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Tol-In-Gaurhoth XXXVIII - E.T.T.T.S.O.W.I.

Welcome to the thrilling WereWolf Chapter 38: Tol-In-Gaurhoth XXXVIII - Escape to the Terrible Secret of Werewolf Island!

The sun simmered on the horizon through the glare of the dining room windows and the boat was gently swaying with the current. it was Dinner time on the S.S. Mr. Adventure and all the guests were sitting down eating and being served by the crew. well by all the guest i mean 9 indiviuals and by crew i mean the burly Captain. El Gil was his name. His name has been passed down for generations though he was not spanish. His ancestors depised the spanish and it made them happy to pass down a spanish name. They weren't highly reconized in their village but they made there lives there and continued on. back at the Dining room, there was discussion all about. Meneltarmacil was trying to explain the latest theory to Xyzzy, but he would not listen because there is no possible way parachute pants attract Martian Ants to come land. Meanwhile Thinlomien and Shastanis Althreduin were lsot in conversation of what the next best flower is too wear while deciding which flamamble liquid is good too use on burning fur coats that is friendly to the environment, while susie was staring blindly into the conversation trying to add in her childhood knowledge of goats when it can be used. On the other end of the dining hall Nogrod and Legate continue to stare at each other because of their different political agendas leaving Macalaure in an awkward position as Brinniel was spraying baby seals coats with spray paint while writing down her next anti-war leaflet at the same time.

El Gil then came out of the kitchen wiping his hands. "my dear guests! my lovely Peeko the Parrot tells me that we have a storm coming in, so i suggest you take in this horizon before the clouds come in!" everyone then looks over to the window when there was a loud crash and the lights went sharply out only to have then flicker back on moments later. everyone began looking around in surprise.

"have no fear! its just the generator, she may be an old ship that has been stuck in 6 hurricanes, 3 giant squid attacks, 5 or 6 mutinies, 3 wars, but she is sturdy, though going through 23 tsunamis, 5 mine explosions, 12 holes in the hull, a evil nazi-experiment plot and the Reconquista she is a tought lass!"

everyone then began to settle down, but for some reason nobody felt inclined to eat anymore. The sun began to sink as everyone left the dining hall for there bunks to settle down for the night.

The storm came quicker then Peeko squaked about and the S.S. Mr. Adventure began swaying faster and faster as El Gil the captain was manning the helm by himself. The guests were having a troubled sleep, but each of them eventually drifted off.

they were suddenly woken as the PA system buzzed on with voices over it
"...are you talking about? i know nothing of them!"
"do...fools old man, we know..."
"they can see you coming a...away!"
" do know then! let us...him then find the boss"
"...what!... no! they will survive just..."

the PA system then buzzes out as the lights go off again and great lurching of the ship begins and creeking all about...then a loud noise is heard and the ship is shook hard... everyone fades to black...


[Side note: yes i know originally that bodyguard and Super scientist had no knowledge of each other, but i messed up and accidently told them both of each other, but all the other rules still stand to there most recent altering![/end side note]
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