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Eärendil 05-13-2003 04:30 AM

Is it Pippin?

Laivine 05-18-2003 11:59 AM

No, not Pippin... The speaker does not have a leading role in the books.

Eärendil 05-27-2003 04:19 AM

Hm...I think we need more clues...*grin*

lothiriel 05-27-2003 01:43 PM

Is it Prince Imrahil?

Laivine 05-28-2003 09:01 AM

It's not prince Imrahil. The quote is from The Two Towers, said in Minas Tirith. Should narrow it down abit, I would think [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Eärendil 05-28-2003 10:04 AM


Narduewen 05-28-2003 05:17 PM

I believe it is Beregond, otherwise I should have said Gandalf, but he has an important role in the book, so that rules him out.

Laivine 05-30-2003 04:55 AM

Indeed it is Beregond! Your turn, Narduewen [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Narduewen 06-03-2003 03:33 PM

Wow, I actually got it. Ummm, I don't actually know any Scandinavian languages, I was just guessing from my German. I will try to translate a quote but it might be really bad grammer and such, but if I don't post within ten days someone else can go.

Narduewen 06-24-2003 08:40 AM

Well, someone else can post since its been over ten days and I haven't found anything to translate into any languages only a Danish to English dictionary. But that doesn't help me much. Maybe next time that i get something I'll have something to post.

Laivine 08-06-2003 07:19 AM

I find it quite sad that this thread is disappearing, so I'll try posting a new quote...

Uansett hva den kan gjøre, blir det langsomt; ondskapen tar lang tid, om du beholder den med slike hensikter
It shouldn't be difficult...

Eärendil 08-08-2003 05:33 AM

Um, well.... at least I am in need of a clue or two. *laughs*

Laivine 08-09-2003 09:17 AM

Hmmm, a hint or two... It's said in Fellowship of the Ring, in one of the first chapters. Now I'm making it too easy :/ Hehe!

Eärendil 08-12-2003 08:10 AM

Is it Gandalf to Bilbo?

Laivine 08-13-2003 09:42 AM

Indeed it is [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img] Your turn!

Eärendil 08-19-2003 03:17 AM

Oh, sorry, I haven´t been on! (Haven´t been able to.)
I will post a new quote tomorrow, promise! [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Eärendil 08-22-2003 01:29 AM

Nope, no quote.... I forgot completely because of my homework. Sorry.. And of course, forgot before going to school today.
So..anyone can go now.

Eärendil 08-23-2003 01:04 PM

Ok, I have finally got hold of one of the books, and will now post a quote, a long one. (Because I feel like it..)It´s from The Fellowship of the Ring:

Så det var alltså på det sättet det gick med ringen! utropade han. Om någonsin denna historia berättats nere hos oss, har den sedan länge glömts bort. Jag har hört om den Stora Ringen av honom, vars namn ingen vågar nämna, men vi trodde att den försvann ur världen när hans första rike lades i ruiner. Isildur tog den! Detta är i sanning en nyhet!

dancing spawn of ungoliant 08-24-2003 07:42 AM

Hi all! I'm quite sure that this last quote could be Boromir in the council of Elrond. I don't have English edition of the books but loose translate about the quote could be:

So that was what happened to the ring! interrupted Boromir. If this tale have ever been told in south it have been forgotten long ago. I have heard about a great ring which is his whose name we don't utter but we believed that the ring had got lost when his first realm came crashing down. Isildur took it! What a news!

Well...very loose translation indeed but maybe you understood my point.
Am I right?

Eärendil 08-24-2003 10:34 AM

Very right indeed! *smiles*
Please proceed.

dancing spawn of ungoliant 08-25-2003 08:58 AM

ahem...well, you see, I can't post a quote here in any other languange but Finnish. Do you guys mind if I post a quote in Finnish or would somebody like to take my turn?

Eärendil 08-26-2003 01:34 AM

Well, the idea with the thread is to post a quote in any of these languages: Swedish, Danish, Norweigan or Icelandic, as they come from the same "language family". It´s not called "Western Scandinavian..." for nothing.
I personally do not mind a quote in Finnish, although I won´t be able to understand a thing...*smiles*
Oh well, I will let Finnish in and rename the thread.
Welcome with your Finnish quote! *bows*

dancing spawn of ungoliant 08-26-2003 04:44 AM

Oh, thank you Eärendil, very kind of you! [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]
Here it goes...

Kääntykääpäs ympäri että saan silmäillä teidän kasvojanne. Minusta tuntuu kuin melkein inhoaisin teitä kumpaakin, mutta eipä hätiköidä. Kääntykää ympäri!
If this is too tough I'll post some clues.

[edit:I decided to give a couple of clues already now... [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]
teitä kumpaakin=both of you

[ August 26, 2003: Message edited by: dancing spawn of ungoliant ]

Laivine 08-26-2003 11:52 AM

Uhmmm... A VERY wild guess; Gandalf to Aragorn, when he's becoming king?

Wouldnt mind a new hint?? [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

dancing spawn of ungoliant 08-26-2003 12:22 PM

Nope, sorry. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img] If that was Gandalf to Aragorn it would be quite amusing...

So, new hints?Okey:

vanwalossien 08-28-2003 08:27 AM

Treebeard to Merry and Pip?

Laivine 08-28-2003 11:18 AM

Ahh, that was my next guess! [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

Digger Nemi-bildet ditt forresten... Those who dream are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

dancing spawn of ungoliant 08-29-2003 08:19 AM

Vanwalossien was right, it was Treebeard to Merry and Pippin telling them to turn around so he can see their faces.
*passes the ball to vanwalossien*
Your turn [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

vanwalossien 08-29-2003 12:06 PM

OK, I've never read LotR in Norwegian, had to raid my bro's room to find the only Norwegian copy of LotR we've got, but here goes:

Hva er pottiser, kosteligste, he? Hva er pottiser for noe?
[ August 30, 2003: Message edited by: vanwalossien ]

Eärendil 09-02-2003 08:52 AM

Is it Gollum to Sam, about potatoes?

vanwalossien 09-02-2003 11:09 AM

Yes. Not very difficult, I know...

vanwalossien 09-07-2003 04:53 AM


Eärendil 09-08-2003 09:17 AM

Sorry to keep you waiting, but I haven´t had access to Internet for some time...
Ok, here´s the new quote:

"Ni har alldeles rätt, min herre, sade han. Jag ber också så mycket om ursäkt. Och jag är rädd som döden för vad Gandalf ska säga, ifall nu en olycka har skett."

lothiriel 09-09-2003 11:34 AM

That´s Barliman Butterbur to Frodo at the Prancing Pony.

Eärendil 09-11-2003 10:27 AM

Of course. *smiles*
Please proceed.

lothiriel 09-12-2003 12:06 PM

Next quote:

"Ingen hjälp eller dubbel hjälp är din metod!"

Eärendil 09-16-2003 01:56 AM

I recognize the quote, but can´t think of where I read it.
A clue perhaps? *smiles*

dancing spawn of ungoliant 09-16-2003 06:13 AM

Ack, annoying! I can translate the quote but don't recognice who said it. I even know to who it was said, but by whom?

lothiriel 09-17-2003 01:52 PM

It´s in TTT.

lothiriel 09-22-2003 11:33 AM

You need more clues? Alright, it's said by a small person. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

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