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No, Bb, it's not much more work, really – I’ve found that I incorporated most of the post titles in some fashion already.

And I would not dare presume to rewrite the brilliance exhibited in the originals. Most of my editing was to rearrange the order of posts to reduce the number of times you encounter various forms of the phrase “While [event X in a prior post] was going on, [character Y] was [doing something in the same timeframe].” In a number of cases, I would actually split posts into pieces so that I could interleave simultaneous events, thus eliminating most of the times where the reader would have to make the mental time-shift, unless such a shift was intentional. But in doing so, I tried to make sure that when I separated a post into sections that all the sections were present-and-accounted-for in the final version.

I also corrected (or perhaps I should say Microsoft Word did the corrections) spelling errors. In very, very rare instances where a descriptive word was used multiple times in close proximity I would substitute a (hopefully creative) synonym for one of them, but I will certainly defer to any requests of the original authors to restore any such alterations.

I should have the latest edits available within a couple of days. All who wish to receive a copy, let me know via PM, along with your e-mail if you can receive large attachments.

Thanks for all your support in this project!
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