and just tell myself "I'm sad" and not try to dissect the feeling. Maybe it'd help letting some things out.
What intrigues/fascinates you: Biology (yes, I'm a geek) and the creative process... what leads a man to create something new? specially if it's something artistic, as otherwise the answer might just be "need" (or greed in some cases)
What scares you: Other than any insect bigger than my thumb? Realizing some day that I am "boxed in" on a life path I do not want for myself and yet that I cannot leave.
Quotation to live by: "Love is more than a bunch of hormones running loose and a short-circuit on my synapses"

Additional comments: I know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve!
I prepared Explosive Runes this morning.
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Twisted Taleswapper
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Valier is a guest of Tom Bombadil.
Name: Valier, or Val
Occupation: Hair stylist/Barber
Future Aspirations: Hmmmm to make more money, and get married and have some kids.
Goal in life: to be happy (i know it's not much but it's what counts right?)
Short term goals: To not work so much and to have a good Christmas
Passion: I love art, of all sorts and I like to write.
Famous for: Talking way too much

Fave book:Hmmmm I would have to say The return of the King and a new one...The last Harry Potter
Fave movie: The fifth Element
Fave sport: Not to big on sports, but I like to play baseball
Fave store: Lol Wal-mart
Fave music: I like a little bit of everything

What you can't stand: Waiting. I'm very impatient
What you plain dislike: Rude, selfish people
Who you admire: Hmmm that's a hard one...I'll have to think more about it
Your self-confessed flaws: I'm a little to forward at times and I talk too much.
What intrigues/fascinates you: Ummm I would have to say accents and different cultures also the's just so mysterious
Quotation to live by: "Don't worry be happy."

Additional comments: I thought I would post on this thread seeing as there are so many new members.
grand return?........
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Reflection of Darkness
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Location: Polishing the stars. Well, somebody has to do it; they're looking a little bit dull.
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Brinniel is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Brinniel is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Brinniel is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
An attempt to revive this old thread...

Name (that you go by): Brinniel, Brinn, Erin
Age: 20
Occupation: college student
Future Aspirations: to have a successful career in filmmaking...particularly post-production
Goal in life: see the world, be happy in whatever I do
Short term goals: find a summer job to get some money, get an internship, graduate, return to Europe, meet even more BDers
Passion: traveling
Hobbies: dance, writing, drawing, wwing, watching films
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): having the wonderful opportunity to study abroad. Among other students in the same program, I was famous for going to different countries to meet random strangers (aka BDers)

Fave book: LotR, The Silmarillion, Narnia, His Dark Materials, Snow Falling on Cedars
Fave movie: LotR, Little Miss Sunshine, Sweeney Todd, V for Vendetta, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Juno, Prince Caspian, Amelie, Shaun of the Dead, the list goes on....
Fave sport: dance...I also like to watch the Olympics
Fave store: Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Hot Topic, H&M (which sadly doesn't exist in Boise)
Fave music: Medieval Baebes, Fiona Apple, Alphabeat, Damien Rice, Imogen Heap, Dido, Kimya Dawson, Apocalyptica...I also love soundtracks of all sorts

What you can't stand: close-minded people
What you plain dislike: bad drivers, Americans who live up to the negative stereotypes that the world gives us (such as loud and ignorant)
Who you admire: Umm...I don't pets?
What you most love to do: sleep, be lazy, go on the computer....on the less lazy side, travel
Your self-confessed flaws: procrastinator, perfectionist, I get easily frustrated, sensitive
What intrigues/fascinates you: culture, astrology
What scares you: spiders
Quotation to live by: Hmmm...I have no idea

Additional comments: It's always interesting to see how much you've changed over the last couple years. For me, a lot has happened since I last filled this out.
Nolite te bastardes carborundorum
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Mighty Quill
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Location: Walking off to look for America
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White-Hand Ooh! Mee too!

Name (that you go by): Tabitha, Tabby, Tutu, You
Occupation:High-school student
Future Aspirations:hmmm...
Goal in life:Get a good education, get a job that I really love, Fall in love, get married, and have lots of kids and grandkids!
Short term goals:Go to Oxonmoot, meet Hookbill, and get the Downer... I would also like to meet other BDers that I consider my friends and talk to them in real life!!!
Passion:I suppose you can say that I don't really have one passion...
Hobbies:Reading, writing, hiking, rock climbing, going barefooted down the road, doing stuff on the computer, running around the house in my bathrobe, sleeping, going out with my friends, shopping...
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Being the crazy one at school. (But aren't we all?)

Fave book: LotR, TH, The Sil, Chronicles of Narnia, The Sonrise (yes, I did spell that correctly)Farm Series, my diary...
Fave movie:LotR, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Titanic, The Notebook, Juno, The Lion King, and Spaceballs...
Fave sport:The invisible kind.
Fave store:Fred Meyers and Nordstrom and the wonderful little tea shop called The Kobuk!
Fave music:I like music from pretty much all genres except for rap and hip hop...

What you can't stand:Annoying kids who think they are the only ones who matter in the world because of the clothes that they wear, especially the ones who want to be your best friend one day out of the school year because you wear clothes they like and the rest of the time they can't go anywhere closer than ten feet away from you... They might catch something!
What you plain dislike:When people don't answer your e-mails even though you really need them to.
Who you admire:I don't really have someone that I just admire I suppose, I'm just not that cool I guess...
What you most love to do:Wouldn't this go under hobbies? But anyway, I like to go on the Barrow-Downs and talk to my best friend(s) about personal stuff.
Your self-confessed flaws:I am a messy perfectionist... if that makes any sense, I procrastinate and I'm a really sarcastic person which comes with flaws of it's own, I over talk. I am the kind of person who would share their life story in an elevator...
What intrigues/fascinates you:The forest and how the trees grow, rain, earthquakes, and other things too, I just can't name them off right now...
What scares you: Very deep water, fish that are not dead, snakes, barnacles (yeah, I know I'm weird), and things that may be prowling in the dark...
Quotation to live by:Never judge a person by his handwriting.

Additional comments:I don't like dogs that much, they drool all over you and beg for attention even when you don't want them there. I really love cats, I suppose I have a passion for cats, they are wonderful, intelligent, beautiful creatures.
I am a Seventh Day Adventist (if you don't know what that is, look it up) and I like to sing. I have been in two musicals and five or six plays. I love English accents, they are much better sounding than American accents...
In sculpture class I made a wonderful little clay model of the Barrow-Downs, complete with sign, everybody in art hated my constant Tolkien related talk, except for Laurinque, which I dragged her butt on here.
Laurinque and I want to travel the world once we graduate from high-school, which probably means we will be going to Oxonmoot....
The Party Doesn't Start Until You're Dead.
Please visit TeaGEW's! Tea party jewellery by yours truly! A real shop, where you can spend real money!

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The Sweetest Spoiler
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satansaloser2005 is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.satansaloser2005 is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.satansaloser2005 is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.satansaloser2005 is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.
I really should go to bed....but hey....

Name (that you go by): Kayla, although it's surprising how many things I answer to (e.g. Sally of course, Shayla (my evil twin from VBS skits we did a few years ago), Midget, Hey You, etc.)
Age: 21, and proud to be one of the few constantly sober overagers on campus
Occupation: student, as well as my actual job which really sucks so I'll just not mention it
Future Aspirations: to become a writer (in particular to write for a Christian theater group, although I don't know how likely that is, so I'll take anything that lets me get the gray cells going)
Goal in life: to serve God with all my life and make an impact for Him, and to make people smile as much as possible in the down time
Short term goals: amusement of others and myself, my "read as much as possible over the summer" regimen, and to graduate from my ruddy college
Passion: my Savior. Also, books of course, anything musical or theatrical or otherwise artstastic (except for art itself, as I'm not terribly coordinated drawing or painting-wise). I'm also easily amused, so I'll do anything even remotely entertaining.
Hobbies: reading, making dorky movies, WW (I spend more time on here than I do with my homework during the school year), working with teens at my church and the summer camp I'm staffed at, providing occasional comic relief (aka being annoying but hopefully in an endearing way....heh) to my friends
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): erm. I've got nothing. In my town, everyone's semi-famous, so nothing really counts. I used to be a dang good clarinet player, but that's gone by the wayside so I'm pretty ordinary. And my dad used to always brag to his friends that I was reading Reader's Digest at the age of three or four. But really, isn't that normal? Maybe I'm just weird. Alternatively, everyone knew me as the little kid who got mad if the teachers misspelled anything. Boy, did I get in trouble for that. Hehe, funny story. They put me in the, erm, the "special class" (sorry, don't mean to sound rude, but you all know what I mean) because I never paid attention (I was always reading ahead and got bored) and couldn't talk right (again, YOU try getting your head cracked wide open and functioning normally. Heh). I got kicked out of the special class after about a week of constantly telling the teacher that she wasn't constructing her sentences correctly and that she had to finish the books we were assigned before she could properly pass judgement on them, and that I didn't want to comment on the book discussion because I had finished the book and didn't want to spoil it for the rest of the class. They hated me. *grins broadly*
Oh....heh. My theater professor always introduces me to student prospects as "the nice bouncing girl", as I'm really perky and apparently bounce up and down all jumpy and perky-like when I walk. Actually, for some reason that's how almost everyone introduces me. Weird.

