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I think Sarumanís ring could have had similar powers as Sauronís ring. They were both followers of AulŽ in the beginning of middle earth. So it would not be unlikely that many things Sauron knew, on how to forge a ring of power, also were familiar to Saruman. But with one big difference the other rings, crafted by Celebrimbor, were not linked with Sarumanís ring. And of course Sarumanís power is not as big as Sauronís power. Because the ring was not as powerful as sauronís it was not able to dominate people except the very weak.

I have to agree with Voralphion about the staff part. It serves as a symbol of his status and as a gate for his power. When Gandalf destroyed the staff Saruman his status and deception is broken, but not the power of his voice. Iím not sure if it is magical or filled with reason and desire of other people. But if it is magical then it proofs that even without his staff he was able to use some of his powers.

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