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Shastanis Althreduin
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Weres of Eire: Game Thread


The wind whistled, the land convulsed, the hearthfires turned interesting colors, and the waves crashed. Ireland was awakening.

Day. Night. Day. Night. Day. Night. Creatures of myth and legend, humans, everything came together in an instant.

The awakening of the land brought power. Power that some worshipped, some feared, and some attempted to harness for their own game. At the center of it all, there lay a camp. People resided there. People...

and not-people. There were those from the mists of Ireland's past that saw the awakening time as a chance to reclaim what they believed to be rightfully theirs, at any cost. There were humans as well, of course; by this time, there was nowhere without humans. They planned to keep what they had (lawfully or not) taken. The camp grew slowly, and infighting occured between people and not-people. The disputes grew so forceful, so disruptive, that the land itself.... intervened.

A clap of thunder, a slight tremble in the earth. This was the only warning before the Power was unleashed. A flash of lightning, another, louder peal of thunder, and suddenly there were eleven, where there had been ten.

The eleventh looked perfectly ordinary Black Irish; pale alabaster skin, jet black hair, small and slight of stature. Perfectly ordinary. Until one noticed that a cloud, lower than the rest, seemed to hover over the boy (he couldn't have been more than sixteen!) and the immediate surrounding area. Those ten that had been there began shouting and demanding answers, what was going on, what was happening, who was he? But under cover of behaving similarly, several of them knew exactly what was going on, what was happening, who he was.


The boy spoke with a voice of thunder, seeming to be unreal coming from such a young mouth. "Some of you do not belong here. For some of you, your time has passed into the mists. There is nothing here for you. However, I have not the power to force you out. Instead, we will see just how well you pass in this increasingly-nonmagical world. If you manage to reclaim your land... well."

The boy looked at each of the ten. Mist began to swirl around one of them, entering the body and glowing for a moment, before settling to normal astonishingly quickly. The boy smiled.

"The land itself has taken a hand, it seems. Well and good. Your task shall be thus; each day, talk amongst yourselves. Gain information. Decide who is to be trusted, and who is not. At the end of the day, I will return, and you will give me a name. That name will be.... removed. But beware! Night brings things best left unmentioned. I fear for you all."

Lightning flashed again, and Cataclysm was gone.

Day 1 starts now. It will end in 23 1/2 hours, at 7 PM CST, Sunday, September 2nd.

Voting: Votes are retractable once per day. The person with the most votes will be executed. In the case of a tie, a randomizer will be used. During Day 1 and Day 2 only, you may vote for No Execution.

Tell me anything I missed, and sorry if the prologue's not up to standard.


1. Lommy
2. Nogrod
3. Menel
4. Isabellkya
5. Rikae
6. Brinniel
7. Kath
8. Durelin
9. Eomer/Cailin
10. Espiem

Forever Dimmed:

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