Fave book
: Man, that's difficult. I love anything by Ted Dekker, but even among his works....I guess a brief list of my favorites would include all Ted Dekker novels , Princess Bride, Harry Potter (except for....erm, never mind, spoilers), the CSI novelizations (just because I run out of things to read and get desperate), Appearance of Evil, Sherlock Holmes, all the Grimm fairy tales (if you count that as reading), about any devotional book I can get my hands on. Oh, and the Bible. But that should be a given.
Fave movie: Princess Bride. Also, National Treasure (and it's CLEAN!!!!! well, mostly), Chronicles of Narnia, Thr3e, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean (Care-a-be-an, not Cur-i-bean, just for the record), Back to the Future, pretty much every musical ever (except the Sound of Music), Galaxy Quest, the Prestige, a bunch of old Disney movies, A Knight's Tale, etc. I'll shut up about movies now. I have like 150 of them, so enough said.
Fave TV show (not in the original, but I added it for kicks): Doctor Who. Also, most shows that are now on TV Land
Fave sport: Hate them all. no further discussion needed.
Fave store: Barnes and Noble. Duh. (Alternatively: Voldemart (Walmart). Everyday evil at low prices. )
Fave music: Stellar Kart, Relient K, dc Talk, almost any Christian rock. 50's, 60's, soundtracks to anything good

What you can't stand: The people I deal with at work. Erm, I mean....Sorry. Couldn't resist. When people are completely oblivious to other's feelings, especially after being confronted about it. [rant] Alternatively, people *cough* Fred Phelps....(can I say that on here? Meh.) *cough* who are "Christians" but either act like the world or choose to ignore the trouble that the world is in and turn their backs/treat people like crap because of their mistakes. People, people, please. Everyone needs Jesus, and just because you've figured that out doesn't mean you're better than those who haven't. So don't pretend otherwise. [/rant]
What you plain dislike: Bananas, coconut (actually, I think I may be allergic to coconut, but that's beside the point), anything spicy, and my now-obvious fixation with food. Also, Nebraska weather and crappy phone batteries. Oh, and Russell T. Davies. Fellow Doctor Who fans, I feel your pain. Heh. People who don't close their parentheses. Seriously. I got detention in elementary school for correcting a note from my teacher.
Who you admire: Jesus. A few of my friends who hold me accountable for all my crap and live up to their own advice. My father, who managed to be a really awesome guy even when he was dying.
What you most love to do: sleep. Curse of the narcoleptic. And multitask. Curse of the ADD/IQ>130 woman with the urge to get done as much as possible as soon as possible.
Your self-confessed flaws: I'm kind of....well, I'm easily offended in a way, too much of a girl I suppose. That and my mouth gets away from me. A lot. Which I hate, because then I feel crappy about it for like ever. Pretty much I make dumb jokes or get all weird when I'm nervous or upset. Meh.
What intrigues/fascinates you: Hmmmm. Shiny objects? Hehe. Pretty much everything I've mentioned before.
What scares you: "Well, almost every species has an irrational fear of the dark. But they're wrong. It's not irrational." (Double points for the reference, yes? Yes.) Ummmm, I'm clumsy, so I don't like sharp objects. And heights. Too many head traumas from me going "Oh, look! What's tha....*splat!*". And my mother wonders why I'm an idiot.
Quotation to live by:"My heart always cowers in the defense of my wit." --Cyrano--
Additional comments: "I just wasted ten seconds of your life." --Relient K--
Heh. Thanks for humoring me. I couldn't sleep and figured this was more productive than anything else I could be doing at 3am.

"My heart always cowers behind the defense of my wit."
Friendship is two pals munching on a well-cooked face together.
Fenris bookworm.

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Eomer of the Rohirrim
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Eomer of the Rohirrim is a guest at the Prancing Pony.Eomer of the Rohirrim is a guest at the Prancing Pony.
Shield Let's update, shall we?

Name that you go by: Neil. All my other nicknames have been out of use for a while now.
Location: Not Aberdeen, Scotland any more. Utrecht, the Netherlands. Both beautiful cities.
Age: 24
Future Aspirations: To marry Eva/Cailín. To get a job I enjoy, to play in a band and to play lots and lots of computer games! Also to learn a few more languages. And visit places, including Iceland, Faroes, Norway and Greenland.
Goal in life: Much like Bilbo, to finish my book.
Short term goals: Keep improving my Dutch. Het gaat al heel goed, hoor. Read more books and find more great music.
Passion: Aberdeen Football Club and Mediaeval Icelandic history.
Hobbies: Playing Championship Manager 2001/2, the greatest game ever.
Famous for: Emigrating, and immigrating. Also scoring the first ever goal for Forehill Primary seven-a-side fitba team.

Fave books: Tolkien, Iceland sagas, history, war, philosophy. And my book.
Fave movie: The Godfather.
Fave TV show: The Simpsons. Nothing else comes close.
Fave sport: Fitba. Aberdeen and Scotland, STAND FREE!
Fave music: Metal. Moonsorrow, Ensiferum, Týr, Finntroll, and lots of others. Also love Sigur Rós and classical. Satan-praising black metal is a big favourite, as is so-called Viking metal.

What you can't stand: Peas and broccoli. Business-talk (particularly misuse of 'concept' and 'philosophy' and chat-speak.
What you plain dislike: Closed minds.
Who you admire: Eirik the Red.
Self-confessed flaws: Lazy. Good for nothing. Thinks of good things to say/do after the event.
What intrigues you: Concepts (the real kind (that's a philosophy joke)). Also, the question of how many boar would be required to conquer London, and thence the world -- keep in mind they will be assisted by no fewer than ten Black Dragons. Countless hours have been spent discussing boar in Archie's (my spiritual home) over drinks as varied as the delightful pear cider of Kopparberg, whose beauty is without equal in the beverage world, and mighty Herold Black.
What scares you: The thought of wasting my time doing things I don't want to. Also: the wrath of Odin.
Quotation to live by: Obey the Warg.

Additional comments: Edited to add some things that needed adding. Though here I must give thanks to our guinea pigs, Fiona the Demoniac, Mephala, Rhea and Fand. Also, thanks to the Warg and Warg Rider Appreciation Thread.
Los Ingobernables de Harlond

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Isn't it Mephala the Ranger?
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Eomer of the Rohirrim
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Eomer of the Rohirrim is a guest at the Prancing Pony.Eomer of the Rohirrim is a guest at the Prancing Pony.

It's funny that. Cailín thinks her full name is Mephala the Ranger. I will have nothing to do with 'Rangers' (see 'Passion' in my post) and thus she is Mephala to me. If nothing else, Elmo will understand what I mean.

This, incidentally, also explains my complete hatred of Aragorn.

