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Werewolf CXI - The Black Breath Ward (Guard Post/Admin Thread)

The siege of Minas Tirith is imminent. For some, the thrill of impending battle is exhilarating, but for others, despair and dread fill their hearts, their minds numb from the terror of what may lie ahead.

Though none have seen Nazgul within the walls, their presence is felt, the effects heightened by the current tensions throughout the city. Many have fallen prey to depression and heartache, slipping from this life as their will to live is slowly stripped from their souls.

For those who fear they have been exposed to this horror, the leaders of Minas Tirith have cleared out a small area toward the heart of the city in which to house these victims until the crisis passes. Both for the safety of those inside the Ward and those yet unaffected, it is required that all who are suffering from these symptoms report to the Black Breath Ward for containment and care.

As the city prepares to make its stand, the ill and downtrodden are settled in and provided for. The Ward is dismal, but safe. All will be well in time.


Dozens are dead. The Ward has contained most of the casualties, but the number of those inside continues to dwindle as the days pass. Bodies disappear during the night, taken away to be laid to rest, the poor souls at last at peace. This is best, truly. None in the Ward have strength for goodbyes.

Rumors of conspirators within the Ward fill the streets, reaching so far as to alert the patrols outside. Investigations cannot be conducted, however, not without risking even more lives. The city is in shock from yet another attack, this time from within. Who would betray their neighbors in this way?

In mere days, help will arrive, and Minas Tirith will give its all to defend its people from the dark forces which currently threaten them. The clouds that surround the great city will part, and Minas Tirith will rise, as will the spirits of its people. All that remains is to wait, and to hope.

Survive long enough, and you will be spared. Succumb to your despair, and you will perish.

You may enter the Ward, but be wary, for you may never leave.
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