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Old 01-25-2007, 04:59 PM   #281
Aylwen Dreamsong
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Aylwen Dreamsong has just left Hobbiton.
must admit that I was rather surprised that the three - now four - women all left separately.
Bella was pretty upset that the guys left, and when she told this to Mellonin and Argeleafa, they were cheery/optimistic but not very helpful/comforting (except to offer tea). I wouldn't go back to someone for comfort if last time they had said, "We all do; but there it is..." even if Mellonin was just trying to be strong on the outside. In my mind Bellyn left because she probably didn't think anyone would listen to her - really listen to her. Also probably because she was in a frantic state after the dream. I guess.

I'll assume then that Leafa has also left on her own, which seems desperately out of character for her; she had better have one whopping dream, seems to me.
Do you want us to go back and change what we have so they all leave together? It would be a lot of deleting/rewriting but we could do sounds like you want to change it.

Just wondering...
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Old 01-25-2007, 09:12 PM   #282
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No sense trying to sweep the spilled milk back into the bottle, though one may wish to cry over it.... No, don't change it. But Nuru, you are going to need one incredible dream for Leafa, or else she is going to have to be very convincing to get a bodyguard to go with her (which seems just as out of character....) (LMP shrugs). So no, don't change stuff. It's hard enough keeping this going without going back and editing.