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A "Complete Silmarillion" in Spanish

Hello everybody; first of all, sorry for my english.
I'm a 36 years old Spanish Tolkien reader and fan from 1985, and when I read for the first time "The Silmarillion" in 1987, it was a shock. Then they come the "Unfinished Tales" here in Spain and in 1990 it was published here "Lost Tales I". The next book I acquired was in English the next year, because it was an stop in translations to Spanish. Since I read the complete original "Fall of Gondolin" I wanted to complete a final "Fall", and I started to do it as handwork. When "Morgoth's Ring" and "War of the Jewels" comes at last, the project was enlarged to the whole Silmarillion.
I only write to say that from many years ago, I have my personal vision of a dreamed "Fall of Gondolin" and "Silmarillion".... but in Spanish, called "Traducciones del elfico" ---> "Translations from the Elvish", but in Spanish, its a coincidence. It' similar to the project of this website, but have some differences of my own opinion.
I Know that is not the language of Tolkien and is a sacrilege, but is a work of a life easy to read for me and my people, and is worked from the official Spanish translation of "The Silmarillion" and the other books, most of all translated by me. It is updated when a new book comes, with new information, the last whit "The Children of Hurin". I'm expecting the publication of Arda Reconstructed, if it gives me more information to complete my vision.
I found this website a year ago, ( I'm new in the web), and I saw the project, and I did take a few ideas to make better "The Fall of Gondolin".
I believe in Tolkien and I believe in the work of his son, but I think we need a Silmarillion not better but complete, revised.
I think was the purpose of Christopher.
Of course I don't want to publish it. It's for my personal tasting. I'm proud of it.

Thank you for this website, and go on with the project

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