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piosenniel 05-22-2003 10:31 AM

Sailing Away RPG
*Varda* and Arien's First Post for the Game

Amaryllis sat on the pear tree outside of her house as she did every morning. She would climb upon to the highest branch which was twice her height and sit and watch the sun rise. The crisp autumn wind blew over the Shire and swept her hair against her soft face. She opened her book and started to read. The normal traffic passed through the lane beside her house, hobbits coming to collect their daily supply of fruit and vegetables from her parents. It was common knowledge that they grew the best crops this side of Hobbiton. A few called out to say hello to Ama and she waved back politely, and carried on reading. She spent most of the morning on top of the tree until her mother came out.

“Ama!” she called, looking upwards, her hand across her forehead to stop the sun blinding her, “ I need some flowers for the house, seeing as you are doing nothing, go and get some, please.”

“Yes mother,” Ama jumped down from the tree and handed the book to her mother. She kissed her on the cheek for good measure and ran off down the path towards the Brandywine. She knew where all the best flowers grew, she loved them. If you wanted any flower just ask Ama. Scented flowers, healing flower anything, you name it! As she walked along the path down to the Brandywine she hummed to herself. She gazed around the area to see if she could see any flowers. She knew of a rose bush right down by the river that flower buds of pink, petals like silk and they smelled so sweet. These would be the ones she would get.

As she neared the river bank she heard a banging noise. Startled she ran to the point it was coming from. When she reached it she found a young, chubby hobbit trying to make what seemed like a boat!

The young hobbit was sitting contentedly by the edge of the Brandywine, feet splashing in the cool water, his reflection staring back at him. He picked up a piece of wood, banging the plank onto the boat in front of him. It wasn’t much more than a large sophisticated raft, really, but it was the pride and joy of Olo Brandybuck and his friends, who had been working on it for some weeks.

Olo stared at it, and then looked back at the flowing blue waters of the Brandywine. Drifting into a dream, he imagined the hobbits floating down the river, discovering what lay around each corner, a white sail blowing in the breeze.

“Err….” Ama said nervously tapping the dreaming hobbit on the shoulder.
The hobbit turned round, stared for a moment and then said, “Ama, cousin! How nice to see you!”

“What are you doing?” Ama asked curiously, looking at the boat in front of them. Olo looked at it with pride written all over his face, and then began to explain, Ama sitting down beside him.

“We’re going to sail down the Brandywine!” he announced proudly. “We’ve been working on this for weeks, and it’s almost finished!” Ama looked again at what didn’t seem like the sturdiest boat she had ever seen.

“Err, Olo…”

“Nothing to worry about, Ama! It’s not going to fall apart. Want to come with us?” said the young hobbit, ignoring Ama’s uncertainty over the boat.

"Well.." she stuttered.

"What are you afraid?" he chuckled. "You always were!"

"No! Ok, I'll come..." she wanted to prove to Olo she wasn’t scared, or afraid. She was as brave as the rest of them. "So when are you going?"

“Tomorrow, most likely,” Olo answered, beaming. “We’ll see who’s coming, put some paint on her, and we can sail away for the day!”

piosenniel 05-22-2003 03:56 PM

Taralphiel’s post

Mirabella stuck her head out from under the boat she had been working on furiously ‘Olo! Are there any more nails?’

She leant up to see him talking with his cousin, and gave her a cheery wave. ‘I do no’ think so Mirabella, can you get us some?’

Mirabella nodded and bolted down the pathway to her house. A furious 10 minutes jogging brought her to her back graden, and more importantly, her garden shed. Sneaking through the crack in the door, she rummaged around for some nails. She let out a yelp when someone caught her by the collar of her dress.

‘Mirabella Took! What be ye doing in my garden shed!!!’ Her father snapped. “I’m looking for er…some seeds Da!’ she lied feebly, slipping the nails into her back pocket. ‘I likely story’ he said putting her down ‘On ye get, and don’t let me catch ye in here again!’

Making her way back to the river mumbling, Mirabella stumbled upon Olo again. ‘Ye canna get any more nails from me Olo! Me Da will have me for it!’ Olo frowned then said ‘Alright, we’ll find them somewhere else. Are ye done with that side of the boat yet?’ ‘Almost’ she grinned and hauling herself under, got back to work…

piosenniel 05-22-2003 03:57 PM

alaklondewen’s post

It was a beautiful morning. The sun was out, birds were singing, and flowers were in bloom everywhere. A sweet fragrance filled the air as Ferdibrand walked along the road to Buckland with his hands in his pockets. He shuffled along as one without a care in the world. He stopped and kicked a small rock in his path. Dust filled the air. The rock bounced several times before rolling into the grass on the right side of the road.

Suddenly he took off, running as fast as his feet would take him until he came to a bend in the road. The road turned to the left, but he did not. Instead, using the momentum he’d gained, he leaped across a small ditch. Once on the other side, he stood bent over with his hands on his knees completely out of breath. His chest heaved, and sweat ran down his face. He rested for several minutes before going on cutting through an old farmer’s field.

His good friend Olo was building a real boat, and Ferd was on his way to the Brandywine Bridge to see it. A smile crept across his face as he thought about Old Mr. Bilbo and his fireside tales. Ferd had enjoyed his time as a young lad dreaming about dragons and adventures. Well, they had decided to make a little adventure of their own. The boat Olo was building was going to sail them down the Brandywine, and just thinking about it, Ferd couldn’t help but jump and click his heels.

The trip wasn’t scheduled until the next day, but Ferd wanted to offer help in finishing the boat. Secretly, he hoped they would finish early and he and Olo could take a test ride.

He had been looking at his feet while walking with his hands still in his pockets, and when he raised his head again, he could see the bridge in the distance. Excited that his destination was in sight, he began running. I’m almost there! he thought.

piosenniel 05-22-2003 03:58 PM

Calenedheliel1’s post

Willem Took had set out early that morning to deliver some bucked oak logs to one of his customers who lived east of Newbury, near the banks of the Brandywine River. His three older sons were busy gathering more cords of wood that soon the Hobbit families in the area would be needing for the coming winter. Rosie had been directed by her father to come with him to help unload the seasoned wood. This is not what she wanted to be doing on this fine autumn day. She had plans to go with her brothers and spend time in the woods.

