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Had Smaug Lived to See LOTR...

If Bard had failed to kill Smaug in the book the Hobbit, and Gandalf's plan had gone completely awry, just how much more difficult would it have been for the heroes to achieve victory in the Lord of the Rings? Assume that Gandalf, Bilbo, and some of the dwarves managed to get far away from the Lonely Mountain. What role do you see Smaug playing over the course of events in the LOTR?

I could see Smaug flying over the heads of the rangers and descending right down upon the Shire, torching everything in sight. Perhaps some rangers would have pursued the dragon and managed to shoot it with an arrow in the patch on his chest that Bilbo had spotted long before. Either that or Gandalf would barely manage to get Bilbo and Frodo out of the Shire, and they would then take off towards Rivendell with as much stealth as they can muster.

I think Smaug would have to be defeated in the first book if Rohan and Gondor are to stand a chance at all against Mordor. Smaug could be killed by a ranger in the Shire, as I just mentioned, by an archer at Rivendell, or even by Legolas before the fellowship enter the mines of Moria. Either way, having Smaug set out after the ring bearer would have terrible consequences for the people of Middle Earth.

What are your thoughts? What role would you assign to Smaug in the War of the Ring?
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