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Note on the landing of the Five Wizards and their functions and operations

This is the first draft of the chapter Note on the landing of the Five Wizards and their functions and operations in the part The Black Years.

There is no Basic Text in this chapter and I will give source information for each part that is used. They are mostly from The Five Wizards in HoME 12 and The Istari from UT.

The markings are:
BY-HL-zz for Black Years, Head-Lines, marking all headlines for the chapters in this part.

FW-SL-zz for Five Wizards, Story-Line, to document all changes that construct the main text.

Some conventions of my writing:
Normal Text is from the text that is mentioned in the source information of each insert.
Bold Text = source information, comments and remarks
{example} = text that should be deleted
[example] = normalised text, normally only used for general changes
<source example> = additions with source information
example = text inserted for grammatical or metrical reason
/example/ = outline expansion
Normally if an inserted text includes the beginning of a new § these is indicated by a missing “>” at the end of the § and a missing “<” at the beginning of the next.
BY-HL-11<The Five Wizards Note on the landing of the Five Wizards and their functions and operations
> FW-SL-01<The Istari {Most of the remaining writings about the Istari (as a group) are unhappily no more than very rapid jottings, often illegible. Of major interest, however, is a brief and very hasty sketch of a narrative, telling of}Therefore a council of the Valar, summoned it seems by Manwë {("}and maybe he called upon Eru for counsel{?")}/was held/, at which it was resolved to send out three emissaries to Middle-earth. {"}Who would go? ... Manwë replied that he wished Olórin to go as the third messenger to Middle-earth (FW-SL-02{and it is remarked in parentheses that "}Olórin was a lover of the Eldar that remained FW-SL-03{," apparently to explain Manwë's choice}). But Olórin declared ... and that he commanded Olórin FW-SL-04{(illegible words follow that seems to contain word "}/to go as the /third{")}/emissary/. But at that Varda looked up and said: "Not as the third;" and Curumo remembered it.
FW-SL-05{The note ends with the statement that Curumo [Saruman] took Aiwendil [Radagast] because Yavanna begged him,} FW-SL-06<moved from below Curumo was obliged to take Aiwendil to please Yavanna wife of Aulë> and {that }Alatar took Pallando FW-SL-07<moved from below also chosen by{to} Oromë (but {this replaces Pallando to}/favoured by/ Mandos and {Nienna}[Niënna])> as a friend.[Footnote to the text: Curumo would seem to be Saruman's name in Quenya, recorded nowhere else; Curunír was the Sindarin form. Saruman, his name among Northern Men, contains the Anglo-Saxon word searu, saru "skill, cunning, cunning device." Aiwendil must mean "lover of birds;" cf. Linaewen "lake of birds" in Nevrast FW-SL-08{(see the Appendix to The Silmarillion, entry lin (I).) For the meaning of} Radagast FW-SL-09{see p.407 and note 4}<Note 4 is said to be a name deriving from the Men of the Vales of Anduin, {"}not now clearly interpretable{."}>. Pallando, despite the spelling, perhaps contains palan "afar", as in palantir and in Pallaran "Far Wanderer," the name of Aldarion's ship.] FW-SL-10{
On another page of jottings clearly belonging to the same period it is said that "Curumo was obliged to take Aiwendil to please Yavanna wife of Aulë." There are here also some rough tables relating the names of the Istari to the names of the Valar: Olórin to Manwë and Varda, Curumo to Aulë, Aiwendil to Yavanna, Alatar to Oromë, and Pallando also to Oromë (but this replaces Pallando to Mandos and Nienna).}
FW-SL-11<The Five Wizards Was in fact Glorfindel one of them? FW-SL-12{' He observed that he was 'evidently never supposed to be when The Lord of the Rings was written', adding that there}There is no possibility that some of them were Eldar 'of the highest order of power', rather than Maiar.> FW-SL-13<The Istari We must assume that they FW-SL-14{[the Istari] }were all Maiar, … Of the other two nothing is said FW-SL-15{ in published work save the reference to the Five Wizards in the altercation between Gandalf and Saruman [The Two Towers III 10]}. Now these Maiar were sent by the Valar at a crucial moment in the history of Middle-earth to enhance the resistance of the Elves of the West, … and were chosen by the Valar with this in mind.>
FW-SL-16<The Five Wizards No names are recorded for the two wizards. They were never seen or known in lands west of Mordor. The wizards did not come at the same time. Possibly Saruman, Gandalf, Radagast did, but more likely Saruman the chief (and already over mindful of this) came first and alone. Probably Gandalf and Radagast came together. FW-SL-17{, though this has not yet been said. (what is most probable) ... Glorfindel also met Gandalf at the Havens. The other two are only known to (have) exist(ed) [sic] by Saruman, Gandalf, and Radagast, and Saruman in his wrath mentioning five was letting out a piece of private information.

