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Originally Posted by Nurumaiel
A couple of questions...

Firstly, how far would you like it to extend? The dialogue of the characters, naturally... their thoughts as well? Just the writing in general?

Secondly, though Liornung is of Rohirric origin, would he have more of a range considering that he spends his time travelling from place to place, and would more than likely pick up on various dialects?
Liornung would have picked up a smattering of Gondorian, no doubt. So I can see him doing more with Latinate vocabulary.

EDIT: my reply continued:

It's really up to you, Nuru, whether you want Liornung to be "taken with language for its own sake", or be more rooted to his own speech with borrowings as he finds them useful. My own sense after reading the whole story again, is the latter, but he's your character.

As for your first question, the way I handle my posts is to allow myself a lot of freedom in narration, although I'm not going to start making analogies to nuclear weapons (unless Tharonwe does something to make it work!). Thoughts and dialogue are going to follow character speech tendencies very closely, however. I have purposely put a lot of Latinate in Tharonwe's mouth, (1) because he's evil, and great villains tend to talk in parsed speech, if you take my meaning; (2) because he's old, and the use of a large vocabulary reflects that. Erebemlin, being somewhat old, may have a larger vocabulary, but he has spent most of his years in Lorien, I'm guessing, and therefore his archaisms might follow a more strict pattern.

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