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Tolkien minstrelsy!

Imladris, Aylwen & lmp: great posts!

Sorry I have yet to post a timeline. Busier day than I had planned.

The game begins in the late Autumn/ Early winter. Mellon dreams of Nimrodel, and Amroth's dreams and purpose take over, and he heads Northwest, but veers west and ends up at Edoras about two weeks after he left Minas Tirith. At Edoras he grows feverish and convalesces several days.

Four days after Mellondu disappears, Mellonin begins work at the Seventh Star. (She is joined by Raefindan during her first couple of days.) She is there a week and a half, and then she also takes fever and is sick, dreaming deliriously, for the same three days.

Mellonin and Mellondu recover at the same time, and Mellon-Amroth heads north from Edoras. Ravion departs from Rohan for Minas Tirith. Mellon-Amroth walks a day and sleeps one night before Ĉdegard, Liornung and Bellyn catch up to him.

A week later Ravion arrives in Minas Tirith, speaks with Mellonin, and they leave that night. (No rest for Ravion!)

Now, should we use a Middle-Earth months, or January, Feburary, etc? Personally, since Tolkien translated LOTR into English months, I have no problem using them, and I think it would be easier on all of us to do so. If anyone is passionate about using the elvish months, let me know & I'll edit the timeline to indicate that.

So let's say Mellondu disappeared in late November; how about Nov 21.

Here's a start on the timeline:

Nov 21: Mellondu disappears from Minas Tirith.
Nov 24: Mellonin hired on at the Seventh Star.
Dec 5: Mellonin and Mellondu both sick of a fever, & dreaming.
Dec 8: they recover. Mellon-Amroth walks northward from Edoras.
Dec 9: Ĉdegard, Bellyn, Liornung catch up with Mellon-Amroth. Ravion departs for Minas Tirith.

Right now, writers' time, Ĉdegard's Rohan group is on Dec 10 or 11: current time frame for Ĉdegard, Mellon-Amroth, Liornung, Bellyn. This team can post and travel with abandon, since Ravion is already pushing Dec 17.

Dec 15: Ravion arrives in Minas Tirith.
Dec 16: Ravion awakens with hangover, & speaks with Mellonin. They depart that evening. Mellon-Amroth arrives where the Nimrodel meets the edge of Lorien and is met there by Erebemlin.

Dec 17th: Ravion's group is heading northward for Rohan, a bit westward from the Anduin.

Once Ĉdegard's group catches up to Ravion's group on Game-Time Dec 17, they will have arrived at Lorien, met Erebemlin, and be heading southward along the Anduin. I'm imagining that Ravion will catch Mellon-Amroth's trail, or rumor of their passing, in the East Emnet at or above the Sarn Gebir. (See map.)

At this point, Ravion's troop needs horses or boats or something. If they travel on foot, the horses of Rohan will leave them far behind!
...More to follow later.
...down to the water to see the elves dance and sing upon the midsummer's eve.

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