Edit: that will be unclear to most of you. It's a football thing.
Los Ingobernables de Harlond

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Woman of Secret Shadow
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Aganzir is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Aganzir is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Aganzir is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Aganzir is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
Update 11/2011

Name (that you go by): Maria; Pixie Dick to some Downers.
Age: 20. I was born on the winter solstice shortly after midnight.
Occupation: English literature major with art history, gender studies & Hungarian as minors. On my spare time I do things for Amnesty International.
Future Aspirations: Move into a city called Jyväskylä with my three closest friends and live together in a happy platonic polyamorous relationship that involves staying up late roleplaying.
Goal in life: Enjoy myself.
Short term goals: Paint my Seven Deadly Sins series that I've been contemplating for a couple of years already.
Passion: Homoerotic art, lions, Ancient Rome, fictional villains and the human body.
Hobbies: Artsy things, tabletop RPGs, books, Linux and writing letters to dictators.
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): I'm the assertive girl with the freakish long nails and a thing for Scar.

Fave book: The Etched City (Bishop), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Hugo), the Moomin books (Jansson), A Song of Ice and Fire series (Martin), Iron Council (Miéville), Blindness (Saramago), The Lord of the Rings (Tolkien), Orlando (Woolf).
Fave movie: The Lion King (Disney) & J'ai tué ma mère (Dolan).
Fave sport: Mounted archery.
Fave store: Tea shops.
Fave music: Anouar Brahem, Leonard Cohen, Patrick Wolf, Orplid, Nicholas Lens, Pink Floyd, The Art of Noise, BWO.

What you can't stand: Circular reasoning, bigotry and homophobia.
What you plain dislike: People who make promises they can't keep. Alternatively, people who don't know what a promise means.
Who you admire: Everyone who accepts being a tabula rasa and picks up a pencil instead of letting others write their life for them.
What you most love to do: Learn absurd obscenities in obscure languages. Jsem šílená čarodějnice, lízej moje boty! Egy hupikék törpike vagyok és az agyádat eszem.
Your self-confessed flaws: I am controlling and short-tempered.
What intrigues/fascinates you: Blood, fire and power relationships.
What scares you: Someone putting a hand blender into my eye.
Quotation to live by: The sleep of reason produces monsters.
He bit me, and I was not gentle.

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Formendacil is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.Formendacil is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.Formendacil is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.
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Got to do something between WW posts...

Retaining three year old answers, let's see what's changed...

Name: Michael. Or, to some, Mike. -Still true, except many now habitually call me "Joosten."
Age: 18 +3=21
Occupation: Student/Library Page -Well, I'm still a student, and I still work with written materials, but I'm in university now and I'm an assistant archivist in the summer.
Future Aspirations: Depends on the month, but the most constant of my goals is to become a Priest. If not, then a Dad. Dunno about the day job... -I appear to have totally settled on priest, barring (pun intended) an act of God.
Goal in life: Write and publish a book. -Still would be nice, but right now I'd rather aim to not be monolingual... which will be difficult, given that I'm lazy.
Short term goals: Finish Grade 12 -Finish my BA (one more year...)
Passion: LEGO, Tolkien, Church -And one could probably add "the Barrow-downs"
Hobbies: Reading, writing, posting online, playing with LEGO... -except that I don't have time for all of the above anymore...
Famous for (okay, this is where you get to brag about yourself): Being the smart kid. I've always been known as the smart, or mature kid. The sooner I shed that image, the better. Also known about town as "the boy who wants to become a priest". Great way to avoid matchmaking old ladies, I might add.... -Still known as the smart kid, still known as "wants to be a priest." Also known as "the" Catholic in a couple circles.

Favorite books: The Lord of the Rings, obviously. Anything by Tolkien, for that matter (excepting maybe his "real" scholarly works). Actually like the Harry Potter series as well. Also anything well-written and historical tends to fascinate me. -Haven't read much fiction these past couple years... nothing new anyway. I've read a lot of Philosophy, and enjoyed it... but more the ideas than the actual reading thereof.
Favorite movie: Don't really have a permanent one. Loved the new Peter Pan! -Still nothing permanent, but I would probably pick the Chronicles of Narnia.
Favorite sport: Bunnock That's right, you've never heard of it before... -No change.
Favorite store: Toys 'r Us, or possibly any Mens' Wear store. -TRU is still a big hit, but my idea of good clothes leans ever closer to cassock and surplice.
Favorite music: Classical, Country -And anything liturgical with Latin &/or an Organ.

What you most love to do: Hanging out with friends, go to church, acting, reading, writing, vegetating, sleeping... -same, except I haven't acted in years...
Who you admire: John Paul II, J.R.R. Tolkien, Alec Guiness, and a plethora of others... -most notably including Papa Benedetto, St. Thomas Aquinas, and quite a number of other Catholics.
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Three years?

Name (that you go by): Alice, Evil Alice, Malice and Oddwen are the usuals.

Age: Haa, I actually had to think about it... less than 24.

Occupation: Full-time thrift store, part-time radio.

Future Aspirations: I'd love to raise a family. I'd also like to someday get off my computer and pick up my drumsticks again. And take guitar lessons. And own a car again, so I can sing loudly. Oh heck, let's be honest, I wanna be a rock star.

Goal in life: To be married. To a better rock star than I.

Short term goals: To start a Barrow-Downs rock band. Man, that would be schweet. To get through each day.

Passion: Eating candy, listening to music, reading. I am not an actively passionate person.

Hobbies: Reading, the Sims2, random surfing of the 'net, wasting time.

Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Being the weirdest in a crowd of weirdos.

Fave book: LotR, Pratchett, Sherlock Holmes, most of the Narnia series, Last Unicorn, quite a bit of fantasy.

Fave movie: Ummmm, not so much...The Day the Earth Stood Still, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, Stargate (original).

Fave sport: Random acts of violence. Having pun.

Fave store: Secondhand stores. Book & music stores, Hot Topic once in a while.

Fave music: Fair to Midland. Muse. Chevelle. A Perfect Circle. Not country, not rap, not girls. My username is Oddwen.

What you can't stand: Filthiness. Giant, flesh-eating bugs. Being found fault with. Too much silence. Most current female singers.

What you plain dislike: Swearing & vulgarity. Seeing my friends hurting. CGI in a starring role. Being without candy.

Who you admire: People who can do things I like to do better than I can. This does not apply to surfing the 'net. The Chapman Brothers.

What you most love to do
: See 'hobbits' (a typo, but I'll keep it)

Your self-confessed flaws: Too often I am content with what I am and not with what I have, when it should be the other way around. I'm also too sneaky for my own good.

What intrigues/fascinates you: Creating/ed little things. The inconsequential intricacies. Symmetry. Asymmetry. Straight lines. Other people. The secrets deep underneath the mountain that no-one else knows. Shopping.

What scares you: The fact that I have to be me for the rest of my life.

Quotation to live by:

"Comfort the Disturbed, Disturb the Comfortable"

"Common sense won't pay the rent and doesn't grow on trees / But splitting hairs will get you anything you need"

Additional comments: Homeschooled and awesome.
But all the while I sit and think of times there were before
I listen for returning feet and voices at the door

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Name (that you go by): You can call me Volo

Age: 17,5

Occupation: high school student

Future Aspirations: Nothing as such. I'll see what happens and where I end up and then decide whether it was good or bad. The current joke is that I'll study every science in universities for the rest of my life.

Goal in life: As for now, nothing much. Not to create too much havoc and keep to my ideals.

Short term goals: Fall asleep in 45 minutes (22:00 I'm doomed to fail) so I could be more awake tomorrow than today.

Passion: For the past year, nothing. I guess a slight passion for learning, creating weird ideals and sticking to them.

Hobbies: Hard one too. I don't have hobbies as such, but as I and a friend decided to call them, some manners of living. Reading books, listening to music, carrying a camera with me, eating, complaining to new friends, trying not to waste my time by playing computer games (notice self-irony). A passive lifestyle, I've become to like it.

Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): ...once being a very active person in Protu-circles. I constantly wonder about that, because the truth is that I never did do anything. I'm pretty sure I have a general reputation of being "that weird guy".

Fave book(s): Mostly high fantasy. I prefer dark art.

Fave movie: I have a special, nearly patriotic, loving for 70/80s Soviet films. I enjoy slightly artsy or weird films more than the basic Hollywood stuff. On the other hand, I'm not that strict with my likes and dislikes.

Fave sport: Sports can be enjoyable if the goal is to have fun. I don't do any kind of sports myself and pretty much dislike all serious compeditive sports. The whole idea feels so utterly wrong.