Reluctantly, she climbed onto the wagon with him and took her seat dejectedly next to him, hunching down for most of the trip with a scowl on her face. Her Father was amused by her sulking, but said nothing – just sat smoking his pipe, the reins light in his hands, his eyes fixed on the familiar way ahead. They were bound for the burrow of his wife’s sister, Violet Boffin Marish, married to an old friend of Willem’s, Tolman Marish.

They were greeted warmly by the Marish family, and before the work of unloading began, Willem was invited in for a mug of newly done hard cider. Rosie, taking the opportunity of being ignored once again, slipped off quickly to the wooded area along the river’s bank.

Thunk! Thunk! The sound of someone hammering near the river’s edge drew her attention. Coming up quietly behind a tree, she peeked around and saw a young Hobbit, hammer in hand, talking to a girl who appeared older than he.

“We’re going to sail down the Brandywine!” she heard him say, and then the older girl answered him in a timid fashion. "What! Are you afraid?" she heard him chuckle.

The girl seemed to find some courage in her and said she would go with him. “Tomorrow, we can sail away for the day!’ Rosie heard the young man say.

Stepping out from her hiding place, bold as brass, Rosie smiled impishly as the two Hobbits turned to stare at her. ‘That sounds like a grand adventure! Can I come, too?’

piosenniel 05-22-2003 03:59 PM

elven maiden Earwen’s post

Penny Took skipped along the Brandywine’s edge. Her Brother hade just left and there was nothing for her to do. Her curly golden hair bounced and her blue eyes sparkled. She was considered odd for a hobbit because she had a great love of travel and water. She stopped to watch some white birds fly by and to help a little squirrel. She always loved animals. She heard a strange noise coming farther down the river.
She ran over. She found Olo Brandybuck and Amaryllis Brandybuck.

“Hi, what are you guys doing?” Penny asked. “I was going to get some flowers for my mother, but I found Olo here—“ Amaryllis started to say, but Olo interrupted her. “I’m building a boat.” Surprised Penny turned her gaze to the river and saw a boat. Penny stared in delight. “A boat!” she exclaimed. She looked back at Olo who was staring back at his boat proudly that he and his friends had made. “Are you going to sail it?” “Olo thought they might tomorrow.” Amaryllis said. “Can I come please?” “Sure” said Olo turning his gaze away from the boat. “Thank you” Penny said “see you tomorrow. She happily ran home.

piosenniel 05-22-2003 04:00 PM

Burzdol’s post

Bennele Took sat in the shade of an apple tree for an afternoon nap. Suddenely, the chubby hobbit woke upon a loud bang. He slowly crept behind a large elm, and looked toward the Brandywine. He saw a group of hobbits conversing with a fair lass about what seemed to him to be a boat behin them. As fast as his legs would carry him, he ran towards the group of friends.

"Hey," Ben started, "What are you doing?"

"Building a raft, what's it look like? So, why are you here, anyway?" one shot back.

"I was awoken by your banging, and I wanted to see what it was. So why are you building a raft?"

"To sail the Brandywine, and find adventure where ever it might be."
"Can I come, too?"

"How will you help us?"

"I can get you supplies like fishing nets, lumber, drinks..." he was cut off.

"You can get lumber? How much can you get?"

"I don't know, but I'll bring whatever I can. So, am I in?"

"Yeah, I guess."

piosenniel 05-22-2003 04:04 PM

Arawethiel’s post

Falco Brandybuck paused for a moment from where he was working in one of the fields. It was a cool sunny morning but already Falco could feel the sweat starting to trickle down his back and face from working. Sighing he wiped his sleeve across his forehead and started to bend down to continue his work when he heard Amaryllis' mother calling to him from the edge of the field. "Falco! Could you come here for a moment? I have a favor to ask of you."

Dusting off his trousers Falco quickly strode over to where Amaryllis' mother was standing and asked "What would you like me to do for you?"

"Ama has been gone a long time fetching some flowers for me. Could you please go and find her? I swear once she gets in the woods she forgets about all of her responsibilities at home." Amaryllis's mother said exasperatedly.

"Don't worry Mrs. Buckland, I'll go find Ama for you." Falco replied to her.

"Thank you dear. You're a good hobbit lad for doing this for me."

Nodding his head to her Falco turned and headed towards the woods that surrounded the Brandywine River hoping this was where Ama had went. Falco did not want to spend his entire morning searching for Ama when he had other work to do.

After walking along through the trees Falco eventually reached the river and thought he saw some figures standing near the Brandywine Bridge. Heading that way he discovered Ama talking with her cousin Olo, one hobbit lad, and two other hobbit lasses. All conversation ended, however, as soon as the hobbits noticed him.

Ignoring their silence towards him, Falco turned to Ama and curtly said "Ama, your mother wants you back home. She says you have other chores to do besides picking flowers."

"Oh! I didn't realize how long I've been here. I haven't gathered any flowers yet because I've been so caught up in Olo's boat." Ama said.

"Boat?" Falco said in surprise and looked at the thing in question which Olo was standing in front of. Falco thought it looked rather flimsy and not too safe a way to travel.

"None of you are planning to sail in that are you?" He said to the group of hobbits.

"Of course we are!" Olo stated proudly. "My friends and I have been working on it for a long time and tomorrow we're going to sail it down the Brandywine River."

"I think not, that boat doesn't look sturdy enough to get you very far. Besides what business have you hobbits trying to sail a boat anyway. You should be working and not fooling around." Falco stated.

"Oh come on Falco. This boat is safe enough and besides what fun is working? Haven't you ever just once wanted to go on an adventure? See something else besides the crops you till everyday?" Olo asked him.

Falco was about to reply a negative when Olo's last words struck a chord in him. He was tired of working the fields, but always did so out of responsibility to his family. However, just once he would like to do something different and go somewhere else besides the fields.

