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Ring Bearer 04-16-2021 01:45 PM

Let's talk about some old (accurate) movie predictions!
Well, I joined just to post about this Thread started in 2000![Every post on the thread is interestingly before I was even born:o]

How amazingly accurate the last two paragraphs are--as if Peter Jackson read them!

Another solution, one I like better and that might be more in keeping with the Prof's tone, would be to start off with some voice-over narration that could help us get out some exposition quickly. Our narrator might be Bilbo, looking back from after the War of the Ring and telling us the story. As a self-appointed chronicler, he seems a logical choice, and since he's removed for the most part from the events of the story, he could be our narrator when we need to get over tough spots through all three movies.

What's the first image? Maybe it's Gandalf trundling over a hill with a cartload of fireworks on his way to Bag End. Or -- even more appropriate -- a tight shot of the One Ring itself. Pull back, we're in Bilbo's hole in Bag End... Bilbo contemplates the ring, then pockets it... Jump in.
  • Started with a Narration--instead of Bilbo it was Galadriel.
  • Fireworks in a cart--this is described almost as it is in the movie!

I also believe the cart scene had some inspiration from a painting.
Actually,all the LOTR movies are inspired by paintings of some very popular Middle Earth Artists.

Ironically, Barrow Downs was not even present in the movies.:rolleyes:
(Even I didn't know what "Barrow Downs" means until I Googled it)

I have always wondered--Internet must have been quite a big thing in its early years for Forum people who were mad about the same thing--quite a small community(by modern standards) and yet up-to something constructive even in small numbers...

Fine time to live I'd say.

Galadriel55 04-16-2021 04:21 PM

I was trying to find a post that I wanted to revisit in light of this thread. Someone sometime during the Hobbit trilogy shared a dream of a very detailed movie sequence of the 2nd or 3rd (yet unreleased) Hobbit movie. But I can't remember who or on what thread. It would have been interesting to analyze in retrospect. Anyone remembers what I'm talking about?


Originally Posted by Ring Bearer;730525[URL=""[/URL]

How amazingly accurate the last two paragraphs are--as if Peter Jackson read them!

That is indeed quite an accurate vision.

Reading that thread, I find it so interesting that several posters comment on the atmosphere-building and character-building of the Shire, bringing up a lot of the book details from the early chapters of mundane hobbit interactions. One of the reasons mentioned was that we the audience have to also love the Shire, it has to become dear and precious, otherwise the quest and especially the ending lose their value. I think in part the movies do that well, they certainly associate the Shire with a feeling of joy, and the Shire music is something on a whole different level, though they skip over material that several of the posters thought should get attention!

Ring Bearer 04-17-2021 11:11 AM

Now that I've posted what I joined this forum to post--I'll take my leave now.
I may be young but still old enough to have stress from College(or University whatever u call it in ur country).

Would love to talk to the Ents amongst you about the cool life in 2000s.

Farewell! (Wherever you fare,May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks :p)

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