Fave store: The only category I have a favourite store from is music, and cheese (that's from the market). Clothes and books I very rarelly buy.

Fave music: Also waried. Nothing too poppy, rappy, hiphoppy or generally happy (because sad is the happy for deep people ), but otherwise pretty much anything goes. I've heard good and bad songs from every genre, currently have 8873 songs on my computer (bless the state libraries) and am listening to Sibelius at the moment. The most I like experimental music, something that no other band does, a distinctive sound.

What you can't stand: I can stand it, but the badly thought sentimental or conservative attitudes people have do drive me mad sometimes. For my own reasons I try to be arrogant myself quite a lot, but that's also something I'm very annoyed by. Surely, greed the most.

What you plain dislike: Travelling, being spoken over...

Who you admire: People who have a goal in their life; who are good in something but don't think less of others who aren't; who have similar thoughts compared to mine.

What you most love to do: Being with friends, doesn't matter much which friends as long as they aren't too sentimental, but somewhat melancholic. Feeling good about being honest. Diving into a good book or hearing some very good song. Feeling beauty in surprising things.

Your self-confessed flaws: A certain lack of feelings and understanding the way people want it. A self-destructive wish to know everything.

What intrigues/fascinates you: Two years ago I wrote "many things", nowadays "nothing really" ...especially much. I'm quite fascinated by most things, but not to a high extend.

What scares you: That one day I might either lose my ideals or become too strong in them. Generally that I or people close to me will become sad or start thinking "wrong". I have an irrational (probably) fear for snakes and the underwater world. Somewhat that my closest friend will go to the States as an exchange student for a year.

Quotation to live by: I have a bad memory for words and sentences so nothing comes to my mind at the moment. And anyway, I've always liked sarcastic, self-ironic, dark, destructive quotations more than those by which I'd like to live by. "Oh well..."

Additional comments: I'm hairier than you.
Fenris Wolf
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I'm glad that you posted in this thread, Volo, otherwise I wouldn't have found it. Already I've learned a lot about the Downers and what their characteristics are.

Name (that you go by): Zach and known to all my Boy Scout friends as The Ent Man.
Age: 17
Occupation: Highschool Student. I work with my dad and the ranch hands on the family ranch.
Future Aspirations: To find someone that I can confide my every thoughts to. Finding the girl of my dreams. Become stronger!
Goal in life: Join the Military when I finish law school and become a JAG (military lawyer) so that I may defend them against frivolous law suits. Find a wife and raise a family in the country.
Short term goals: Laugh more, spend time with my siblings, read more about he Medieval Ages; become a better leader.
Passion: I love being in the Boy Scouts, spreading my love for Tolkien, history, and John Wayne. My duty to God and my country will always come first in my life.
Hobbies: Reading about history, archery, going on hiking treks, and The Barrow Downs of course.
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): For being so tall, I have the reputation for reaching things that others can't get. Being too shy to talk to girls and when I do I stutter so much that my cheeks get red and I lose my breath.
I get comments all the time that I'm a hard worker, which I try to be. For being a ghost: most people don't even know I'm in the room if they're talking about something I don't know; that means I'm either shy, quiet, or observant, you decide I still don't know.

Fave book: All things that are written by Tolkien. I am also a big fan of David MCullough, Jeff Shaara, and Stephen E. Ambrose. All of them noted historians with McCullough focusing on America's founders, Shaara on the American Civil War, and Ambrose on WWII. Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder, My Grandfathers Son, and
Fave movie: Lord of the Rings, Gettysburg, Rambo IV, The Patriot, True Grit, Rooster Cogburn, The Longest Day, Amazing Grace, and Master and Commander
Fave sport: Archery and wrestling with my brother. I enjoy shooting guns and going hunting with my friends, it's one of the few places that I can talk with confidence to them.
Fave store: An outdoor outfitting store called Bass Pro. It's got everything from guns and bows to tents and footwear.
Fave music: I like anything that stirs my emotions, so anything patriotic. I like Classical music and country (they make the best patriotic songs). I can't stand hip-hop or rap! My favorite songs are Heartland, Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle flies, and The Battle Hymn of the Republic.

What you can't stand: A know it all who can't stop talking about what he knows and how much you don't know. Inconsiderate people who take you for granted. Protesters, they should just get a life. Superficial relationships with friends, it's just too uncomfortable.
What you plain dislike: People wining about how things aren't fare, pacifists, people who talk to much about nothing, protesters trying to take my guns from me.
Who you admire: A leader can walk the walk and talk the talk and can inspire people. My dad comes to mind, but my true role-models are George Washington, Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, and Theodore Roosevelt.
What you most love to do: Be to myself, wherever it might be and read a good book. Being alone with my friends, which aren't all that many, and talking to them about personal things that trouble me. Living in the country where things don't change!
Your self-confessed flaws: I am very anti social and can draw hasty conclusions about people. Things sometimes irritate me when they don't go my way. Can be very stubborn when I am mad and when my temper is at its highest I say things that I immediately regret after I say it.
What intrigues/fascinates you: Great leaders always fascinate me along with the times that they were in. God and his infinite wisdom. All things Tolkien! Where Hookbill gets his news source.
What scares you: People know more than me always makes me jittery. I also get scared when I meet someone that I like and want to impress, but don't know how. The Scarlet Plague (Communism/Marxism). Girls!!!
Quotation to live by:" If you want something to get done ask a friend to do it for you, but if you want it to get done right do it yourself."
I heard the bells on Christmas Day. Their old, familiar carols play. And wild and sweet the words repeatof peace on earth, good-will to men!
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Name (that you go by): Consuelo, sometimes Elo

Age: 17

Occupation: 3rd year college student and my cousins' math tutor; add dishwashing fairy and laundry empress to that list.

Future Aspirations: to get a scholarship in Germany. And open a law firm with my Troll.

Goal in life: to get filthy rich. And have a lovely little girl of my own some day.

Short term goals: pass my third year with as little failing grades as possible.

Passion: good food. my biggest passion.

Hobbies: bumming in front of a good book, gardening, cooking the traditional Filipino way (not with those instant mixes), window-shopping in first-class malls and looking for the stuff's cheap counterparts in Quiapo or Divisoria

Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): 17 and already in third year college! and yeah. I am the best cook of nilagang baka you can ever find.

Fave book
: apart from Tolkien, it's any nick Nick Joaquin novel or collection of short stories(never heard of him, huh?)

Fave movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding (yes I do love love stories)

Fave sport: archery (incidentally, the only sport I can play)

Fave store: National Bookstore and Meg (a clothing store, the only place where I buy clothes for more than three hundred pesos)

Fave music: old Filipino kundimans (love songs) played on the piano or the violin. or Nightwish.

What you can't stand
:unreasonable course requirements, religious intolerance, people who use Shakespearean English or French in this time and place, and the MCR-inspired contemporary music scene in this country. And instant-mixes and bouillon cubes. Makes the Filipino brain go mush--the young ones don't know how to cook anymore. Sad.

What you plain dislike:nasty little preachers who can't take a hint that you want them to leave and won't leave you alone if they find out you're Catholic (for some reason, they love bugging and trying to convert Catholics), MCR and most "rock bands" in this country

Who you admire: Nick Joaquin--amazing writer. and of course, my dad. and come to think of it, the philo prof who gave me an INC last sem--the first one I'd ever failed--and calmly explained to me why.

What you most love to do: take a deep breath and walk around in the Academic Oval of my school, or go to Baguio City and relax. And fall asleep on my terrace while being serenaded by my mom's playing kundimans on the violin.

Your self-confessed flaws: hubris and religious stereotyping. and a very very nasty temper.

What intrigues/fascinates you: good conversationalists. those who know that Marxism is a dream and yet keep believing in it--I just can't but admire their political stances.

What scares you: big nasty flying cockroaches and rats. DOMs. and suddenly waking up without my dad's magical credit card.

Quotation to live by: now this is something I can't answer at all.

Additional comments: My hair is surely darker than yours.
The heart does things for reasons Reason itself cannot comprehend. - Blaise Pascal

Legal Madness.