Taking Falco's silence as an affirmative to his question, Olo asked him tentatively "Why don't you come with us? Go on a real adventure for once Falco?"

Falco debated with himself a moment more before he said "All right I'll go with you, but it's only for tomorrow right?"

"Yep! We'll be back by sunset." Olo responded.

"I'll be there tomorrow morning," Falco said "Ama I'll tell your mother that you're coming soon so that you can finish picking your flowers.

With that said Falco turned and headed back to the crop fields still not entirely sure why he had agreed to go on this little adventure in a makeshift boat.

piosenniel 05-22-2003 04:05 PM

Ealasaid’s post

Old Bill Cummerbund was poking around in the cattails near the Sarn Ford looking for crawdads or river snails or whatever he could find. He was in a foul mood because the sun was hot, his back hurt, and he wasn't finding anything. Angrily, he took a swat at the cattails with his walking stick.

"What kind of river is this!" he grumbled, rolling his short clay pipe between his molars. "Nothing but mud and weeds. Mud and weeds!"

Still grumbling, he clambered back up the riverbank, his bright blue eyes already squinting toward the road. No travellers were visible in either direction.

"Bah!" Old Bill spat in disgust and stumped over to the shady spot where he had left his knapsack and his prized possession: Thunderill, the Blade of Cummerbund, he called it. At one time, it had probably been a decent enough sword, but by the time he had found it and dredged it out of the river, it had deteriorated to a sorry state. The blade was notched on one side and florets of rust and corrosion bloomed from tip to hilt. The scabbard was a water-logged mess. Lovingly, he picked it up and moved it to one side so that he could sit.

Altogether, it had been a pretty crummy day. He had awakened just after dawn with a vicious crick in his neck and then didn't even make it through breakfast before his wife got into one of her moods and tossed him out of the house. All it had taken was one little remark. One crummy little remark about the fat on the bacon and there he was out on his ear. Well, at least she had packed him a lunch. He took the cold pipe out of his mouth and laid it on the grass beside his sword.

Usually when he was at loose ends, Old Bill liked to hang around at the Sarn Ford. It wasn't too far from the farm, which his sons worked now that he had retired, and it was usually a pretty busy place. If one wanted to cross the Brandywine, then one had to cross at the ford. If one wanted to cross at the ford, then there was a good chance one would have to spend a little time with Bill Cummerbund.

Bill made sure of that. His favorites to pass through were the Rangers. They could be a curt and surly bunch, but when they had a mind to be civilized,lo, they could tell a grand tale. His least favorites were families with children or hobbits with their endless chatter about food and their own relations. He would bristle his eyebrows at children until they cried. With hobbits, he simply fingered the hilt of his sword and tried to look forbidding. If they smirked at his patched overalls of the curling leather of Thunderill's scabbard, he was just as likely to brandish the sword and charge as not. But he had not done a whole lot of that lately as his last couple of war cries had ended with him bent double in the throes of what he thought was surely a life-threatening coughing fit. Lately, he had taken the subtler tack of politely sending the smirking lot of them west if they desired to go east or vice versa. It was much easier on his lungs.

piosenniel 05-22-2003 04:06 PM

Himaran’s post

A cracking branch awakened Erendal in the night. Swiftly, he left his bed and, finding his bow, fit an arrow on the string. Slipping silently out of his hut to investigate the cause of the sound, he soon spotted several figures hurrying into the forest. They were far enough into the woods that many trees were blocking his view, and he soon lost sight of them.

Erendal had recently discovered the presence of a band of robbers living in the old forest. They regularly passed by his dwelling. Erendal had spent the last month trailing them, but had always been foiled in his attempt to find their hideout. And tonight was no different.

Going back inside, Erendal poured himself a drink and sat back in his chair, deciding on his next move. By the morning, he knew that the tracks would be covered. What he needed was something to draw them out, and someone to help him carry out his plan. Erendal chuckled to himself at the irony of his situation. He had come to the Old Forest in an attempt to rid himself of society, and here he was hoping for a ranger or some other able-bodied guest to come knocking on his door.

As the night wore on, no future disturbances occurred, and the ranger fell into a sleep filled with tormenting dreams. Of the family he lost, and the home that he had left.

piosenniel 05-23-2003 09:25 AM

The Game is now open for play!


Will remove this post once the game has started.

*Varda* 05-23-2003 10:36 AM

The next morning dawned bright and clear. The only thing that marred the perfect blue sky was a troublesome dark grey cloud to the east, moving steadily towards Buckland, but Olo paid no heed to this, thinking only of sailing away in their creation. Scurrying about the hobbit hole, he threw on a dark green jacket over his other clothes. Picking up a small bag which he had packed with some light provisions for the journey, bread, cheese, and some ale he had surreptitiously taken from his father’s supply, Olo was almost ready to leave.

The sun was rising as Olo finally left, running down to the water side where the boat had been hidden among bushes, away from the prying eyes of adults. Pulling it out and dusting it down, he admired it and brought it down nearer to the river. Sitting himself down in it, he awaited the arrival of the other hobbits, while examining every nail and plank.

Arawethiel 05-23-2003 02:17 PM

Falco quietly crept out of his family's modest burrow just after the sunrise. Glad that he had not awoken his mother and sisters he headed towards the Brandywine River to meet up with the other hobbits for their little adventure. Along the way Falco checked the bag he had brought for his journey seeing if he had forgotten anything. Some food and water along with a rope were stored away inside the bag as well as his little knife. Satisfied that this was all he would need Falco increased his pace towards the river feeling oddly excited for once.

Approaching the bridge, Falco noted that Olo was already there and checking over the boat.
"Good morning Falco! Glad you're here, you can help me look over the boat." Olo said to him with a smile.

"Sure," Falco replied and asked, "when will the others arrive?"

"Pretty soon I suppose. They all knew we were leaving this morning. We'll all get introduced and then set off down the river!"

"All right, Olo." Falco said. He bent over to help Olo and saw an ominous black cloud gathering far off to the east. Feeling uneasy about the cloud Falco was about to mention it when he was interrupted by another hobbit arriving causing the thought to be forgotten.

