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Pipe Ted Nasmith Uncredited?

I found an interesting website yesterday and now I see some conversation has turned to discussing the role of the artists involved in bringing Jackson's films to life. So you may find this interesting:

The thrust of this website is that when Jackson was commissioning artists for the film, he approached Alan Lee, John Howe and Ted Nasmith as he felt a good way of ensuring 'authenticity' was to tap into imagery fans had already grown to know over the years. Ted could not, unfortunately, get involved - and the rest is history what with Alan Lee getting an Oscar etc. Lee and Howe are credited on the films but Nasmith is not.

However, on this guy's website, you'll see that there are some startling similarities between some of Nasmith's artwork and some of the scenes in the films. Nasmith has not, to my knowledge, raised any fuss over this, and nor do I want to.

But see what you think. Is it simply the case that most illustrators and artists tap into similar veins of inspiration?

If anything, the work of the artists on the films was as important as the work of anyone else. Why don't they get more credit? I know Alan Lee for one is a very modest and quiet man, he doesn't even have his own website; but had he chosen to stay hidden in the wilds of Dartmoor, those films would have looked very different, far too garish I suspect.
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Sometimes inspiration or visualization can creep into the mind unawares. You begin whistling a tune and think it's not half-bad, until you realize (or someone else points out) that it is this-and-such a song, which you likely heard some time ago (perhaps subconsciously) but forgot the source of.

I looked at the side-by-side comparisons on the site, and I think only a couple of them are legitimate. Many of them are inevitable from the way Tolkien described them. The designs of the Moria door, for example, were put in the book. He can hardly take credit for that. Arwen and Aragorn embracing is not similar at all. There's only so many different ways that two lovers clasping each others' hands can appear, and only so many different ways you can depict a giant elephant.

Some of them are only similar because they depict the same events.

The strongest one, I think, is the one of Aragorn kissing Boromir's brow.
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Originally Posted by Knight of Gondor View Post

The strongest one, I think, is the one of Aragorn kissing Boromir's brow.
Man do I loathe that picture.
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You made me realize just how much I miss the painted LotR calendars.

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