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Sting Cirith Thoronath

During my re-reading for the mechanical monster issue, I found that we have as jet forgotten about the changes to be done to the Cirith Thorornath. Since we have shift that pass from the south of the Echoriath to the north, some changes are necessary.

Here is what I found needed a change:
§ 110 ... About the set of the sun the way so wound behind a shoulder of the hills that they might not again look toward Gondolin. There all that company turned, and lo! the plain is clear and smiling in the last light as of old; but afar off as they gazed a great flare shot up against the darkened {north}(south] -- and that was the fall of the last tower of Gondolin, even that which had stood hard by the southern gate, and whose shadow fell oft across the walls of Tuor's house. Then sank the sun, and they saw Gondolin no more.
Since the pass is now in the north the city must lie south of them. But the gate which tower was overthrown in that moment must be the southgate, since the attack toke place still from the north.
§ 112 Thus were they come to Cirith Thoronath, which is {an ill} [a dreadful] FG-C-09 place by reason of its height, for this is so great that spring nor summer come ever there, and it is very cold. Indeed while the valley dances in the sun, there all the year snow dwells in those bleak places, and even as they came there the wind howled, coming from the north {behind them}, and it bit sorely. Snow fell and whirled in wind- eddies and got into their eyes, and this was not good, ...
The cold wind with snow should come from the north, but it can not longer come from behind them.
§ 112 ... for there the path is narrow, and of the right or westerly hand a sheer wall rises nigh seven chains from the way, ere it bursts atop into jagged pinnacles where are many eyries. There dwells Thorondor King of Eagles, Lord of the Thoronhoth, whom the Eldar named Sorontar. But of the other hand is a fall not right sheer yet dreadly steep, and it has long teeth of rock up-pointing so that one may climb down -- or fall maybe -- but by no means up. And from that deep is no escape at either end any more than by the sides, and Thoron Sīr runs at bottom. He falls therein from the {south}[north] over a great precipice but with a slender water, for he is a thin stream in those heights, and he issues to the {north}[south] after flowing but a rocky-mile above ground down a narrow passage that goes into the mountain, and scarce a fish could squeeze through with him.
Since the stream still runs into the plain it most go north to south. That the stream was to the east of the pass could be retained even if it would mirror the picture.
§ 114 Then was he sore afraid of a trap, and this was even what had in truth befallen; for watchers had been set by Morgoth all about the encircling hills. Yet so many did the valour of the Gondolindrim draw off to the assault ere the city could be taken that these were but thinly spread, and were at the least here in the {south}[north] [and it was not thought that fugitives would take a path towards the North and the highest parts of the mountains and the nighest to Angband] FG-C-10 .
No question that this must be change to north.
§ 119 Now who shall tell of the wanderings of Tuor and the exiles of Gondolin in the wastes that lie beyond the mountains to the {south}[north] of the vale of Tumladen?
Since they had gone to the north, thes must be in the lands north of the echoriad.

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I don't know how we missed those. I agree with all these changes. Thanks for catching them, Findegil.
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Good job Findegil. As far as I knew, the remainder of three needed much re-checking. THe time I started in on it, a year or so ago, every paragraph had numerous things which needed closer examination if not changing.
The dwindling Men of the West would often sit up late into the night exchanging lore & wisdom such as they still possessed that they should not fall back into the mean estate of those who never knew or indeed rebelled against the Light.
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