Arien 05-23-2003 02:42 PM

Ama left silently her room and ran down to the Brandywine. She was excited, but nervous and she was not sure she should be doing it. But if she did not Olo would persist with the teasing. As she came up to the Brandywine she saw Falco and Olo standing there.

"Olo! Falco!" she called out, forgetting for a second that it was still early morn.

"Shh, Ama!" Olo pressed his finger against his lips, " my my you are excited cousin, why I didnt think you would come!"

"Why did you think I was scared of a little boat ride?" she shoved her hands into her dress pockets and fumbled with her flower cutting knife.

"So when are we off?"

Calenedheliel1 05-23-2003 03:20 PM

When Rosie got back to her father, after being told that she could go on the boat with the rest of them in the morning, she got in trouble for wandering off instead of doing her job. She was told to spend the rest of the day in her room as punishment. Willem wanted her to think about the extra work her brothers had to do to take her place that day. Instead, Rosie spent the whole night in her room thinking about the great adventure she was about to go on. She packed and then repacked her bag to make sure that she had everything she wanted to take. She had to sneak into the kitchen after everyone was asleep to get some food to bring with her. She also packed her bird net and her snare because she always had those with her just in case something came up and they were needed.

It was now dawn, and Rosie got dressed and snuck out of the burrow to meet up with the other hobbits at the Brandywine River. She was so excited that she made just a little to much noise and almost woke her father up. He stirred but then fell back into a deep sleep. Rosie let out a quiet sigh and continued on her way.

Once outside Rosie started to jog down to the river. She noted that the morning was quite peaceful and warm for an autumn morning. Some birds were chirping away so Rosie joined in their song. She greeted other animals, as she heard them, along her way to the river.

When she arrived at the river she noticed that Olo, Ama, and Falco were already there. “Good morning, how soon will we get this adventure on the way?”

The three hobbits said good morning to Rosie and told her that they couldn’t get on their way until the rest of the group showed up.

Manardariel 05-23-2003 04:47 PM

"Garnet!" Ruby yelled. The girl looked up, just catching her sister running towards her.

"Garnet, guess what? Ama and Olo are sailing away with a boat!" Garnet stared at her sister. "Are you sure? They´re sailing away? On the Brandywine?" Ruby exitedly looked at her sister. "Garnet this is our chance! We can have an adventure! Olo says we can come, and he doesn´t think we´re too young."

Ruby grinned. This was just too good to be true. Olo Brandybuck, who was something close to the extend of her role-model was letting them go on an adventure with him.

"Ruby do you think this is a good idea. I mean Dad would never allow that, and besides, we´re far too young, and it might be dangerous."

Garnet saw Ruby´s smile fade away. She knew she was right, but for one thing, Ruby didn´t like to hear "that kind of truth" and for another, Garnnet knew her sister would be dissapointed of her. But Ruby was far to exited to care.

"We´ll just have to run away then. When we´re on the river, dad can´t follow us, so why bother? And dangerous- hahaha- What IS danger?? The Shie is the un-dangerous-est spot in the world, for Apple´s sake!"

"Run away?" Garnet was shoked. She was just about to add a "But Ruby" when she earned a glowering look. "I guess we can try that.. ." she quickly added instead.

It was night. "Garnet!" Ruby hissed at her sister. "Garnet wake up! We have to leave! GARNET!!"

The girl just turned around and snored. "Garnet, I really hate doing this... not!" Ruby hissed. She then grabbed her sisters blanket and violently shook her awake.

"What? Who? Ruby? What time is it? Has anyone died?" Sleepily, Garnet turned around. "oh.. right. The boat thingy." "Exactly! Now get dressed!"Ruby wispered urgently. Quickly, the two girls put on their clothes -Ruby´s ripped, of course- and climbed out of the window. They silently crossed the yard when suddenly-

"YOUNG LADIES!" A boomimg voice rang out of the house. Grandma? Noooo, please no, Ruby silently prayed. But it was no use. The tirade that followed was horrible, but survivable. Garnet looked down and cried a bit, but her sister just stuck her chin up defensively. "And you- Ruby, don´t give me that look!" Grandma snapped. When they were stuck into bed with a "I´m very dissapointed of you, girls" from their father, Ruby was still furious, yet her sister couldn´t help be very relieved. For today, they´d escaped the adventure...

alaklondewen 05-23-2003 11:43 PM

The first light of the new day filtered through the blue curtains in Ben Took’s guest room and hit Ferdibrand’s upturned face. Being only half conscious he rolled on this side and rubbed his eyes with his fists. He pushed himself up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. After a good stretch and one last yawn, he stood up and crossed the room to the water basin next to the dresser to splash water on his face.

Ferd slipped quietly out of the bedroom and down the hall. No one else was moving in the house, so he grabbed two apples from the kitchen and out the back door he went. The fresh morning air hit his face, and he breathed in deeply before taking a bite of one his apples. This morning was full of excitement and the promise of adventure. Ferd couldn’t help but skip all the way to the river bank where he knew the others would be waiting. Sure enough, four hobbits were already standing around the boat.

“Morning!” Ferd called as he stepped through the trees that lead to the bank. Everyone turned and waved excitedly at him.

Taralphiel 05-24-2003 01:35 AM

Mirabella pressed against the wall out of eyesight of her prowling father. It was a miracle he let her go out that day, let alone help Olo with his plans, she did not want to cross him today.

Once out of her front garden, it was not much further to the Brandywine, and she ran quickly to where she was to meet Olo.

A small group of hobbits had already assembled, and she ran over to where she spotted Ferd.

'Mornin' cousin!' she smiled 'Ye be comin too?'

