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Originally Posted by Pervinca Took View Post
I did.

Apart from the elvish letters.
The vowel sound in 'lie' is the same as that used by Legolas in Moria: 'Ai! Ai!' So...

Originally Posted by Nerwen View Post

(Phonetically, it's 'You lie really!', cut short. The meaning isn't entirely clear, but given that it's a Quenya name for the Nazgul, I figured 'insult' was a safe bet.)

1. S hadow - The darkness a pig had within.
2. A mon Lanc - How can it be both bald and straight of hair? A nigh-insurmountable problem.
3. U lairi - You speak not truth, in truth! An elvish insult cut short.
4. R ing - Binding the triple element within.
5. O rc - The slave tumbles, black-winged but doubly deprived.
6. N umenor - ... or old women, it falls.

[Theme: Things associated with Sauron.]

I'm genuinely impressed by how fast the clues fell once people found a way in. Good job, all! And over to Nerwen for getting the password.

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