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Valesseka kept consciously near to Eomerleo and the dwarf Darin while they rode. Though silent her quiet concentration on Jenfried spoke volumes of her inner criticism. That, however, was extended to the elf Arianna, who though nearly slain by this miscreant awarded her for... for what? Staying the night in that man's home? We certainly didn't pay -him- for keeping us!

She snapped back to reality after noticing that Brunn started to pick up speed. Tugging a little on his reins she corrected the animal and out-and-out glared at Jen's back. She's probably considering robbing us when we sleep, and those elves are all to quickly falling for her act. Valesseka tossed her hair over her shoulder, I'm not fooled, you little theif...

What a joy kill... Valesseka had been hoping for a light-hearted romp with the ever-dashing Gondorian and now another girl, another -human- girl, might end up being her competition. What a horrible adventure this was turning out to be.
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