'Aye, wont it be grand?'. She heard her other cousin Ben pipe up 'Indeed! This will be some great adventure!' Mirabella nodded with glee. She felt wind blow her hair from her shoulders and looked up to see the frowning clouds in the distance. But they
did little but dent her concern. Pushing past the other hobbits, including some she recognised, she prodded Olo

'Well, when do we go then??'

elven maiden Earwen 05-24-2003 09:53 AM

Penny woke up suddenly. O’ No I’m late she thought has she jumped out of bed! She quickly put on a light blue and white dress and rain into the kitchen.
“Mornin’ Mum, Mornin’ Pa!” she called quickly. She grabbed some bread.
“Where you off to this mornin’ my dear?” Her mum Marigold asked.
“I’m supposed meet my friends down on the Brandywine and were going to hang out by the river.” It wasn’t the exact truth but it was close enough. Her mum hated the river. She got her adventurous water genes from her pa.

She grabbed a wicker-basket and filled it with some food and drinks. With it she put in a small kitchen knife and her favorite book. This should be fine for a small boat ride on the Brandywine.
“Bye mum, bye Pa! I may not be back for a few days. Don’t worry”. She yelled as she rain out the door. The sky was clear blue, and beautiful. White clouds danced in it. The grass was green and many flowers shone bright. Penny took a deep breath of the clean air. *Sigh* It was a great day to go sailing. Penny remembered how late she was and hurried of.

Finally she neared the bank of the river. Only a little father to go. She stopped for a quick break and ate a little. She watched the birds fly high in the sky. White, and blue, and cream and ivory. They were so graceful and beautiful. She packed up and looked at the river. It was a clear light blue and white foam crowned the top. Perfect for sailing. She ran on, her curly golden head shining in the sun. Her blue eyes sparkled. She couldn’t wait for the adventure about to come.

“Sorry I’m late.” Penny said breathlessly. She looked around. No one seemed to care that she was late. Penny smiled but it disappeared when she looked up once more into the sky. In the east a dark cloud lay. That could be trouble she thought, but she quickly shook all the troubles from her mind. Will be fine she thought. I hope. She smiled again and looked up at the boat. It looked fine. She saw Olo, and Amaryllis.
“Hi” she said as she ran over to them.
“Will we be off soon?” she asked excitedly.

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*Varda* 05-24-2003 01:09 PM

Ama turned round and saw Penny arrive, rather breathless.

“You’re here!” she said, and poked Olo on the shoulder. “We’re all here! I suppose Garnet and Ruby couldn’t make it, I would have been surprised if their grandmother hadn’t caught them.”

“Oh well,” Olo murmured, engrossed in checking over the boat. “I wouldn’t have thought there would have been much room left in the boat, anyway. Ferd, help me push the boat in the water, would you?” The chubby hobbit aided him, and then clambered in himself, rocking the boat from side to side.

“Ok, everyone else in!” called Olo. “Quickly, before anyone comes and sees us.” The other six hobbits pushed their way through, stumbling and stepping on each other in a quest to find the best seat, that gave the most room. In the end, Rosie was half-sitting on Ben, but everyone else seemed relatively comfortable, although it was a snug fit.

With a last glance around, Olo jumped in the boat, pushing it off from the shore with his paddle. The boat slowly floated away from the shore, approaching the middle of the Brandywine, where the current pulled the boat down the river. The breeze blew and Olo tugged at the little white sail, letting it catch the wind. The sun still shone brightly in the sky as the troublesome cloud grew darker and drew nearer , but the hobbits paid no attention to this.

Sailing past Olo’s hole along the Brandywine, he saw his mother hanging out the washing, hoping it would dry in the bright sun. Standing up in the boat, Olo called;

“Ma! Look! We’re sailin’! I’ll be home tonight!” His mother heard him cry from the Brandywine, his voice growing fainter, and gasped as she saw the little brown boat float on by, nearing a bend of the river.

“Olo Brandybuck! You stop that boat and get back here this minute!” his mother shouted, a mixture of surprise, shock, and fear on her face. “Did you never hear what happened to that Primula and Drogo Baggins?” Olo simply waved as the boat was swept round the bend in the river, a grin on his face.

“Olo…” Ama chastised him. “That wasn’t right! Your poor mother will be worried all day!” Olo’s smile didn’t leave his face, as he breezily said;

“It’ll be all right, cousin. We’ll be home by tonight, and any trouble will be worth it after the day we’ll have!” Sitting back down into the small amount of available space left, the curly headed hobbit stared up into the sky.

alaklondewen 05-24-2003 11:52 PM

In the branches of a tall oak on the bank of the Brandywine a small wren hopped playfully from branch to branch. Clear, merry voices could be heard coming from the river, so the little bird fluttered over to the outside of the tree to see what was happening. To his surprise, he saw eight upturned faces in a little boat. Their cheeks were rosy from the wind that blew their hairs and ruffled their curls.

Sitting in the front of the boat Ferd was immensely enjoying himself, and before he knew what he was doing he began to sing:

The river runs by field and tree;
And ducks float by on the water free.
Woodland creatures come down to drink,
At the river, at the river
Where little boats sink!

As he sang the last line, Penny reached up and smacked him in the back of the head.

“Ouch!” He cried out grabbing his head melodramatically. Turning around he saw seven scowling faces. “Sorry, sorry.” He put his hands up as a sign of surrender. “I was just kidding.”

Burzdol 05-25-2003 08:45 AM

Ben sat on his father's boat, collecting things for his trip. The crew seemed to not notice him so he took his time. Though, he had only a little bit of it. After a short moment or so, the boat came around a bend, and a young hobbit's raft was in clear view. [i]Well, here's my stop[i/], Ben thought. Soon they were close to the little craft, and the hobbit bid his father a farewell. With one final wave, he jumped off the boat, into the knee deep water.

The other hobbits were all on board and sailing happily. Ben sat his large bag of provisions down, and went to talk to Ferd.

"Finally here I see," Ferd said.

"Why hello to you too. I got up early to go with gaffer, I stole some provisions," Ben said without looking up, he was rummaging through his bag.

"Well, I really think that we should have warned me parents," Ben said looking up.

