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Sting Balrog 'Poll' results are in !

originally posted February 25, 2002 03:01 PM

AIWENDIL'S ORIGINAL POST MOVED FROM THE BYE BYE BALROGS THREAD [reproduced here for archival convenience ]
AIWENDIL posted : In an attempt to
revive the project a bit, I present what I see as our
current possibilities for
dealing with the
Balrogs. I think that we actually did accomplish
quite a bit in the last little burst
of activity, and that
some kind of solution to the Balrog question may
actually be in the
foreseeable future.

Our current
possibilities, then, are:

1. Jallanite's original 7
Balrog rewrite
2. My
ambiguity-preserving re-rewrite
3. Something else,
which would require yet another rewrite
4. Forget about
incorporating the Fall of Gondolin in its entirety

Jallanite's version has
the disadvantage of being very specific; my version
has the
disadvantage of
being very vague. Unless we're going to totally
disregard the infamous '3 or 7
note', however, we'll
be stuck with one of those two problems no
matter what we do.

If I can say so
without appearing too much of a shameless
self-promoter, I would opt for my
revisions - mostly
because I think they nicely sidestep the whole
issue. Option four is not a
joke; if it were
shown that the original Fall of Gondolin could not
be brought into accord with
JRRT's latest ideas
about Balrogs, I would say that we should simply
drop it. At one point I
thought that was the
only real solution, but now I think we have at least
one way out.

Perhaps we should
try to bring this matter to some kind of
conclusion. I know that the poll
function is gone, but
perhaps we could vote all the same, just by posting
our votes? Of course,
if anyone else would
like to take a stab at another rewrite, go ahead.


lindil posted on may 30th, 2002:

The final voting results from the Translations of the Elvish Forum were [ the drums of ghan-buri-ghan are rolling] 3 votes in favor of aiwendil's conception.1 vote proposing a new conception of Balrog's [ 7 or less] and balrog's [lots] , this idea was not seconded so the motion died. Aiwendil's version is now official.

We are now on our way towards draft version of the Fall of Gondolin.

I have calculated that at this rate our sons and daughters [or their children ] will be able to finish the revision of the entire 'Translations from the Elvish in about he year 2105 [img]smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img]

More seriously, lots more participation is needed if this is to be more than a semi- private affair. If that is the case so be it. But I ask all members of the project to ponder anew their role, and check in periodically [1 x a week] as to what is up, at least during active phases. also needed is a chief of mailing lists, my time and computer speed do not allow me to do this, so perhaps one of the newer members can step forward, gather all email addresses and keep everyone current.

in the past it has been posted [ on the intro thread] that only certain types of members vote. i propose that in the future, any member vote on general topics such as this. unless their is opposition I shal ammend the Intro thread asap.

again, congrats on all who pitched in to help inch this behomath one bit closer to reality !


[ May 30, 2002: Message edited by: lindil ]
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