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Name: Rachel

Age: 19

Occupation: Classics Major (a bum who knows some Latin)

Future Aspirations: Marry my love and have a family, write a novel or something, have a job I enjoy.

Goal in Life: Live as happily ever after as possible.

Short term goals: Get through this next semester.

Passion: Yes, good food. Reading, writing. Roleplaying.

Hobbies: See above + play Lord of the Rings Online

Famous for: Being 'smart', 'unique', or somewhat evil.

Fave book: Til We Have Faces

Fave movie: The Empire Strikes Back, The Fellowship of the Ring

Fave store: ThinkGeek

Fave music: The Cure

What you can't stand: Egos. Monkeys. Bananas.

What you plain dislike: See above + white chocolate. It's not chocolate.

Who you admire: My parents, my Alex, my brother, my friends...many of the people I interact with here on BD.

What you most love to do: Spend time with people I love, read, write, play video games.

Your self-confessed flaws: A certain amount of laziness. Hypocritical-ness. Having a pretty good temper. Finding it easy to 'hate'. Pessimism. Being a worrier. Being socially awkward. Being too 'stiff' sometimes. I could go on.

What intrigues/fascinates you: History, particulalry ancient and medieval history. Dead languages. Archaeology. Fantasy. Arthurian legends. Animals.

What scares you: Lots of things! Failure, evil, ghosts, zombies, spiders (really most 'bugs'), most natural disasters, death.

Quotation to Live by: "Even while a thing is in the act of coming into existence, some part of it has already ceased to be." -Marcus Aurelius

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Name (that you go by): Laura

Age: 22

Occupation: graduate student and freelancer.

Future Aspirations: I want to teach the college kids who carry knives and emotional baggage and think they can't write. I also want to sell art without having to take part in the NYC art scene ever again; and publishing books is on my list of significant things to do shortly.

Goal in life: contentment, with regular tea parties.

Short-term goals: beat the odds in this Recession and find a job I like that pays well.

Passion: yes, please.

Hobbies: Amusing others. Coloring. Researching vampirism worldwide.

Famous for: being the youngest person amongst most of my 'groups.'

Fave book: Recently, Angela Carter's 'The Bloody Chamber.'

Fave film: It's just like any other film, only more so.

Fave sport: yoga

Fave store: quiet bookstores and thrift stores.

Fave music: currently pop punk, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European.

What you can't stand: lima beans

What you plain dislike: saurkraut

Who you admire: anybody who is afraid and doesn't let it stop them

What you most love to do: be with the people I love

Your self-confessed flaws: Sometimes I need somebody to be brutally honest with me or I'll keep on ignoring what's right in front of me.

What intrigues/fascinates you: Fossils.

What scares you: crocs. Both footwear and man-eating dino-critter.

Quotation to live by: someday you're going to die.

Additional comments: No comment.

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Name (that you go by): I go by many names: Ara, Bere, Dez... but I am called Derek by those who know my name.
Age: 21 in 2008.
Occupation: Online student, tech support/webmaster/computer person for family business.
Future Aspirations: To be decently rich but more importantly married, settled, and in a position of security with a job that it better than tolerable.
Goal in life: See above.
Short term goals: Finish schooling. Constantly improve artistic abilities, archery marksmanship, and swordplay. Travel to Europe again.
Passion: Tolkien, travel, art, hockey.
Hobbies: Art, reading, archery, geography, sports (hockey, karate, and football [soccer], ping pong).
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Famous for being humble, hehe. Umm... I've designed some decent websites over the years and run a forum (Rohan). No, I'm not famous. I'll update in a few years.

Fave book: Lord of the Rings (with the Silmarillion getting a consideration and The Hobbit running close, along with Narnia and ASoIaF).
Fave movie: Lord of the Rings - yes, as much as I hate parts of it, tis my favourite.
Fave sport: Hockey. I'm Canadian. Love to play it, love to watch it. Go Sens Go!
Fave store:
Fave music: Too many and varied. Howard Shore/Hans Zimmer/Yanni/Weezer/Queen/Hayley Westenra; a very small sample.

What you can't stand: When people get unreasonably upset for little reason. When people in power do selfish acts. Movie stars. 95% of musicians. About 20 scenes/lines in LotR movies. Hypocrisy by political/religious leaders.
What you plain dislike: Debilitating computer errors. The education system. Toronto Maple Leafs.
Who you admire: Winston Churchill, JRR Tolkien, soldiers.
What you most love to do: Travel.
Your self-confessed flaws: Hastiness. Procrastination. Ofttimes lack of self-control. Overemotional. Looking to the past and not the future.
What intrigues/fascinates you: Historical places and things - "some guy built this 2000 years ago - COOL!"; Languages. Geography. The ability to create realistic art.
What scares you: Spiders. Loneliness. Deep water (can't swim). Heights. Orcs, and unstable people with loaded guns.
Quotation to live by: " All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."

Additional comments: Soylent green is people!
"Hope and memory shall live still in some hidden valley where the grass is green."
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Even when I have no work I find ways to procrastinate...

Name (that you go by): Sarah
Age: 19
Occupation: Student
Future Aspirations: To make it in the profession that captures my attention.
Short term goals: Make some money so I can study abroad, enjoy college life, get into the major I want, keep pushing my writing
Passion: writing, film, history, tea
Hobbies: fandom, music, fencing, kendo, futzing around photoshop, reading
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): My s'more pie (aka the cardiac attack).
Fave book: Lord of the Rings.
Fave movie: I actually don't have one. I love so many movies for different reasons that I'm incapable picking only one. Gun to my head I might say Empire Strikes Back.
Fave sport: American Football. Geaux Saints!
Fave store: Barnes and Noble
Fave music: I go through phases. Right now I'm really digging Old Crow Medicine Show and The Wailin' Jennys.

What you can't stand: Closemindedness and willful ignorance.
What you plain dislike: Mosquitoes, anchovies, spiders.
Who you admire: My brother
What you most love to do: Watch films/tv with friends, read, write
What scares you: Being left behind
Your self-confessed flaws: Laziness (though I'm getting better), self-doubt, overly shy, very anxiety-ridden.
What intrigues/fascinates you: History, places and worlds not my own
Quotation to live by: Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren't very new at all.
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My God, everyone here is so young.
Even as fog continues to lie in the valleys, so does ancient sin cling to the low places, the depression in the world consciousness.
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Originally Posted by Andsigil View Post
My God, everyone here is so young.
Oh no they aren't!

*in best pantomime tradition*

There are a lot of 'more mature' people on this site, in contrast to many Tolkien sites!
Gordon's alive!
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Name (that you go by): Where? Here? Ibrin, or Ibri. In real life, Mary Jean (though I answer to MJ)

Age: 55

Occupation: at the moment, Life. At other times, composer, freelance musician, writer, artist, designer, seamstress, milliner... bunch of other stuff

Future Aspirations: getting beyond my PTSD

Goal in life: finding a real symphony orchestra to play my symphonies

Short term goals: winning the lottery would be nice, but I’ll settle for finishing a few unfinished projects

Passion: music, astronomy, most of the arts

Hobbies: same as passions, plus gardening, reading, studying odd languages, quilting, other weird crafts

Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Ai. “Famous,” hm? Well, I was once a filksinger and songwriter of some note (partial pun intended), I published a fairly well respected fanzine for some 15 years or so, I had the good fortune to become friends with three out of four of my favorite authors (Tolkien’s the one I missed, drat), and did some beta reading for Anne McCaffrey. I’ve owned several successful businesses of my own, have gotten within a hair’s breadth of having one of my original novels published (I have actually written 39), and have managed to complete six symphonies and four suites inspired by Tolkien’s writings. And I always thought I’d never be more than a song writer. I am also very proud of my father, who headed up one of the divisions of GM that designed subsystems for NASA’s Project Apollo.

Fave book: That’s actually quite difficult to say. LotR is one, but not the only, though it probably had the greatest influence on my life. I have enjoyed many, many books, but my four favorite authors have been Tolkien, Anne McCaffrey, Katherine Kurtz, and Gordon R. Dickson.

Fave movie: Again, impossible to say. The list would be ridiculously long, because what I enjoy changes with my mood.