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elven maiden Earwen 05-25-2003 06:51 PM

They were off. “This is amazing” Penny said to Mirabella as they rode down the river. They passed Olo’s hole and rounded the corner. Ferd was signing and Penny reached up and smacked him after the last line. “Sorry, sorry.” He put his hands up as a sign of surrender. “I was just kidding.” Penny smiled. Ferd could be a goof sometimes. Penny reached down and grabbed her basket. “Anyone want some food?” she asked as she pulled out some bread, taters, and a few other foods. She reached in again and pulled out a jug of ale and 8 cups. She pored herself a glass and drained it quickly.

Small red birds sat in the trees singing. It was so peaceful. She turned to look at Mirabella. Mirabella had pale green eyes. Penny didn’t know many hobbits with green eyes. “So what have you been up to, Mirabella?” The small brown boat rocked. I’ll be fine, she thought giving herself a little reassurance. What’s the worst that could happen?

[ May 26, 2003: Message edited by: elven maiden Earwen ]

Arawethiel 05-25-2003 07:07 PM

Falco could not believe how relaxed he was. He found himself letting loose his inhibitions around the other merry hobbits. He was even smiling and laughing which was a rare thing for him to do. Perhaps this adventuring business was not as bad as he thought. Falco was enjoying the bright morning and the singing birds in the trees when Ferd suddenly burst into song.

"The river runs by field and tree;
And ducks float by on the water free.
Woodland creatures come down to drink,
At the river, at the river
Where little boats sink!"

Falco was enjoying the cheery tune until the last line and his happy mood came crashing down around him. He was reminded all of a sudden of how sturdy their own little boat was built and did not like the thought of it sinking. Especially since he couldn't swim that well. Feeling suddenly anxious, Falco reverted into his quiet serious nature and wished that they would stop on land soon. He still coudn't believe he agreed to come in the first place knowing that he wan't a strong swimmer. Ama noticed his change in behavior and asked him "Falco are you feeling all right?"

"Yes, Ama. I'm fine." Falco said lying about his feelings.

"Ok, Falco." Ama replied, but she had a look on her face that said she didn't believe him. Falco just ignored her and asked Penny if he could have some bread and a cup of ale. Perhaps the food would drive his anxieties about sinking away.

Taralphiel 05-26-2003 05:10 AM

Mirabella smiled widely at Penny. It was seldom that lasses spoke to Mirabella, and not without caution.

'Im doing allright Penny, though I do no' like the idea of the scolding I'll get when I get home!' she said giggling. Mirabella looked around at the beautiful scenery passing by. Even Ferd's lively but untimely song had not dampened her spirit, and she shrugged it off.

Mirabella simply let the breeze catch her hair and carry her downstream in the small boat, forgetting all her problems, or the trouble she would get in when she got home.She looked back at Penny's round and happy face and smiled 'And what about you friend?'

[ May 26, 2003: Message edited by: Taralphiel ]

elven maiden Earwen 05-26-2003 02:34 PM

'And what about you friend?' “I’m fine. Life’s been fine down on the farm, and my Mum and Pa are in good health.” Penny replied to Mirabella’s question. Falco who was lying down asked Penny for some Ale and bread. “Here you go,” she said handing it to him, before turning back to Mirabella. They carried on a pleasant conversation for a while but soon they started to drift and talk with the others.

Birds chirped merrily. A hard gust of wind blew across the river rocking the boat. Penny who was standing up fell over. She got back up. Many of the hobbits had a shaken expression on their face. Its okay Penny thought, putting a smile on, and ready to reassure some of the hobbits. Penny looked up into the sky. The grey cloud was moving quickly. Will be fine, I hope.

Calenedheliel1 05-26-2003 11:40 PM

The boat was very cramped with all the hobbits in it. Rosie was very uncomfortable because she was sitting at an angle and partly on top of Ben. But it was worth it because she was finally going on a real live adventure which made her heart skip a beat every time she thought about it.

She looked around at the shoreline of the river and thought about how beautiful the Shire was in the autumn. The colors of the leaves on the trees turning to gold, orange, and red. The green colors of summer time giving away to the earth slumber time colors. Rosie loved autumn because she knew that everything would go to sleep for the winter and then wake up in the spring with new vibrant colors and life.

Rosie looked up into the sky and it was clear except for one huge blackish grey cloud that seemed to be heading directly towards the group of hobbits. She didn’t think that it would be a problem though and put it right out of her mind when she heard Ferd singing a song that ended with a boat sinking. “Hey, that’s not very funny” she said to Ferd. Some of the other hobbits replied in similar fashion and made Ferd wish that he had never sung the song.

Penny was sharing her food with everyone, so Rosie joined in to have something to eat. She decided that she would save hers and share with everyone later on down the river before they came home. Penny and Mirabella were talking so Rosie just sat and listened to them. She didn’t really know Mirabella but was hoping to get to know her while on this little boat going down the river.

alaklondewen 05-27-2003 06:17 PM

Ferd heard Penny behind him. “Anyone want some food?” Turning quickly around not wanting to miss out on anything important, Ferd rocked the boat and everyone grabbed onto the sides for balance. As soon as he had a piece of bread and some ale, he sat still, putting the others at ease.

“Olo, this was a great idea!” Crumbs flew from Ferd’s mouth as he nodded with enthusiasm. Tipping his head back, he took a large drink of ale and noticed the dark clouds behind them for the first time. Ferd slowly set his cup down between his feet and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Nudging Olo with his elbow, he pointed up to the sky without saying a word.

Burzdol 05-27-2003 07:18 PM

Ben laid in the back corner, watching and laughing at Ferd. When he mentioned food, Ben perked up. The food isn't what made him rouse, it was the ale. Ferd handed him some ale, and the short hobbit sat back down.

After a moment of a doze, Ben woke up to see Ferd looking at him from a not even a foot away. A quick 'go away' and a shove left Ben alone again. The short hobbit looked at the banks to see a glimps of something of between the trees. Nothing, probably, Ben thought to himself. Again he laid down to rest, hopefully without interuptions.

[ May 27, 2003: Message edited by: Burzdol ]

Himaran 05-27-2003 08:42 PM

Erendal loved the peaceful nature of the old forest and the surrounding land. But occasionally the ranger felt cramped in the stuffy woods, and would travel the short distance to the Brandywine River where his small boat was docked.

