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House FinwŰ Plays Werewolf

(Around the time of the Dagor Aglareb, in Barad Eithel, Minas Tirith, Vinyamar, Himring, and sundry other locations across the North.)

(Spinning out of the Password game thread, and inspired by Nerwen.)
  • Celegorm and Curufin are always accused of collusion - except when they actually are wolves together.
  • Orodreth is infamous for the time he drew Seer, yet still ended up voting with a confirmed wolf to lynch a confirmed villager.
  • The one time Idril played, the game ended on Day One; it turns out having an actual Seer present makes things rather easy.
  • Celebrimbor only ever hosts weird, off-the-wall variants. He says he's trying to perfect the rules, but it never seems to work.
  • Aredhel is always supremely confident in her suspicions. She's not often right, but by Tulkas she's confident.
  • Finrod is actually worryingly bad at the game: he has a tendency to trust everyone, and is always surprised to be killed.
  • Fingolfin only plays occasionally, and the others aren't sure he really gets it - they're half convinced he thinks they're actually secret werewolves.
  • Turgon plays his hand close to his chest. Extremely close. He has never once revealed any readings he had as a Seer.
  • Galadriel keeps dragging Celeborn along. He doesn't actually want to play, but she insists he has to.
  • Caranthir played as Moon-Moon once, and now it's impossible to make him stop deliberately confusing both sides in every game.
  • Fingon and Maedhros always act hilariously betrayed if it emerges that one of them is a wolf while the other is a villager.

Hmm... who've we missed out?

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