Fave sport: None. I used to be an avid bicyclist and hiker, but injuries have put an end to those pastimes. And as I prefer to participate rather than observe, I don’t much care for watching sports. Though my family, having its roots in Green Bay, used to worship at the Church of St. Vincent of Lombardi every Sunday when I was a kid.

Fave store: None.

Fave music: Also impossible to say. There is no genre of music or composer thereof that I entirely like or dislike. My greatest influences have probably been Debussy, Ralph Vaughn Williams, Tchaikovsky, Bernard Hermann, Alan Hovhaness, John Williams, George Gershwin, myriad varieties of folk music, music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and Gregorian Chant.

What you can't stand: Bullies, hypocrites, control freaks, liars, bigots, narcissists... well, what do you expect for someone trying to recover from PTSD?

What you plain dislike: Mushrooms, beets, insects, and anything else I’m allergic to, anything pickled and anything with mayonnaise.

Who you admire: My voice and composition instructors from my college days. And my Dad.

What you most love to do: Compose music, or sing. Playing instruments is not so easy anymore, alas, because of damage from many severe injuries. Write, draw, bake.

Your self-confessed flaws: I’m a worry-wart, tend to be overly critical of myself, and have a rather explosive temper (the necessary control of which tends to make people think I’m hypersensitive, or emotionally detached. If they only knew...). My self-esteem stinks, and I have abandonment issues from childhood that manifest in very odd ways. I want others to be happy at the expense of my own happiness and self-esteem.

What intrigues/fascinates you: Life, the universe, and myriad things both in and beyond it. Which explains why in Tolkien's world I as most fascinated by the Ainur.

What scares you: Can’t easily be summarized.

Quotation to live by: “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.” (Doc Brown in Back to the Future).

Additional comments: Who said everyone here is young? Then again, what is “young”? As was said by, of all people, Douglas MacArthur: “Youth is not entirely a time of life: it is a state of mind. It is not wholly a matter of ripe cheeks, red lips, or supple knees. It is a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions – nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair.”
Call me Ibrin (or Ibri) :)
Originality is the one thing that unoriginal minds cannot feel the use of. — John Stewart Mill
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Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
I is not a cheese... just someimes cheesy

Originally Posted by Lalwendë View Post
Oh no they aren't!

*in best pantomime tradition*

There are a lot of 'more mature' people on this site, in contrast to many Tolkien sites!
I think you will find that a lot of us are in our prime...
I see dead people.
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Originally Posted by Mithalwen View Post
I think you will find that a lot of us are in our prime...
Perhaps even prematurely, in the case of others.
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Name (that you go by): Lhuna, the Lhunatic, or Abby
Age: turning 20 in eleven days
Occupation: part-time Biology major (graduating in four months!), full-time princess
Future Aspirations: Get into the medical school of my choice, specialise in Infectious Diseases, be a missionary doctor eventually. And maybe meet my husband and start a family along the way.
Goal in life: Hear the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant."
Short term goals: Finish my thesis (and I'm not even halfway through my data gathering *sob*) and graduate on time, as well as not screw up my interview for the med school mentioned above.
Passion: Isn't a self-confessed nerd essentially passionate about learning?
Hobbies: Reading books, writing semi-autobiographical short stories, Downs-ing. Sadly there's not as much time for these as there used to be.
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Getting a 99+ (perfect standard score) in the NMAT. It's an exam pre-med students have to take before they can get into any med school in the Philippines, our counterpart to the MCAT. And I took the exam with practically no study, eight days after my finals 'week' (three days during which I had 7 exams and a paper). I left around ten items in the NMAT blank, completely shotgunned more items, and guessed the answers for even more items. The result I got is not something I brag of bringing about myself, really. Maybe it's a confirmation that the medical field really is for me.

Fave book: I haven't even read it yet, but I already know The Time Traveler's Wife will be a favourite of mine.
Fave movie: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is still fascinating. The Dark Knight was...highly disturbing. In a not-so-negative way.
Fave sport: volleyball, whether I play it or watch it
Fave store: Powerbooks and Fully Booked - can you tell I'm a fan of bookstores?
Fave music: I'm loving Dave Matthews Band now. I'll always love Goo Goo Dolls.

What you can't stand: the innate anti-crying mechanism I seem to have - it's awful not to be able to cry no matter how hard you try when you really need to
What you plain dislike: the smell of formalin
Who you admire: people who can really, excellently multitask, well-rounded people
What you most love to do: Discuss. Books, love lives, ecological concepts, terror profs, the comical biochemistry employed in Heroes (you need a catalyst to drive an enzyme to function???), whether or not Twilight is too cheesy for anyone's good. Anything interesting to which I can contribute.
Your self-confessed flaws: self-centredness, to an unbelievable extent
What intrigues/fascinates you: structure-function relationships
What scares you: failure, the unknown
Quotation to live by: But there's just too much. I can't quote an entire Book.

Additional comments: It's funny reading your own post to this thread from almost four years ago.

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Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
Originally Posted by Lhunardawen View Post
Perhaps even prematurely, in the case of others.

I think it is more a state of mind than an age, my darling neglected girl.
I see dead people.
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Btw, does it make sense to update the profile after 1,5 years?
“The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike.”
Delos B. McKown
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Name (that you go by): (Apparently) Bowie
Age: 18 in July
Occupation: Student
Future Aspirations: B.S. in Astrophysics, Physics, and perhaps pick up a B.A. in French while I'm at it
Goal in life: I'd like to be the youngest winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics
Short term goals: complete my IB stuff on time and to the best of my ability
Passion: Knowledge
Hobbies: Watching movies, reading, listening to music, watching sports (hockey, rugby, football, and baseball mostly)
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): making incredibly grades on tests without studying/doing homework
Fave book: One Hundred Years of Solitude, Trinity, and Lord of the Rings
Fave movie: Apocalypse Now, Dune, Star Wars, Gangs of New York
Fave sport: Hockey
Fave store: music stores
Fave music: Grunge, punk (legitimate punk, which means barely anything nowadays, mostly old school and 80s hardcore), rap (mostly nerd rap, but some mainstream rap is bearable), classic rock, funk

What you can't stand: People who are so committed to a viewpoint they can't see past it, but claim they're being self-righteous

What you plain dislike: Waiting in airports, ignorance, and ignorant people who believe themselves to have a lick of substance
Who you admire: My mother, Irish republicans
What you most love to do: Think
Your self-confessed flaws: Too much anger, overuse of irrational dialectic
What intrigues/fascinates you: The universe as a whole, especially black holes and Gamma Ray Bursts
What scares you: Heights
Quotation to live by: "Do not go gentle into that good night/Rage, rage against the dying of the light."- Dylan Thomas

Additional comments:
Is é gáire ár gcuid páistí a bheas mar dhíoltas againn. - Roibeard Gearóid Ó Seachnasaigh

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Name: Andrea
Age: 21
Occupation: Student
Future Aspirations: Doctor of Archaeology
Goal in life: To make at least someone else's day brighter every single day.
Short term goals: Run a popular webcomic
Passion: Art, Theater, Archaeology, Anthropology, MMO, online, or Table-top RPGs
Hobbies: Webcomics, Doodling
Famous for: Top High School theaterical make-up designer in the State of Texas (2005)!! I also take part in nasty one liners, and atrocious puns.

Fave book: The Ghost Map.
Fave movie: Star Wars Episode One... because it was pretty.
Fave sport: Frisbee!
Fave store: Bookstores with a good selection.
Fave music: Celtic, 90s Ballads, Old English Ballads

What you can't stand: Constant, unending complaining.
What you plain dislike: Carelessness when it counts.
Who you admire: People from the Greatest Generation.
What you most love to do: Draw, paint, make sets, plan costumes, archaeology, learn about archaeology, language evolution.
Your self-confessed flaws: Lazy and periodically I'm ridiculously apathetic. Other times I say "I'm sorry" waaaay too often.
What intrigues/fascinates you: Archaeology, Plauges... heh...
What scares you: Needing help without having aid; Change.
Quotation to live by: "Treat others how you wish to be treated."

