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Old 09-04-2006, 09:22 PM   #1
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Marriage between Elves and Men

I'm sorry for posting this new thread. some may consider this too much for a newby.

i just wondering, how many there is a union between elves and men? especially during the early days of numenor when numenoreans have much dealings with the elves in the valinor and in middle earth. we know that the elves posses unearthly beauty. i can't imagine any men that don't fall in for them on sight. if i meet an elven lady in some woods alone, i might've feel compelled to molest her (no offence to any womens). besides, i do read about the marriege of Imrazor the numenorean with Mithrellas, a maid of Nimrodel. it is said she dissapeared after giving Imrazor his first child. where is she now?

concerning the three union, we know that luthien and arwen lost their immortality when they wedded the mortals. but what about idril? where is she? what happen to her. if Elves wedded the mortals, do they lost their imortality.

i apologized for all this silly questions. i've read the LOTR trilogy only. i wish to read all the books concerning the histroy of Middle earth but my pocket can't compensate for my desire.
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Old 09-09-2006, 01:06 AM   #2
yavanna II
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I don't think there was a union between Elves and Men in Numenor, particularly because after a certain time there came jealousy of Men to Elves and their immortality. As for "beauty", I daresay Numenoreans were as fair as the Elves, especially Erendis, who on a certain passage on the UT was described just as beautiful as the Elven company who graced her wedding with Aldarion (can't quote it though, I haven't got my book).

Idril, the mother of Earendil and the wife of the mortal Tuor, passed out of Middle-Earth after Gondolin was destroyed. About Mithrellas, she disappeared not only from ME but also from (as far as I know) Tolkien's works--and Imrazor was just a bit weird. In the UT I think there is something written about him harboring her and then taking her to wife, but no more is said after she disappeared.

Elves don't marry mortals, with the obvious exceptions. Luthien became mortal because Iluvatar through Mandos and Manwe gave her a choice of mortality without certitude of happiness with Beren or bliss in Valinor forever without him. He gave her this choice because she touched Mandos and Mandos asked Manwe who asked Iluvatar.

TO understand fully about Arwen, let's recall that Earendil the Half-Elven, his wife Elwing, and his sons Elrond and Elros were given a choice on which kindred they would belong. As told in the Silmarillion, only Elros chose to be mortal, and the other three were classified and "judged" as Elves.

Arwen became mortal because she and her twin brothers were given a choice as well--to stay in Middle-Earth even after the departure of Elrond would mean they would soon die; but if they left for Aman, they would be immortals. I do not exactly know what happened to her brothers, but since Arwen stayed in Middle-Earth and because of her choice to become mortal as well, she died.

I hope this enlightens you as well...
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As to the fate of Elladan and Elrohir this might be of some help:

After the War of the Ring, little is known of the brothers' fate. They returned to their father's house at Rivendell, and remained there even after he had passed across the Sea. Like their sister Arwen, the sons of Elrond Half-elven were granted the choice of whether to leave Middle-earth for the Undying Lands, or remain there and become Mortal as Men. Elladan had such a bond with his brother that they must surely have chosen alike, but what choice they made in the end can never now be known.
I found it at the Encyclopedia of Arda website.

Actually after the Fall of Gondolin Idril and Tuor stayed at the Mouths of Sirion for a time until Tuor felt old age come upon him and then they sailed into the West together in the year 560 of the First Age.

Your questions aren't silly there is actually a thread called the Immortality of Arwen that might answer some of your questions.
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