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Rhun charioteer
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New Lands Settled?

After the sinking of numenor and changing of the world's shape new lands were created in place of Aman and the Land of the Sun.

Apparently Mariners did reach these lands and were rather disappointed as they were mundane and mortal unlike Aman.

My question is-these lands were surely uninhabited at the time of their creation and if Gondorian and Arnorian sailors(and perhaps easterlings coming from the other direction) could reach them why weren't they settled?

Or were they ever settled?

As an aside some fans have interpreted these lands as the Americas or what would become the Americas-yet apparently during the third age reaching them was possible.
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Originally Posted by Rhun charioteer View Post
why weren't they settled?
Is there any evidence that they weren't? By somebody, if not the Dśnedain? I don't think the text says anything either way, unless I'm forgetting something.
Or were they ever settled?
If Arda is Earth, then presumably they must have been eventually.
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