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Old 09-29-2011, 08:43 PM   #41
Blossom of Dwimordene
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Galadriel55 is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.Galadriel55 is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.Galadriel55 is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.
I found this website with a few fan-fics that I enjoyed. The style of the author is very Tolkienesque.
- These taxes, they are like sacrifices to tribal gods?
- Well, roughly speaking, but paying taxes is more painful.
Doctor Who: The Sun Makers
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Old 05-25-2012, 07:12 AM   #42
Haunting Spirit
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Glorthelion has just left Hobbiton.

I thought the ending was weird though and men returning from the dead was something that should not have happened in Middle earth. But I thought it was a bloody good read if you would ignore some stuff like dead kings returning (e.g. Elessar), resurrected beasts and overwhelming numbers of both armies, which would be nigh on impossible for the plains of Dagorlad and Mordor to contain. Long story ahead.

What did Aragorn say when Gandalf died in Moria?

Damn Gulf
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Old 12-03-2012, 11:33 PM   #43
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I haven't read all of the posts yet, but I just wanted to share that I'm reading a great fic at called The Queen's Orc set in the time of Aragorn's death and Arwen's passage to Lorien. Gotta go now, i'm hooked! =)
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Old 10-19-2013, 11:13 PM   #44
Ghost Prince of Cardolan
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Pipe Henneth Annun

I find Henneth Annun a good fan story archive. One can find some good ones amongst them all.
Seeing Arwen Undomiel while Aragorn is away.
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Old 09-02-2014, 07:46 AM   #45
Animated Skeleton
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I hope the mods will tolerate my little pluig here.

Walking Tree Publishers are currently finalising a fan fiction by Edward S. Louis, The Monster Specialist.

The first part of this book was actually published by another publisher under the title Sir Severus le Brewse several years ago. parts 2 and 3 were never publsihed. We are now publishing all three parts as a single volume.

The story is set in an Arthurian age and setting. The real Sir Severus is actually mentioned in Malory. Severus doesn't like to joust with other knights much or to play all the games of intrigues in the royal household. Instead (sometimes with the help of his enchantress lover, Lilava), he likes to fight monsters. But in contarst to other knights, he only kills them when he really has to.

This book combines trains of Malory, TH White and Farmer Giles of Ham.

The first two chapters are available for free download here:

More info on the book here:

Illustrations are by Anke Eissmann.
Visit the Walking Tree Publishers
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