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“So - do you know how to use that knife?”

Linduial looked down at the blade clutched between her fingers. "I've used one before," she said quietly. Determination and anguish warred on her face, wiping away the traces of her private little joke. "Honestly, my brothers taught me a little of how to use a dagger, and I learned well...but not since I was thirteen and needed to act the part of a lady rather than a child, and never against anything more threatening than a sack stuffed with goose-feathers."

She smiled a little at the memory, then paused as Scyld helped her scramble over a huge boulder, jutting out of the side of the mountainous terrain as though a giant had thrown it and forgotten his toy. Once past the obstacle she sighed a bit, but spoke again. There was something thrilling about speaking as to a friend, and with little regard for who might overhear, or whether her words might result in her death. If Scyld had meant to kill me, he would better have done it in the cellar.

"When I cut Sorn's man in Edoras, I think I acted more out of instinct and terror than skill, but terror is an excellent teacher." She glanced over at Scyld's face. The familiar smirk was back, and she laughed as she divined its meaning. "Don't you get all superior about it! I'm no pampered lily damsel, unable to lift a finger to help myself. With a bow, I am more than skilled. I claim the title expert without vanity! And with a bow I have killed, though never a man. Hunting with a bow falls under the realms of lady-like behavior, and I can shoot better than my lord Uncle's Master of the Hunt."

Elated by the sunshine and fresh breezes warming her body, too long chilled by her sojourn in the cellar, Linduial decided with a little smile that no one here needed to know that the Master of the Hunt in Dol Amroth was awarded the post because it would be death to tell that once-doughty warrior he was too old to serve his lord. He was still an excellent bowman, but many of the the younger men in any hunt could best him, and Linduial, especially because they had the strength to pull a longer bow.

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