The reference of the last sentence is to Saruman's violent retort to Gandalf at the door of Orthanc, in which he spoke of 'the rods of the Five Wizards' (The Two Towers p. 188). Another note is even rougher and more difficult:
}The 'other two' came much earlier, at the same time probably as Glorfindel, when matters became very dangerous in the Second Age. FW-SL-18{(26)} Glorfindel was sent to aid Elrond and was FW-SL-19{(though not yet said) }pre-eminent in the war in Eriador. FW-SL-20{(27)} But the other two Istari were sent for a different purpose. Morinehtar and Romestamo. FW-SL-21{(28)} Darkness-slayer and East-helper. Their task was to circumvent Sauron: to bring help to the few tribes of Men that had rebelled from Melkor-worship, to stir up rebellion FW-SL-22{... }and after his first fall to search out his hiding (in which they failed) and to cause {[? }dissension and disarray{]} among the dark East.{ ...} They must have had very great influence on the history of the Second Age and Third Age in weakening and disarraying the forces of East {... }who would both in the Second Age and Third Age otherwise have {... }outnumbered the West.
Some comments on my editing:

BY-HL-11: I don’t think there is much to say about the title, but we might discuss here if we want to include this at all. And I might start with my reasoning for including both these and the Glorfindel chapter: In this very late writing JRR Tolkien stated that the Wizards should not come all at roughly the same time, even so he had written otherwise in older texts. As far as I remember there is nothing in the works published by JRR Tolkien himself that would contradict this. So following the rules of the project, the last statement has to be taken, and that is, that the Blue Wizards came in the second age, at the some occasion to which Glorfindel came back to Middle-earth (even so the fact might have been unknown in Middel-earth for one and half Age of the Sun).
If that is so than the council of the Valar choosing the Istari must have occurred at this time (about Second Age 1600). I think, that Saruman, Gandalf and Radagast did postponed their journey to Middle-earth until about Third Age 1000 must have been a side effect of the intervention of the Númenoreans. But of course this must not be mentioned in our text. That the three came later is fact recorded, but the reason is not explained.

FW-SL-01 I inserted here a part from UT about the council of the Valar. In my opinion it fit here well because of the prayer for help mentione in the Glorfindel chapter just before.

FW-SL-02, FW-SL-03, FW-SL-04, FW-SL-05, FW-SL-12: Removing the open comments of Christopher Tolkien explaining the reconstruction of the text.

FW-SL-06, FW-SL-07: This movements of passage is needed for a (re-) construction of a closed readable text.

FW-SL-08, FW-SL-18, FW-SL-19, FW-SL-20, FW-SL-21: A comment by Christopher Tolkien removed.

FW-SL-09: The linguistical information about Radagast and Pallando are best placed here, I think.

FW-SL-10: This is the text moved to a slightly earlier place.

FW-SL-11: This question from HoMe 12 is their reported as the beginning of the essay about the Istarí and I re-established it as such. For me it fits well with the placement of the chapter and the choosing scene just given.

FW-SL-13: Here I added the main essay about the Istari from UT.

FW-SL-14: For me the reference of ‘they’ is still clear enough, so that we do not need change to ‘the Istari’.

FW-SL-15, FW-SL-19: This is JRR Tolkien talking about his story writing and has to be removed.

FW-SL-16: Here we go back to HoME 12 to tell story of the earlier arrival of the Blue Wizards.

FW-SL-17: The last part this Note should be used later, when Gandalf actually arrives. And the second part that is remoeved here is again an open comment of Christopher Tolkien explaining the reconstruction of the text.

FW-SL-22: At the end this note became very rough, so we have to edit out some editorial markers by Christopher Tolkien to create a closed text.

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BL-HL-11: I am loathe to put this here, as I have said before. In Appendix B to LotR we have this statement:
When maybe a thousand years had passed, and the first shadow had fallen on Greenwood the Great, the Istari or Wizards appeared in Middle-earth.
This seems to me to be statement we would be contradicting by adopting his later change. If they appeared in Middle-earth only 1000 years into the Third Age, then to say that two had come almost 4000 years prior would certainly contradict this statement. In addition, as you have said, in every other source, Saruman is said to have been the first to arrive. Therefore, I think that the published Appendix B sentence prevents us from taking up Tolkien's proposed change.

As for the rest, much of the comments would depend on where we place the narrative in time, and so I will refrain from commenting until we solve the first question.
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King's Writer
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Findegil is a guest of Tom Bombadil.
BL-HL-11: As ArcusCalion has already mentioned his doubts about this placement, this come not unexpected. I thnk we have to take the words in LotR; Appendix B by their face value, not by their implication: ‘appear’ does not mean ‘arrive’. Especially in the context of these annals it means that they became known to the people in Middle-earth. About the two Blue Wizards it is explicitly said that they their existence was unknown until the debate between Gandalf and Saruman in which Saruman mentioned the Rod of the Five Wizards. As the Annalse were clearly compiled much later, the mentioning of Istari here means not much that from that date on any think about them could be extracted from the stories preserved when the Annals were compiled to be put in these Annals. As the two Blue Wizards never work in the West (it seems that they only visited it once to fetch up Saruman for his journey into the east) it is natural that their appearance in Middle-earth (in the middle of the Second Age) was not recorded in these Annals concerned only with the history of the Westlands.
As JRR Tolkien felt free to change the date of the arrival of the two Blue Wizards, it seems clear that he as well saw no contradiction in this statement from LotR; Appendix B that was already in print.
That some other sources say that Saruman came first is true. But the sources seem to be all more or less contemporary, so which should have priority is not that clear.

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