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The Eye True or false??!!??

I hope there is no game like this.

You are supposed to say a quote, from LOTR the movies or book. Sometimes you say a quote that acctually has been said and other times a false one that you have made on your own.

If you don't guess correct (true of false)the person who asked the question may ask a new question.

The person will also ask new questions until the others guess correct about the person who said it to whom. (Only if it's true of course)

If it's false you just write; false or something that has to do with false!

If you answer correct on a question, and the person who asked the question has "accepted" it, you may proceed.

You should also answer who said it to whom.(if you think it's true!)

Okey we will start with this one:
"I cannot feel it"
Is it true or false?? If it's true, who said it to whom?

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I lost my old sig...somehow....*screams and shouts* ..............What is this?- Now isn't this fun? >_<
.....and yes, the jumping mouse is my new avatar. ^_^
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