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Eye Balrog 'v' Moria orcs

It is a stupid question but, if for some reason, the Moria Orcs had decided to declare war on the Balrog. Would the theory of "strength in numbers" have given the Orcs victory, as I'm sure Moria Orcs must be cunning and there are alot of them, or would the Balrog wipe them out with a flick of his fingers (if it/he has fingers) ?
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Hmm... Given that the orcs seem to live in fear and reverence of the Balrog, if for whatever reason they decided to wage war against him (it?) I feel like their strength in numbers would turn into a disadvantage once organized plans turn into chaos - because bottom line they would still be deadly afraid of the Balrog. I think it's not too different from the Orc-Nazgul relationship. Even though they might physically have some advantage, it would come down to nothing due to the more psychological factor. When I try to imagine Moria orcs rising against the Balrog... at first I see some devious tactics, and some brave cheers, but then one orc panics, and a couple more desert, and it's all chaos - and the more orcs participate, the larger the chaos is.
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