He had done so that very morning, bathing himself his the sun's warm rays. Casting out his line, the ranger soon had caught several large trout.

But, scanning the darkening skyline, Erendal knew that his relaxation would soon end. Dark clouds were gathering north of him, and it was apparent that the wind was gaining speed.

A storm was brewing.

elven maiden Earwen 05-27-2003 09:55 PM

Ale and bread was going around quickly and everyone was merry. Great fun, Penny thought. Penny looked over at Ferd. He was pointing at a large cloud and talking to Olo. It was the dark cloud and it was obviously moving at a rabid past as it was almost over them. Minutes later it was.

The wind was blowing brutally and wind was pouring down hard. There’s no way the boat can survive this, Penny thought. The water turned making the boat shake violently. “Ahhh” Penny screamed as she fell over. Mirabella who was right next to her fell over too. “Are you okay?” Penny asked struggling to her feet. Penny reached down and pulled Mirabella up. “I’m okay” Mirabella answered. Penny stumbled over to Olo and Amaryllis. “You need to pull over the boat. There is no way it can hold up in this storm!” Penny yelled over the howling wind and pouring rain. Behind her every one was slipping on the wet deck. Please let us get out of this.

*Varda* 05-28-2003 03:09 AM

The first cold drops of rain had fallen upon the hobbits as the day drew into the early afternoon. The dark cloud sitting patiently in the east had now found its way into the sky directly above the hobbits’ heads. The sky was overcast with shadow and the sun was hidden by cloud. The positive atmosphere that had been there when the hobbits first set out was gone, as they huddled in the bottom of the boat, shielding themselves from the rain that threatened to become increasingly relentless. Penny was screaming towards Olo and Ama, telling them to bring the boat to the shore.

Olo fumbled with the white sail, gradually getting wetter. The boat was getting blown further south down the Brandywine, by a harsh north wind, and the little boat would get out of control if they didn’t take care.

“Olo! Get down! That’s dangerous!” Mirabella shouted to him over the wind, which seemed to be getting louder every minute, a hundred voices carrying on the air. The hobbit sighed and left the sail alone, flapping in the breeze.

“How did the storm just start? It was a beautiful day only hours ago!” cried Ama, looking at Olo and the others for any kind of response.

“How are we supposed to know?” Falco called back. “This was a bad idea, I knew we should never have come! We should try and get close to the shore!” The boat was rushing down the centre of the Brandywine, the water flowing fast and pulling the boat along with it. The Old Forest was out of sight now, with nothing but marshland to be seen to the right of them.

“Don’t complain now, Falco! We’re in a bit of a mess, yes, but we can get ourselves out of it!” Olo muttered towards him. “Don’t scare the others!” In a louder tone, he called to everyone else. “Paddle towards the shore! We can try and get out there, save the boat, and wait till the storm dies down!” The hobbits paddled vigorously with their hands, trying to push the boat towards the right, but even the combined efforts of the eight hobbits were not enough to steer the boat. The water had grown extremely cold, and so they were reluctant to put their hands in the depths of the Brandywine.

The boat continued on and on, the hobbits having given up all hope of getting to shore. They had gone back to huddling together, staring at the sky looking for a ray of sun, or staring into the water, looking for any signs of it slowing. The boat was tossed back and forth on the rushing current, and Ama looked over the back of the boat, wishing for it to stop, the wind blowing her hair about, as she saw a large wave approaching the boat very fast.

“Hold on tight!” she shrieked above the wind, as the boat careened about, almost capsizing, towards the eastern shore, and Olo tumbled out instantly, not reacting fast enough to Ama’s cry. Seconds later, the rest had all been thrown out, and were struggling against the current, but they were nearer the shore than they had been before.

Taralphiel 05-28-2003 05:38 AM

Mirabella felt the hard slap of water as she was thrown from the small boat. Under the beatings of the waves she could barely hear the yelling and struggling of the rest of the hobbits. Kicking furiously to keep herself buoyant, Mirabella felt cold and darkness surround her...

Sand stirred in her mouth, and she retched violently, shaking with cold.

'Blazes! I thought I was done there! Where am I?'...

Himaran 05-28-2003 08:36 AM

The rain soon began sheeting down, and the wind had reached a furious speed. Getting the boat out of the water was no easy task for Erendal, and even harder was tugging it into the rock alcove in which he kept it. Once it was safly put away, the ranger hurried back over to the water to collect his things, which thankfully had not been blown away.

Then, for a brief moment, the ranger thought that he was dreaming. A small boat, filled with what appeared to be mere children, hurtled down the river. It flew past him, carried by the rapid movement of the wild current. And then it was gone.

Arawethiel 05-28-2003 11:26 AM

Falco quickly slung his bag around his shoulder and held on tight to the boat. His efforts were in vain, however, and he found himself flung out of the boat and plunged into the cold water of the river. He felt himself sinking further and further under the water and knew he would die if he didn't make it back up to the surface. Kicking desperately, Falco made it back up to the air and breathed deeply. He felt himself being taken away by the strong current and became panicked. Thrashing all around trying to make it back to shore.

Falco soon felt his strength ebbing with the shore only a few feet from him. "Please someone help me!" Falco cried, hoping one of the other hobbits could aid him. Falco was barely keeping himself afloat and knew he could not hold out much longer against the fierce current.

elven maiden Earwen 05-28-2003 05:17 PM

Penny grabbed for her basket as she was thrown violently out of the boat. All she got was her knife. Seconds later she felt the hard slap of the unstable water, as she fell in. The water was freezing and it was even colder with the rain and wind. She was cold and felt alone.

Penny was suddenly jerked back to reality when a large wave washed over her head. This is the river. I can swim. Another huge wave was approaching rapidly. Penny took a deep breath a dove under the restless water as the wave washed overhead. She sunk down for a few seconds and then began to kick back up to the top. *Gasp* Penny had reached the top and was no soaked form head to toe. Her curls were lying damply on her shoulders. He expression was depressing and she had no smile on.

