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Eärendil 10-28-2002 12:02 PM

Shagrat to Snaga, in Cirith Ungol.

Laivine 10-29-2002 12:36 PM

You're right Eärendil!! Your turn then [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Melephelwen 10-30-2002 02:10 PM

This is great! LOL! What must the other BD'ers not be thinking about us? [img]smilies/tongue.gif[/img]

Eärendil 10-31-2002 11:44 AM

Shh, let's not think about that... [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]
Right, a new one (I haven't any of the swedish books here with me (am in England at the moment), and just searched the net for a quote. Found an extremely easy one):


Éowyn! Èowyn! skrek _____.

Mlo 10-31-2002 12:13 PM


Eärendil 10-31-2002 12:23 PM

Nope. Not the one I am thinking of. Sorry...try again. [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

Laivine 10-31-2002 12:35 PM

Errrrr... Faramir?!

Eärendil 10-31-2002 12:38 PM


Melephelwen 10-31-2002 12:43 PM

Erm, that would be ... Merry?

Eärendil 10-31-2002 12:44 PM

Yes, you got it. Proceed. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Melephelwen 10-31-2002 01:11 PM

Cool [img]smilies/cool.gif[/img]

"Ja ja, herre, det er sandelig en køn suppedas, vi sidder i nu," sagde {beeep}
It's from TTT [img]smilies/tongue.gif[/img]

Laivine 10-31-2002 01:15 PM

I would think that is Sam, talking to Frodo?!

Melephelwen 10-31-2002 01:20 PM

Yup. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Laivine 10-31-2002 01:29 PM

Hmmm, I'll have to post a quote then...

Vent her en liten stund, så skal jeg komme med tilbake med slikt svar som synes han det beste. Håp ikke på for mye! Dette er mørke tider.

Laivine 10-31-2002 02:46 PM

It is in TTT by the way!

Melephelwen 11-01-2002 09:06 AM

The guard at Edoras' gates, when Gandalf, Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli arrive. They ask him to go to Théoden. I don't think we ever get his name. At least I can't find it... [img]smilies/tongue.gif[/img]

Melephelwen 11-04-2002 09:14 AM

Noone's replied for a couple of days, so I'll jsut continue. If you're right, and sure about it, then just continue, 'cause I won't be able to come alot the next week. (Work and school crashing together, auch!)

Gondolin kan ikke holdes skjult meget længere, og er den først opdaget, må den falde.
Been not nice, and took it from the Sil [img]smilies/tongue.gif[/img]

Laivine 11-04-2002 12:33 PM

You were right, of course Melephelwen [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img] I think the name of the guard is Hama or something tho, hmmm, can't be bothered to get my books and check :P

Ohh, I haven't read Silmarillion yet [img]smilies/eek.gif[/img] I did buy The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings in english the other day tho, haha, was about time!! So far I find The Hobbit hilarious, I wonder why I didnt read it earlier?! Hehe.

Eärendil 11-05-2002 02:33 AM

Hm...maybe I should have said the rules (the rules for this thread) more clearly.
Melephelwen - You´re supposed to post quotes from LoTR, nothing else. So I am afraid your quote will not be counted. Please post a new one.
Also, for those who are not sure about the rules; if you guess on a quote and know you´re right, and it hasn´t been confirmed in three days, you may continue. If a guess has been confirmed (that it´s right), and no new quote comes from the person who has the turn in seven days, anyone may go.
Thank you for your co-operation. [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]


Melephelwen 11-06-2002 02:34 PM

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize it had to be from LotR... Silly me [img]smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img] Then I'll dive into the books to find a new one...

"Jeg kan ikke synge mere," sagde han. "Dette her er kun en del af det, for jeg har glemt meget. Den er lang og sørgelig, for den fortæller, hvordan sorgen kom til Lothlórien, blomsternes Lórien, dengang dværgene vakte det onde i bjergene."
It's in FotR. [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]
Btw, the other, not-counting quote, was by Turgon, in case anybody wanna know. [img]smilies/tongue.gif[/img]

Eärendil 11-07-2002 03:00 AM


Eärendil 11-07-2002 06:27 AM

I know I am right, (I looked it up after guessing), so I´ll just continue now, so you won´t have to confirm... [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]


Jag säger inte: Sluta att gråta! Det är inte alla tårar som är av ondo.
If you guess on this one and now you´re right, then you may continue, as I might not be able to come here for a little while.

Mlo 11-07-2002 10:13 AM

Ehh... hmm... Merry, maybe...?

Eärendil 11-07-2002 10:40 AM

Nope Mlo, it´s not Merry.

Laivine 11-09-2002 10:50 AM

Oh I know that one, it's one of my favourites! It's Gandalf to the hobbits, when the Ringbearers are going to the Grey Havens.


Alt er fåfengt, sier du, dersom han har Ringen. Hvorfor skulle ikke han holde det for fåfengt å angripe oss, dersom vi har den?

eleniwilwarin 11-11-2002 05:51 AM

en vild gissning: Smeagol (Gollum) [img]smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img]

Laivine 11-11-2002 07:44 AM

Nope, it isn't Gollum...

Mlo 11-11-2002 09:11 AM

Hmmm.... Elrond?

Laivine 11-11-2002 10:54 AM

Nah, it isn't Elrond either [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Laivine 11-13-2002 08:03 AM

I can give a little hint then... It was said in Minas Tirith.

Eärendil 11-13-2002 11:12 AM


Melephelwen 11-14-2002 12:41 PM

I think it's Théoden, allthough I'm not sure?

Laivine 11-16-2002 11:08 AM

Whoever wants to say a quote may do so now, as clever little me has managed to forget who said the quote I posted. Can you get any more stupid?! Grrrr...

Eärendil 11-16-2002 11:59 AM

Lol! Well, that happens to everyone. [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]
Try to look it up perhaps? Or else we can just wait for someone to post a new quote. (I won´t though, don´t have the books here.)

Melephelwen 11-17-2002 02:00 PM

I can go then...
Btw, I just found out that I managed to screw up in my guess, and wrote Théoden, when I ment Denethor! Anyways, here's a quote:

Måtte Herredet bestå for evigt uden at visne!
I better say it is in RotK and not said by a hobbit...

Laivine 11-19-2002 01:07 PM

Uhmmmm... Eomer?! [img]smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img]

Melephelwen 11-20-2002 01:31 PM

Nope... [img]smilies/tongue.gif[/img]

Eärendil 11-25-2002 02:34 AM

Shot in the dark...Gandalf?

Melephelwen 11-26-2002 09:03 AM

Noooo... not really. Maybe I should say a hint: it's said in Minas Tirith!

Eärendil 11-26-2002 11:11 AM

Faramir? (To be honest, I don´t have a clue! [img]smilies/tongue.gif[/img])

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