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Ring Ideas for a' New Silmarillion & Rev. Silmarillion'

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for those of you who {29?} silently endured my 3-4 am version of this post I offer one that I hope clears up some confusion I may have spawned.
Any way I will be [almost ] entirely absent for the next week and if I continue to get views w/ no comments [29 must be a record eh chief?] then I will surely get the hint and crawl back into my cave and trouble the world of the downs no more w/ this presumptuous endeavor

btw I tried to change the name of this thread to 'Expanded ' Silmarillion but the edit function won't change the title of even my own thread.
so the 'rev' and 'new' Silm. business reflects an already modified set of ideas.

I give below an expanded version [of part] of my reply to M.Martinez's [ I feel] excellent article on the Canon issue-I definitly encourage all [who may find there way to this obscure corner of co-co-Creation ] to go check it out.
Having pondered the destruction that JRRT's 'final'[Myth's Transformed-{HoME vol.10}] version of the legendarium would cause to not only the SIlmarillion -but as Michael Points out the LotR as well [ I have recently [sinc e I saw a drawing of JRRT 's of the old Sun myth-apparently painted AFTER the idea of 'myth's transformed'] come to favor an 'expanded' Silmarillion wherein all Unfinished Tales and HoME notes /stories and details [that can ]be fitted into the 1977 Silmarillion framework and with the least amount of rewriting possible to avoid contradiction w/ the LotR [and Co.].

So tales such as : the Druedain,Finwe and Miriel/ laws and customs of the Eldar,Finrod and Andreth,
the non-conflicting details from the Lost Tales 'Fall of Gondolin', the wanderings of Hurin , etc. would all find a new home in the Silmarillion framework.

I knowb this will lead to uneven treatment of detail w/ in the same story-but I can live w/ that.
Here is a rough draft of my current vision of an expanded Silmarillion

AINULINDALE-remain more or less the same
VALAQUENTA-check HoME for additional details/modifications
[chapters listed are from 1977 Silmarillion]
all othe chapters not listed would still need to be compared w/ the many versions in the History series.
Below however I list the major texts [or parts ] which I think[at this point at least] can be inserted somehow into the respective chapters.
This is by no means an exhaustive listing ,just a framework to hang further ideas on -or take them off.
Please feel free to monkey around w/ it and put up a new one.
I am hoping to engender discussion -not have the final word.[even about an outline <img src=smile.gif ALT=""> ].

ch.3] OF THE COMING OF THE ELVES ... add parts of 'Quendi and Eldar'[vol 11]
ch.5] OF ELDAMAR AND THE PRINCES OFTHE ELDALIE add'Finwe and Miriel 'and 'Laws and Customs among the Eldar' {HoME10} or would this be better placed in an appendix ?
ch.6] OF FEANOR AND THE UNCHAINING OF MELKOR add from 'Shibboleth of Feanor'[HoME 12]

ch.13] OF THE RETUPN OF THE NOLDOR add from'Shibboleth of Feanor'[HoME 12]
chs.14 &amp; 15] OF BELERIAND/NOLDOR AND ITS REALMS add from 'Shibboleth of Feanor'[HoME 12]
ch 16] OF MAEGLIN from 'maeglin' in HoME11
add from' the Druedain'[Unfinished Tales] and Finrod and Andreth{HoME10}

ch19] OF BEREN AND LUTHIEN add from Lays? [HoME3]

ch 21]OF TURIN TURAMBAR addthe 'Narn I Chin Hurin' [Unfinished Tales} and 'Wanderings of Hurin' [HoME 11]
[Eru only, knows what we can do w/ this one<img src=smile.gif ALT=""> ]

add of 'Of Tour and his coming to Gondolin [Unfinished Tales ]and details fromHoME 2 [and others?]
I won't try and get into a Second Age/Akallabeth &amp; Of the Rings... outline yet
To elaborate on what I said before the above proposed additions are just what I know of already and clearly don't address specific details.

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