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Song of Seregon
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Lorien: Celegtâl

Celegtâl waited as Caranduin descended and met him on the ground, then the pair strode to the group. “Be forewarned,” Caranduin’s voice was firm, and his grey eyes flashed. “If you as much as show a hint of hostility toward us, you will not live to regret it.”

Celegtâl did not look toward his companion, but placed his hand over his dagger. To be honest, the elf did not wish to do battle against these mortals, especially being outnumbered, and he hoped Taitheneb was lurking nearby, in case they found themselves in need of another hand.

“Tell us more of this Gondorian blacksmith, Sir Ædegard. You say he believes he is the Lord Amroth?” Celegtâl lowered his hand from his dagger and stepped closer to Ædegard.

“Yes, sir. He claims to be.”

Celegtâl tried to touch the edge of Ædegard’s thoughts, but the Rohirrim kept his mind closed. He was distrustful, and most rightly so. Celegtâl respected this as he himself trusted very few. “The lass mentioned two that you pursue, yet you only speak of one. What of the second?”

“He is a boy, a teenager, from the wandering peoples. He accompanied Amroth when he rode from our camp this morning.” Seemingly predicting the next line of questioning, Ædegard continued, “we followed their tracks here, sirs.”

Celegtâl nodded and turned to Caranduin. “What do you make of this?” He whispered in his companion’s ear.

“I believe he speaks the truth. No deception lies in his voice or expression.” Caranduin glanced at the group before continuing. “I feel the real concern lies in the blacksmith. We cannot allow a disillusioned man leeway in the forest, especially one that claims the kingship.”

Celegtâl remained silent a moment and piecing together what he had heard. “You may enter the forest, but only with our guidance. We will take you to Erebemlin. He watches over the forest, and if your blacksmith is here, he will know of it.”

Orual's post: Erundil

Erundil stepped forward. "If I may, sir...?" he began. The elf nodded. "I am not a companion of the blacksmith. Perhaps I should take my leave now."

Celegtâl looked at him for a long moment, as though trying to divine his intentions. "I am a Ranger, and must go back to my work," Erundil continued. He didn't add that all this talk of the blacksmith made him uncomfortable.

Finally, Celegtâl nodded. "Be on your way," he said. Erundil bowed, turned to the company, and bowed again. Then he left, going to his horse.

He would do well to tell his fellow Rangers of this straightaway. Who would be out?

As he nudged his horse to a canter, it hit him. Ravion! Ravion was always out. He would find him, and tell him of this matter...

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