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Enw 11-06-2008 01:46 PM

Character Appreciation Thread
Ever felt that no-one likes the same character as you do? Want to find out who else likes the less popular character that you do? Then this is the thread for you.

Ok, this thread is for people to nominate character from Middle-Earth that they think aren't creditted enough or are often overlooked, or just unpopular with readers. Now you can finally do them justice with this thread.

So, basically, fill in this form with the details of your chosen character:

Year/Age of Birth:
Place of Birth and parents:
Place of Death (if known):
Most active (when/where):
Most famous for:
Special traits:
Reason for nominating:

And that's all there is to it! (Well, eecept for other people commenting on chosen characters- but that's obvious. After all, it is a Discussion Forum)

[Disclaimer: I searched for I similar thread but found nothing]

Gollum the Great 11-06-2008 02:05 PM

Let's start with some thing unusual
Name: Thorondor

Race: Great Eagle

Year of birth: Unknown

Place of death: unknown (at least I can't remember)

Most active (when/where): in the mountains encircling Gondolin.

Most famous for: protecting Gondolin, ripping up Morgoth's face, saving Hurin and Huor.

Special traits: the ability to reason, speak, and discern right from wrong. And simply being ginormous.

Reason for nominating: no one ever seems to mention him.

Enw 11-16-2008 03:43 PM

It's true. He isn't mentined very often. But maybe that's just because people don't know much about him. He is quite a mysterious character, I think.

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