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Estelyn Telcontar
Princess of Skwerlz
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Estelyn Telcontar is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Estelyn Telcontar is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Estelyn Telcontar is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Silmaril **Official B D B D Newspaper Annoucement!**

In celebration of the Barrow-Downs’ seventh birthday, ‘The Barrow Downs Possibly Official Weekly Newspaper’ will be official on May 1 and the days to follow! Members may then post their good wishes, crackpot news stories, advertisement for Middle-earth or Barrow-Downs merchandise, personal ads, social news, sports reports, cultural news, and whatever else is appropriate on the extra edition, which will be located on a special thread in the Mirth forum. Pictures may be included. The usual Downs posting rules apply.

Hookbill has been preparing some goodies, of course, and we honour his efforts in publishing faithfully every week of the past year and in creating his popular Phantom and Alien cartoons. This is everyone’s chance to contribute - help make this the biggest, bestest edition of the Newspaper ever to appear!

The thread will open on the morning of May 1 (GMT).
'Mercy!' cried Gandalf. 'If the giving of information is to be the cure of your inquisitiveness, I shall spend all the rest of my days in answering you. What more do you want to know?' 'The whole history of Middle-earth...'
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