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Old 10-18-2004, 05:03 PM   #1
The Barrow-Wight
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Ring 'Top' Reputation Givers

Based on a complicated formula*, I have come up with the following list of ’Top’ Reputation Givers. The number in parenthesis is the user’s score. Notice who is well in the lead.

Compiled 18 October, 2004 by The Barrow-Wight
  1. HerenIstarion (3.04)
  2. mark12_30 (1.03)
  3. Child of the Seventh Age (0.95)
  4. Estelyn Telcontar (0.59)
  5. The Barrow-Wight (0.56)
  6. piosenniel (0.50)
  7. Bêthberry (0.46)
  8. Mister Underhill (0.35)
  9. The Saucepan Man (0.31)
  10. Evisse the Blue (0.19)
  11. Mithadan (0.15)
  12. davem (0.15)
  13. Fordim Hedgethistle (0.13)
  14. Nilpaurion Felagund (0.08)
  15. Nurumaiel (0.08)
  16. Guinevere (0.07)
  17. Amanadial the Archer (0.07)
  18. Eomer of the Rohirim (0.06)
  19. Diamond 18 (0.06)
  20. Lush (0.05)

* The formula (for those who don’t mind a little algebra)
(total points given by user / total reputations given by user) * ((total points given by all users / total points given by user) + (total reputations given by all users / total reputations given by user))

This forumula does not attempt the assess the accuracy of reputations given. It only tells who gives the most postive ones, on average!
The Barrow-Wight

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