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Question Others who write whatever...

I just finished a non-LotR poem, and finished a story that also is based on nothing mroe than my thoughts. I wanted to know if any of you knew a page where you can ask others to review your work for you. I'm sure that there's some out there, but I wanted a recomendation. ^_^ Thanks a lot.

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You could try Elfwood or (I think that's the address, it might be stories or something like that) They both have places for comments or reviewing the story, but those sites probably aren't exactly what you're looking for. Might be worth a try though and they're always fun to look through if nothing else. Goodluck with your writing!
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Also, I believe that has catagories for original (non-fanfiction) stories and poetry - both categories are near the right half of the main page. has a review feature, but I don't know how many reviews non-fanfic pieces generally get at that site. But it might be worth checking out.
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