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Official Writing Thread

I was surprised when I searched for other threads relating to writing at how few came up. The few that did come up were all related to fantasy or individual stories. I am not even sure if this is the right board to stick this thread in, but all like off topic threads seem to go here. I am guessing that many members here are writers. I think that this site needs an official thread to discuss what we are all writing. I think a good way to start is by posting what you are currently writing about and how long you have been working on it.

I have working on my current story since November of 2008. In May I changed a whole lot including changing who most of the characters were. I also began to add in characters from other stories I have never completed in the past. The main character has changed a whole lot of times as well. My story to me is just an eye opener to the world I have made. I needed a way to sort of find out more so I made a character that knows very little and learns a whole lot. From there I have been able to enter the world I have made in my mind and write a whole lot about it.
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