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Cnebba (same day, late morning)

“You always get in trouble. I don’t want to be in trouble with you by disobeying. We already are in trouble for fighting.”
“I do not always get in trouble! Take it back!”

Javan was eyeing Garmund fiercely. Cnebba stepped to stand side by side with his friend.

"Yes you do!" he interrupted. "Garmund was right to say that. You burned the stables."
Cnebba's tone was accusing, and there was a dark edge to it. He had noticed that his family's old horse, Snowstreak, had been grumpier and more easily scared after the fire. (His mother would have been surprised and proud had she known her son had noticed such thing. Cnebba, however, had kept the notion to himself.)

"And you always disobey Lord Eodwine. Like that when we arrived," Garmund added.
His tone was rather dark too. He and Cnebba had always been behaving themselves, if not well, then at least not badly either. Javan always caused trouble but he was never punished seriously, or so it seemed to the younger boys. They had talked about it with each other, and both of them thought it was quite unfair.

"And you broke my nose," Cnebba finished defiantly.
He was sure it was broken as there was blood coming out of it. (Only a little now, though, he had to admit.) Where was the healer, anyway?
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