Somewhere to the far right of her she heard someone yell. "Please someone help me!" Penny instantaneously started kicking towards the faint and faded voice. It was no use. The current was way to strong and fierce. Penny hade to dive under the water again as another set of large waves came towards her. She had no choice but to go with the current. Don’t fight it she thought as she came back up, and immediately the tide swept her downstream.

Penny felt something hit her feet after what felt like an eternity. She kicked up sand as she struggled up the shore. She managed to get father awy from the river until she collapsed. She lay there drenched. In her hand was the knife she had grabbed from the basket. I hope the others are fine, she thought. Seconds later she plunged into darkness. She was alone, and scared. She was numb. Then everything finally went black…

alaklondewen 05-28-2003 08:54 PM

Ferd looked up when Ama cried out just to see the water crash against the boat. The next few seconds were chaotic and Ferd was thrown into the freezing water. His body went numb for a moment and then he began to kick wildly, but the undercurrent was too fast for him to return to the surface immediately.

Forcing himself to calm down, Ferd consciously stopped moving. The water gave him a moment of grace, and he was able to get his head above the surface. Gasping for air, he searched for the others and the boat, but the water was too violent and prevented his seeing anything.

The current took him closer to the shore and he noticed something sticking up out of the water. Before he knew what happened, Ferd took hold of the object that turned out to be a large branch. His body swung around the limb and stopped. Holding on to that branch with every ounce of energy and wit he had left, Ferd fought the current and pulled himself up and partly onto the wood.

Something dark was in the water coming toward him, and Ferd reached out and grabbed what appeared to be one of his fellow adventurers. Using all of his strength, Ferd pulled Falco out of the water. Falco was struggling for breath, and Ferd could see fear in his eyes. “It’s okay! I’ve got you!” Ferd shouted over the deafening noise of the river. “Here, hold on to this!” Ferd helped Falco take hold of the branch, and the two bewildered hobbits slowly pulled their way along the limb to the shore.

When Ferd reached the dry land, he fell on his face and lay for several minutes. His chest heaved and his body was numb. His eyes opened to see Falco lying next to him with his eyes closed. “Falco! Are you okay? Can you hear me, buddy?” Ferd shook Falco until he opened his eyes and smiled up at Ferd. The chubby hobbit felled backward and sighed. Falco breathed, “I’m okay, I’m okay.”

Ferd stood up and looked around anxiously for the others. Mirabella was up shore from them, and she seemed to be conscious at least. Turning around, he saw Penny lying on the ground. “Falco! I think Penny’s hurt. Come on, I need your help!” Ferd shouted wildly.

Taralphiel 05-28-2003 09:12 PM

Mirabella saw Penny lying not too far from her, not moving. Her hearing was blurred, but she also heard what could have been her cousin yelling from behind her. Scrambling along the bank, she knelt over Penny. Caliing to her did not help, and soon Mirabella was shaking her. 'Penny! Wake up!!'

Penny soon began coughing water up violently, and shaking like the others. 'Wha..wh..wh..' 'Aye, I know' muttered Mirabella. 'When I get my hands on Olo, I'll skin 'im!'

By now Ferd and Falco were beside them, and they all huddled together to keep warm. The only supplies were what Falco had in his damp knapsack, and Penny's knife. Mirabella soon began to think things through.

'Allright! What say we get a fire going, then go looking for the others? They'll be getting quite frosty out there by now!' she said trying to put some cheer into her voice. But all she could feel was dread...

elven maiden Earwen 05-28-2003 10:02 PM

“Penny, Wake-up” Penny suddenly snapped awake. Where am I, she thought? Her eyes were blurry. When they came into focus she saw the river. Penny started coughing up water. Right next to her was Mirabella, Ferd, and Falco, looking at her. They eyes were filled with concern. Memory washed over Penny. The boat, the storm, and the last thing she remembered was collapsing on the shore. “I’m all right,” she spluttered.

She was freezing and feared for the other 4 hobbits lives. Where could they be? It had stopped raining. The wind had stopped blowing and the water was becoming a lot calmer. The small group huddled together trying to keep each other warm. They had no food, and no extra clothes. Only Falco’s bag, and Penny’s knife. They got a fire going, and the four sat around it trying to warm themselves up. Penny smiled at how Mirabella tried to cheer everyone up. I hope the others got out safely.

Calenedheliel1 05-29-2003 10:16 AM

The last thing Rosie remembered was the boat pitching and tossing all the hobbits into the cold, churning Brandywine. She opened her eyes to find that she was on the shore, although she had no idea how she got there. Her head was hurting, she was soaking wet, and she was absolutely freezing.

Just then she realized that she wasn’t alone. Ben lay beside her. She rolled over and checked on him. He was breathing, but was unconscious and it looked like he had taken quite a bump on his head. “He must of saved my life, now I better do something to help him” Rosie thought. Rosie tried to stand up but she was very dizzy, so she sat back down. She looked around to see if she could recognize where they were but nothing was familiar to her.

Rosie sat thinking about what to do when she thought she heard voices, so she called out. “Whose out there? This is Rosie and I have Ben with me and we could sure use some help over here!” she yelled.

*Varda* 05-30-2003 09:44 AM

Olo lay on the shore, panting heavily, his clothes and hair dripping. It could only have been late afternoon, early evening by this time, but the sky was so heavily cast by shadow it could have been the middle of the night. The storm hadn’t died down, although the winds were less strong. Olo prayed everyone else was all right – if they weren’t, how could he ever forgive himself? He had brought them all along on this trip. He had told them everything would be fine. And he had told them they would be home before nightfall – that would never happen now. He barely even knew where they were.

Standing up on his weary feet, he called out to the others, wherever they might be. He heard some form of answer, quiet, but clearly some of them weren’t too far away. Walking slowly along the river, he saw a light nearby, and it seemed some of the hobbits had had the common sense to make a fire, perhaps dry out some of their sodden clothes and warm themselves up. Otherwise, they would all catch chills, and then where would they be?

He stumbled into the ring of light created by the flickering flames, and saw four of the hobbits, gathered together around it. On their faces was a mixture of relief, but in their eyes, Olo felt they blamed him.

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