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*nevquesseiel* 07-18-2002 12:27 AM

hi can sum1 help me wit the translation of my name?????
hey ppl im nevquesseiel and im wondering if ne one out there can translate my name into sum form of elvish...... ive looked high and low for translations but none of them have been ne help... ne ideas wud b appreciated... thx! *NVQ*

Ithaeliel 07-18-2002 12:34 AM

Oh... the only part of your name I know is quen, which is 'speak.' Sorry, I'm not much help... welcome to the Downs!

Elrian 07-18-2002 01:04 AM


quesse= feather
iel= maiden

Alkithilien 07-18-2002 02:44 AM

Oh, can you translate my name too? it's like you see Alkithilien. I will be very very happy^^ and thxfull:]

Melephelwen 07-18-2002 07:20 AM

I don't know 'alk', but

ithil = moon
ien = girl or daughter (I think)

Why can't people just choose names, which has translations in the Sil?!? (joking) [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

Elrian 07-18-2002 07:34 AM


Alk= either glory or bright
ithilien= moon land

Alkithilien 07-18-2002 08:36 AM

Oh thank you!!! I just love it even more when i know the translation^^

and we have so difficult names? 'cause Downs' Name generator show them to us:P?

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