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The Lord Malfoidacil, having stashed his Map away, strolled into the next room where Angawen was looking daggers at a rather bored seeming Beauregard. Dracomir whistled jovially as he entered their presence.

"Hallo, chums. I do wonder where Hyarmenwe's got to. Most peculiar him going off with some Mordorian ambassador, isn't it? Still, stranger things have long as his professional dignity isn't compromised..."

He flashed a quick smile and tossed his head so that his scarily pale blonde hair flopped charmingly to one side.

"Still, perhaps we can do without his scruples for a bit. Any news from you lot?" he enquired, unable quite to banish an edge of disdain. "Or any sign of those Mordorian jokes calling themselves envoys?"

"None," Angawen replied almost mournfully. "The afternoon's only amusement has been kicking Beauregard."

"Or being kicked by Angawen, from my point of view," Beauregard pointed out brightly.

Still reeling slightly from the ingenuity of his Hyarmenwe/Maika accusation, Dracomir was quick to wonder...could there be potential for something here? But no, back to the daily grind of negotiating, or non-negotiating...

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Wandering back into the ice-cream parlour, Smilog and The Barrow Wight felt a sudden chill run down their backs. Smilog felt it more potently as the dead man had very little left of his spinal cord. Skittles looked with fire filled eyes at the dwarf, yet due to the vast amounts of ice cream she had forgotten why she had beaten him up and cast him out. However, she assumed it was for a good reason and still regarded the Dwarf with malcontent.

Just as they passed the threshold and saw Tollin licking the inside of yet another bucket of ice cream, there was the sound of footsteps coming down the corridor. Turning, Smilog saw a large number of Orcs and Uruks all carrying crossbows with mounted aiming sights. They all aimed at the Dwarf and a particularly large and smelly Uruk stepped forth and said, "Smilog the dwarf?"

"Who wants to know?" he replied, holding his axe tight in his hands.

"I am chief of police for Old Lordon town, which is where we are now," announced the Uruk a little too loudly, "you are under arrest!"

"On what charge?" demanded Smilog; "I demand to see Roggie of Morgoth about this!"

"Come on sir," said another Uruk, "don't mess us about. We've got a job to do, you know. So just come along quietly and there’ll be no trouble." Tollin got up and went to see what was going on. Unfortunately he tripped over the massive mountain of empty ice cream buckets he had built up, sending several at the Orcs. All eyes turned to him and the leading Uruk sighed.

"Looks like we'll have to take you in as well," he said, taking out some handcuffs. They began mercilessly storming into the room and Skittles couldn't help but laugh to see Smilog being carried away by an Orc only using one hand. Tollin couldn't bare the though of being thrown into that Labyrinth again, so he lifted his morning star and swung it around, knocking several Orcs out of the way. He grabbed Smilog and The Barrow Wight under an arm each and dashed out of the room and up the corridor.

Turning swiftly this way and that, Tollin found his way to a staircase, yet the Orcs and Uruks were right behind him and gaining fast. Not hesitating, the Minotaur leaped up the stairs and then through another door where he found himself in a cupboard. Swiftly he exited the broom-infested space and dashed forth with all his speed. Then he leaped out of the nearest window and fortunately landed on Sauron's Road. He began to run once again until he saw Orcs coming down the road in front of him, so he turned but more Orcs were coming the other way and from down below. He looked up in dismay to see Uruks riding strange birds coming from above and with many cross bows all aimed at them.

Smilog looked around as Tollin put him down. There seemed to be no escape. All their luck had run out. The Barrow Wight whimpered and searched longingly for his pipe. Smilog stood there surrounded by Orcs and Uruks and turned to Tollin, whispering, "Hang on, I've got an idea..."

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