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Elennar Starfire 10-21-2004 08:00 PM

"Realistic" Rewriting
The idea here is to rewrite a section of LotR "realistically". This means including things like bathroom breaks and what exactly was eaten for breakfast.

Example (borrowed without permission from Luthien Tinuviel, though I'm sure she won't mind)

On day four of the Quest, the Fellowship began to run out of the pork sausages, and were only left with beef sausages. Boromir was very disappointed, but could occasionally be found munching on something when he thought no one was looking. Further examination showed that the pork sausages had disappeared not because they had all been eaten, but because they had all been hidden away in a certain Gondorian's pack.

Have fun, and please keep it cleanish. A little bathroom humour is allowed, and expected on occasion (this being "realistic").

The Barrow-Wight 10-22-2004 10:33 AM

Actually, a little bathroom humor is not allowed. Nor is pseudo-fan fiction. Sorry.


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