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Old 08-31-2007, 11:27 AM   #1
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Tolkien Do You Remember?

I was watching that make believe trailor for The Hobbit (the one that said it was coming in 2006) with the "Requiem" theme song and although the trailor is bogus, it reminded me of how excited I was when The Return of the King was finally coming out- the last film of the trilogy. I remember one of the teaser trailors also featured the "Reqiuem" song and so did the video game that prepared the way for the movie's release.

Does anybody remember the feeling of joy and excitement as they anxiously awaited the last installment of the trilogy? I saw the first possible midnight showing of the film when it finally arrived and I can still recall the joy I had waiting on that line to get in, sitting in the theatre, and loving every minute of what I saw- trying not to be too critical of the films representation of the book - and coming out with a huge smile on my face, yet I was sad at the same time, knowing that the journey through the films had ended.

Can anybody else recall similiar feelings when The Return of the King first hit theatres? It feels like so long ago...
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Old 09-02-2007, 01:02 PM   #2
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I do remember when my parents went to see TTT and I went over to my Aunt house because I was too young...about 7 i think, and I clearly stated "Lord of the Rings is stupid, I will never like them." and look at me now, I suppose a couple of years makes all the difference. All though RotK was the first LotR movie I ever watched, it was at my Grandparent's house I remember watching Sam waking Frodo up in that stone thing that was a diamond shape. I do remember earlier this summer though... I decided I was bored and we have the EE at home and I decided that I would watch the bonus material on FotR and I thought it was interesting so I watched the movies and I loved them... My friend came over and said she wanted to watch FotR and so we did and the preceded to watch TTT and RotK and when the four hobbits got back into The Shire my friend was griping and complaining that PJ had left out The Scouring, so I decided I was missing something and read the books and I LOVED the books... Back on topic I got this serious sense of excitement when I watched RotK for one of the first times at my house, because I had watched the first two movies in a row I was excited to see the end. Thanks for reading my rambling.
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Old 09-03-2007, 02:41 PM   #3
Azaelia of Willowbottom
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I clearly remember waiting for Return of the King. I had finally convinced my parents to let me go to a showing on opening day. It was a triumph because my parents generally hate crowds, and also because the release was on a school night. We gathered up a carload of my friends, and we got all costumed up. I actually still have that picture from that night framed on my desk. I'll be taking it to college with me tomorrow.

I remember the sense of joy mixed with sorrow because this was a new LOTR movie...but also the last one, the end of the journey.

The audience was amazing--applause in all the right places. I love sold-out shows! I could tell that a lot of people present were true fans of the book because lines from the book were greeted with cheers and applause (so was Legolas' surfing stunt, but hey, what can you do? :P ) I remember overlooking differences from the book (though I did want to walk out when Frodo sent Sam away) and leaving generally happy with the whole experience. I did feel a sense of loss, though--that this was the last first time.

It's amazing how many memories a simple question brings back--the trip to the store to by that giant chocolate bar, sharing it with my friends, riding around in my dad's van picking everyone up, sitting with my friend in my mom's kitchen, waiting for her parents to come and get her, returning to school tired but triumphant the next morning...the sense of collective anticipation that had internet fandom waiting expectantly...Good times.
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Old 09-06-2007, 11:49 AM   #4
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I remember things clearly, too. There was the morning after spending the night at a friend's house. Pop came to pick me up and her dad went to talk to him while my friend and I finished breakfast. I knew what they were talking about - going to see the movie the night of its release. I could scarcely eat I was so excited.

And then going...the long wait at the theater, yes, yes, I remember. My friend and I chatted excitedly. I was nearly trembling, I felt so excited. I think we bought popcorn, but I never saw it, and I certainly didn't eat it...not while watching the RotK!

Ha! As Azaelia recalls - I, too, remember the moments of applause...I also remember the titters and chuckling that passed through the crowd when Sam said something about not being able to 'go through Mordor in naught but your skin, Mr. Frodo.' I think the other book fans were thinking, along with me, 'thank goodness he's not in naught but his skin like he was in the books!'

I also remember just about crying my eyes out at the end. I walked from the place sobbing and we went into the bathroom before going home. Another lady glanced at me (still crying) and said, "Well, I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one who thought the movie was said."
And, yes, I cried most of the way home, too.

I guess...I was sad that it was over. I remember being terribly, terribly depressed by the whole Grey Havens scene, but then, after Sam's famous line "Well, I'm back" and the screen went dark, there were the words "The End". And that was all. It was over. I really think it was then tha I trully began to cry as though my heart had broken.
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