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Fading Fëanorion
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Macalaure is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Macalaure is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
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I think sharing our analytical approaches is a cool idea.

I personally don't approach the game that analytically for the most part. Just reading along, trying to get a feel, write down a comment and post it if something catches my eye.

What I do usually analyze (though not always, depending on time and mood) is everyDay's voting and the posts by and directed to the recently deceased. Sometimes I analyze one specific player outside of this, either because I want to make a condemning case against someone (evil smiley needed), or because someone completely baffles me.

The way I do that? Clicking through the pages, scrolling a lot, browser-searching for the name/nickname of the poster I'm looking for (or searching for ++'s to get the votes quickly). The information-age equivalent of sweat and tears. Nothing fancy at all. I used to use the post count link on the side to get all the posts by one person, but I stopped because I will miss other people's reactions that way.

I don't write down comments for myself. If there's something I noticed, but that I don't want to post for some reason, then I'll either remember it or it probably wasn't that crucial. Sometimes it's annoying though: that time when you know someone said something somewhere, but you can't find the post anymore for the life of you.

I hope other will share theirs, too.
D'ici bas je perçois ma demeure, ses prairies éternelles perdues dans les nuées.
Là où naissent les couleurs nouvelles,
Là où mon coeur et mon âme sont restés.
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