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Sting Similarities between the roles of the Valar and the Eldar

I was re-reading The Silmarillion today, and I caught a few similarities between the roles of the Valar and the Elves. The Valar had to nurture and protect Arda, and prepare it for the Coming of the Children of Iluvatar. Eventually, they gave up their guardianship. The Elves "took over" from the Valar, and began to "prepare" Middle-earth for the Dominion of Men. They, in turn, ceded their "guardianship" of Middle-earth to Men.

Any thoughts?

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It would seem that this is simply the natural 'flow' of Arda as laid out by Iluvatar. The Valar's job it was to watch after Ea before the Coming of the Firstborn. The Valar took it upon themselves to nurture the Elves by bringing them to Valinor with - ahem- mixed and questionable results. The Elves then received the task, as you said, of preparing the world for the Secondborn, the Atani - Men. There are similarities in that the Valar had a shaky relationship with many of the Elves (the Noldor, obviously, in particular) while ever remaining the close friends of others (the Teleri and the Vanyar). Similarly, the Elves maintained good relations with many of their successors (the Three Houses of the Edain and later the Elendili) while being on entirely bad (or nonexistent) terms with many others (the lesser Men of Middle-earth, Ar-Pharazon's Numenoreans, etc.).

I cannot see any other major similarities along those lines (at the moment).
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They, in turn, ceded their "guardianship" of Middle-earth to Men.
I wonder who the men will pass it off to? The women?? [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

Another similarity I see is that the Valar often acted as advisors to the elves in many different areas. Elves also took on the role of "advisor" several times to men throughout the books - for example in LoTR: Elrond to Aragorn, Galadriel to the Fellowship, etc. Because of their longevity, they acquired wisdom which the shorter lived people did not have time to gain. This makes them more of the natural scholars of life - simply by having lived so long.

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