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I have been giving a fair bit of thought to this one for a while and in a sense I think the FoG may have the most to gain from a reworking spanning books 11, 1v,v, UT and 77

I propose:
a] using the UT coming of Tuor for the first section possibly begining to incorporate the older versions in the delivering of the message of Ulmo.
b]using 77 / 11/ 1v and v for the remainder - the most interesting aspect would be incorporating the lost tales [11] material for the battle and flight
--- this would entail updating names, eliminating inconsistencies [mechanical dragons], excess balrogs and such deleting any passages that are too stylistically painful.

In this tale more than any other from lost tales I think there is much text that is still servicable.

Since there are several new folks on board since the last struggling attempt at a group effort I thought I would put this out there.

I suggest several possible levels of involvment:

~~Full-scale involvement and full - vote
~~~Involvement in a specific aspect for instance updating the names of the many leaders of the houses and other elvish words. full vote in this area and review/recommendations [ no vote ] in other areas.
~~~Literary review, no obligation/commitment to write but willing to proofread/ and offer suggested ammendments - vote on areas of ammendment, input [ no vote ] on other area's.
~~~peanut gallery <img src=smile.gif ALT=" [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]"> - can review/ offer input no vote on final outcome.

as to the further details see some of the older postes such as the locked thread of DoV and literary considerations .

Any takers or questions?

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