Additional comments:
- I have an identical twin sister
- I'm almost always on MSN, feel free to add me to your list. (it should appear like (li) spooooky fred (li) )
"Loo, what sholde a man in thyse dayes now wryte, 'egges' or 'eyren'?" - Caxton, Eneydos
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Name (that you go by): Robyn, though some people call me Lauri, Robyna, Bunny, or even Woeback.
Age: 17.
Occupation: Bored high school senior.
Future Aspirations: To graduate from high school, have enough time/chaperones/money to go to the British Isles with TheGreatElvenWarrior next summer, and to study botany at a university in the UK next year.
Goal in life: To be happy. To get an education, a job as a horticulturist, and to travel and travel and travel. And maybe to get married and have a child. Who knows.
Short term goals: Getting up in the morning and finishing my homework. And also to get a time machine.
Passion: TGEW knows! But for the rest of you: travel, flowers, being an anglophile, reading, internetting, and imagining.
Hobbies: Internetting! And other things like: reading, gardening, learning words, being outside when there is something other than snow to see, and being a nassty Paul McCartney fan girl!
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Being eccentric, for knowing 'all' about the natural sciences, and for being an intolerable Tolkien fan and anglophile.

Fave book: Ah hem. Why am I on this website? Also: The Red Tent, Siddhartha, and historical fiction in general.
Fave movie: I'm really rather fond of the Beatles film Help! as well as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Across the Universe.
Fave sport: I did some fencing last year. It was great fun pretending to battle the Nazgûl!
Fave store: Barnes & Noble bookstore. Why? I'm not sure, after all it takes all of my money anway.
Fave music: The Beatles (if you hadn't noticed already!), Dido, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, and *ducks* ABBA.

What you can't stand: Close-minded people, violence, cold and darkness, those who don't like reading, proofs, and people who value development over the preservation of nature.
What you plain dislike: Writing non-fiction rubbish for school, interacting with people who I don't know, falling into bottomless pits, maths, my spontaneous combustion on the second Tuesday in May, etc.
Who you admire: Lommy! And anyone who has the courage to stand up and do what they think is right, whatever it is.
What you most love to do: Be outside on a nice day with my best friend.
Your self-confessed flaws: Procrastination in the extreme and sloth.
What intrigues/fascinates you: Everything! But to be more concrete: evolution, geology, botany, genetics, psychology, and the past.
What scares you: Icebergs, they give me panic attacks. Things in deep water, thinking about the passage of time, the London Underground, and the Empty Child.
Quotation to live by: "Be yourself, whoever you are."

Additional comments: I'm incredibly brilliant only not really. Also that it's 3:30 AM and I have to get up to work as a barrista tomorrow.

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Oh my, I did this back in 2005, hehe, definitely needs some updating (interesting to see how much I've changed)...

Name (that you go by): Vanessa
Age: 19
Occupation: university sophomore in Psychology, and I work at an awesome book store named Chapters
Future Aspirations: to gradute university either from teachers college or with a Child Development Masters
Goal in life: to be a mom
Short term goals: get rid of this flu, and do some homework maybe aswell
Passion: music and I'm gradually getting more and more passionate about working with kids
Hobbies: music, reading, violin, guitar, and WW of course
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): for being a really dumb smart person, no really, I get good grades and am one of the only people most of my friends know who can understand Shakepeare and knows the Greek alphabet, but I say some really dumb stuff

Fave book: well, LOTR (obviously), then Time Traveler's Wife, The Historian, Jennifer Government, Elegance of the Hedgehog, Merchant of Venice, and many others
Fave movie: LOTR, Star Trek, Much Ado About Nothing, Princess Bride, Monty Python, The Incredibles, any and all Johnny Depp films (mainly Sweeney Todd, Benny & Joon, Edward Scissorhands and POTC)
Fave sport: not big on sports, but soccer isn't so bad
Fave store: Chapters, books books books <3
Fave music: Coldplay, The Fray, Lifehouse, Colbie Caillat, John Mayer, Math Nathanson, Eagles, Paramore

What you can't stand: unecassary changes, people who are too afraid to discipline they're children and have obviously never heard of Pavlov, people who don't consider Psychology a ligitimate field of study, and closed-minded evolutionists (open minded ones aren't so bad)
What you plain dislike: talking to people I went to highschool with who's names I can't remember, the colour yellow
Who you admire: my mom
What you most love to do: listen to music loudly while driving at night, best thing ever
Your self-confessed flaws: procrastination, and maybe a bit too stubborn
What intrigues/fascinates you: music, haha, uhm, Psychology and Greek/Roman History/Myths
What scares you: deep water, creepy sounds in the dark, being on the second level of my house when I'm the only one home (first floor is just fine, don't even ask me why)
Quotation to live by: "Be yourself, whoever you are." (Laurinque's, I'll keep it)

Additional comments: uhm, you guys are the coolest!!! haha
Comme une étoile amarante Comme un papillon de nuit C'est la lumière qui m'attire La flamme qui m'éblouit
Fenris Muffin
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Name: Alexander although I go by Alex. I do have some friends who call me Prince Ali, there is a long story behind that. My health teacher calls me by my last name.
Age: 15
Occupation: Sophomore in highschool
Future Aspirations: Right now just to graduate high school and then college. I am still not sure where I want to go with my life.
Goal in life: To succeed and maybe one day actually be happy.
Passion: Learning, writing, reading, watching great films and tv series and expressing my opinions.
Hobbies:Same as above.
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Being the man with all the answers and opinions. I am also famous for being cynical and always looking angry.

Fave book: I don't have one. I will just say the current book I am reading which I love. After the War by Frederic Raphael.
Fave movie: I am not sure. There are some movies I like a lot but not enough for the title of favorite.
Fave sport: My best sport of course, archery. I also like fencing but I am not as good as I would like to be at that.
Fave store: None.
Fave music: Don't have any. It depends entirely on my mood well not really my mood but what I feel like listening to. I will shut up now.

What you can't stand: Close minded people, obese people, religious nut jobs, my mother, our current school system, my sister, certain songs, George W. Bush and the current way the world is heading.
What you plain dislike: The same as above and a few more things which I am listing in the next sentence. People who think they know everything about relationships and people who are obsessed with a certain food.
Who you admire: My father, my fathers father, Rod Serling, William James Sidis, Daniel Tammet, Tolkien, Lovecraft and many many more.
What you most love to do: Look at hobbies and sports.
Your self-confessed flaws: Not really sure what they are as in I am not sure if I want to post about my flaws.
What intrigues/fascinates you: Everything to an extent. Pretty much everything except for stuff I don't care about such as celebrities and all of that stuff.
What scares you: Spiders, snakes, anything in the deep sea which is why I love to write about sea monsters and other stuff like that and finally my greatest fear of all ladybugs.
Quotation to live by: Look at my signature.
Additional comments: I have none.
Medicine for the soul. ~Inscription over the door of the Library at Thebes

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Ok, I'll give it a go...

Name (that you go by): Peter
Age: I was so much older then I'm younger than that now
Occupation: Selling my body and time to afford the things I like to do
Future Aspirations: Trying to combine the things I like to do with work or committing the perfect crime so I need not work for money
Goal in life: Be as happy as I can without making anyone else unhappy
Short term goals: Finish and publish a book I'm working on
Passion: Music, Literature, other physical and aesthetic pleasures
Hobbies: Music, writing, sports, out-doors activities like fishing and hiking, seeing the world (but I don't care for actual travelling)
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Not much for bragging

Fave book: Oh there are many... Everything by Tolkien obvioulsy, Naked Lunch by Burroughs, Heart of Darkness by Conrad, Dispatches by Herr, Master and Margarita by Bulgakov, Lolita by Nakobov, A Clockwork Orange by A Burgess, The Sheltering Sky by Bowles. a few Scandinavian books you wouldn't know of (well maybe the other Scandinavians I could I could go on and on.
Fave movie: Not much of a movie-buff but I'll go for Clint Eastwood's The Unforgiven
Fave sport: Football, playing tennis and shooting pool
Fave store: A certain second hand books and vinyl store
Fave music: Most (but far from all) of what I like was recorded before I was even born. I like music from a lot of genres and at the moment I've a thing for fusion and jazzy rock like The Soft Machine, Steely Dan, Zappa, Miles Davies etc. I'm a big Dylan fan and feel that the Kinks could do no wrong 1966-71.
What you can't stand: Intolerance, Hypocrisy, Bureaucracy, modern society's craze for security and control
What you plain dislike: Most of what is played on radio or shown on regular cable TV
Who you admire: My parents, Leonard Cohen
What you most love to do: ******* **** and then ******* **** while spinning great tunes on the turntable. Spending quality time out in the nature, especially in Norwegian fjords
Your self-confessed flaws: Procrastination, mood driven social ineptitude
What intrigues/fascinates you: Existance, space and time
What scares you: The dark side of group mentality, the truth
Quotation to live by: Hm. how about: Deserve's got noting to do with it, spoken by Eastwood's character as he shoots Gene Hackman in the above mentioned film

