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Old 03-26-2002, 12:47 AM   #1
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Sting Question - Silm and BoLT2

I am reading the Tale of Tinłviel in each book that it is mentioned in together.

I have noticed some seeming descripancies.

One is Tinłviel's mother. The Sil calls her Melian yet BoLT2 calls her Gwendeling and her father Tinwė Linto. I can see the change from Quenya to Sindarian for Tinwė Linto to Thingol though.

Another question is about Angamandi. Is this Angband? Also, Is Angband the same place as Angmar?
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hi joy! i can only answer the last question: they're not. off my head, and pretty sure no need for me to explain but will [img]smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img], angmar is the witch-realm which the lord of the nazgul, one of the nine, originally reigned. angmar was joined by rhudaur to destroy cardolan and arthedain, the last three the divisions of the original kingdom of arnor. it doesn't come into being until the third age. angband is different-- it's the stronghold of morgoth and has lots of pits where thralls and captives are tortured and imprisoned. it was destro--oops! i think i'll stop here.

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The stories in Lost Tales are the very earliest drafts of what later grew into the Silmarillion. Tolkien changed at lot of things before he wrote the version that was published in the Silmarillion - and not just names; in some cases entire plots were completely reworked. For example, Sauron's predecessor in the Tale of Tinuviel was a cat!.
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Reading CJRT's annotations and commentaries solves all those problems nicely, btw.
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