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Setting Sails for Valinor Discussion Thread

Novnarwen and Orofaniel invite you to play in their game:

Setting Sails for Valinor

Historical Background: The story takes place during the War of the Ring. At that time many Elves left Middle-earth, going to the Undying Lands by ship from the Grey Havens.

Frodo and the company have already been in Lothlorien and the Elves know all about Saruman’s betrayal.

Basic Storyline: A group of Elves (9 total) are setting out on a journey to the Grey Havens where there is a ship waiting to take them to the Undying Lands.

Tanroth, (Novnarwen’s character) the Lothlorien Elf, has been given the assignment from the Lady Galadriel to lead this group. The only problem is that there are only nine places left on the one remaining ship. Tanroth and his chosen friend Fíriel (Orofaniel's character, post #2) will hold a meeting where the eldest of the Elves are given priority, to leave these shores going to Valinor.

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