Additional comments: Interesting to read what other members have written, but you're rarely surprised, are you? You get a pretty good feel for who someone is by reading what they post on a forum like this I think. Sometimes ever better than people you meet almost every day in real life...
"You can always come back, but you can't come back all the way" ~ Bob Dylan
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Name (that you go by): Here, Lottie or Loslote; in RL, Kristen
Age: 15
Occupation: Student
Future Aspirations: Physics professor...eventually.
Goal in life: to die in my sleep.
Short term goals: not to have cold feet in the morning.
Passion: Tolkien (um....possibly didn't need to include that)
Hobbies: reading, writing (humorous fanfics and poems), drawing (mostly elves), eating (usually food), sleeping (as often as possible)
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Being way to o nice. So are pretty much all of my friends. If two of us get to a door at the same time, we'll wait for the other to go in first until the end of the world. Also, in my house, food goes to waste really often because we don't like to eat the last of anything in case someone else wants it. Also, I'm famous for my memory. I can remember anything I read. Not exactly photographic, but similar. And for my randomness.

Fave book: Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen
Fave movie: The Importance of Being Ernest by Oscar Wilde
Fave sport: Can reading count?
Fave store: Um...Amazon?
Fave music: Country

What you can't stand: the cold.
What you plain dislike: Improper grammer. (and yet, look at all of my responses. )
Who you admire: My mom.
What you most love to do: read/write/draw
Your self-confessed flaws: I am far too trusting; I am seldom serious; and I depend far too much on the good opinion of others, which leads me to try to please everyone way too often; I can never say no to anything.
What intrigues/fascinates you: trivial knowledge.
What scares you: disapproval.
Quotation to live by: "I never put off till tomorrow what I can possibly do the day after."

Additional comments: Thinking...thinking...nope. I got nothing.
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.
Double Fenris
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Originally Posted by Loslote View Post
What you can't stand: the cold.
I think you might have a little problem here.
The Party Doesn't Start Until You're Dead.
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Thumbs up

Awww, what a great thread this is. Glad to see it was revived.

It's odd, I filled this thing out over 6 years ago, and I don't think I've changed a whole lot. I still listen to Manu Chao and even write about sports occasionally. Maybe I stopped evolving and am now slowly becoming a degenerate. (Or was I always a degenerate? Hm, yeah, don't answer that...)
~The beginning is the word and the end is silence. And in between are all the stories. This is one of mine~
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The Saucepan Man
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My original response was on the first thread, which seems to have been lost in the mists of time. So here we go again ...

Name (that you go by): There are some who call me ... Tim
Age: 42
Occupation: Korprat-Loyer
Future Aspirations: I am pretty much contented with my life - so more of the same, I suppose.
Goal in life: To see my children grow up happy, healthy and successful in whatever they choose to do.
Short term goals: To finish this questionnaire.
Passion: My family.
Hobbies: Board games, Sport (as a spectator, natch), Internet browsing, Making Playlists on my I-Pod.
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): At the moment, giving up smoking after 22 years on 20+ a day. 7 months and still struggling (but still going).

Fave book: Difficult to pick out one. Other than The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit etc, probably The Magus and Wuthering Heights. I recently enjoyed Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Northern Lights and Cloud Atlas, and have been working my through Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. Currently reading Bad Science.
Fave movie: Again, difficult to pick out one. So here's a huge list instead: Alien, Blade Runner, Brazil, A Bridge Too Far, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Cloverfield, ET the Extra-Terrestrial, Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, King Kong, The Lord of the Rings, Life of Brian, Lost in Translation, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Pan's Labyrinth, Shaun of the Dead, Star Wars, The Terminator, The Thing, Toy Story, 12 Angry Men, 28 Days Later.
Fave sport: Football (England and Chelski), Cricket (England) and F1 (Button and Hamilton).
Fave store: The Game Shop in Aldershot. And anywhere else that sells board games.
Fave music: Once again, it is impossible to pick out any one style or group, so it has to be another huge list: Air, The Arcade Fire, The Beatles, Blur, David Bowie, Kate Bush, The Charlatans, The Chemical Brothers, Coldplay, The Cure, The Divine Comedy, Dodgy, Doves, Elbow, Feeder, The Feeling, The Fratellis, Goldfrapp, Gomez, Gorillaz, Kasabian, The Kinks, Lemon Jelly, Madness, Mansun, Oasis, Pink Floyd, REM, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, Scouting for Girls, The Specials, The Stone Roses, The White Stripes, The Who, Robbie Williams. And much much more. I love music me.

What you can't stand: People who dawdle. Wherever - whether shuffling in the tube, bumbling around on the pavement, or pootling along on the motorway. I hate dawdlers.
What you plain dislike: Those who demand their rights without acknowledging their responsibilities.
Who you admire: The wonderful Mrs S.
What you most love to do: Listen to Music. Drink wine. Play board games with Mrs S. Preferably all three at the same time.
Your self-confessed flaws: Laziness and perfectionism. Which is an appalling combination. I want things to be perfect, but I'm generally too lazy to make them so myself ...
What intrigues/fascinates you: Mysteries. Although I am a lot less credulous and superstitious than I was in my younger days.
What scares you: Spiders. I am a pathetic arachnophobe. As are the rest of the family. Which makes dealing with spiders in the house rather tricky.
Quotation to live by: Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Additional comments: Do I get the job?
Do you mind? I'm busy doing the fishstick. It's a very delicate state of mind!
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Hello Saucepan Man, nice to make your acquaintance anew Rushing off right at the moment, but I guess I'll follow your lead and will make an update too when I get back home this evening

Lush, pity there is no smile for a :kiss: in here
Egroeg Ihkhsal

- Would you believe in the love at first sight?
- Yes I'm certain that it happens all the time!
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Originally Posted by The Saucepan Man View Post
Quotation to live by: Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
That is a good quote. Nice to see a fellow Kinks-fan on the board by the way
"You can always come back, but you can't come back all the way" ~ Bob Dylan
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I wrote mine a year ago, and while not much has changed, I'm bored.

Name (that you go by)
: Consuelo or Elo
Age: 19
Occupation: *still* a student
Future Aspirations: be rich within the confines of my morality, I suppose.
Goal in life: erm... pass.
Short term goals: To graduate on time.
Passion: good food!
Hobbies: sleeping.
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): I get to graduate before 20? Is that a good thing?

Fave book: Apart from Tolkien... it's mostly obscure Filipino writers other Filipino kids my age don't even know (unless they're my classmates). Like NVM Gonzales and Nick Joaquin.
Fave movie: Daddy Day Care, and then rom-coms like Love Actually and My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Fave sport: gave up on sports a long time ago.
Fave store: anything that sells good shoes, good books at good prices, and good clothes.
Fave music: Filipino kundimans (love songs with a heavy classical influence)

What you can't stand: People who yank their horns on the street all day long.
What you plain dislike: Contradicting instructions by government agencies.
Who you admire: the people who stick with me.
What you most love to do: Listening to music while reading a good book or trying out a new dish
Your self-confessed flaws: The most arrogant person I'll ever meet.
What intrigues/fascinates you: Philosophy.
What scares you: Flying insects, crawling insects, snakes, and the like. Also heights--you can never take me to rappel or wall-climb, although I have nothing against planes.
Quotation to live by:

Additional comments: I'm really bored at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience
The heart does things for reasons Reason itself cannot comprehend. - Blaise Pascal

Legal Madness.
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