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Thorongil: The Corsairs of Umbar, by Ancalagon_the_Black, First Posted April 7, 2004

This tale focuses upon material found in LoTR's appendices regarding Aragorn's youth. During this time, he journeyed to Gondor and Rohan, rendering services to both kingdoms. However, he assumed the name Thorongil as an alias. Ancalagon's story focuses upon Aragorn's visit to Gondor and serves he rendered to Ecthelion II, the father of Denethor.
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I've given this a read but don't really have much to say. It felt a bit too much like a fragment of a longer story for my liking.

Though it is amusing that "sneak in the back way in a black ship" is apparently just Aragorn's signature maneuver. One wonders how many other times he tried it out!

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The Corsairs of Umbar was an interesting read and the way it was broken into scenes was good.
I sort of felt more intricate detail could be woven into many of the sections, but that is just me I think.
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