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lindil 12-30-2002 08:39 AM

RotK sopilers
ok - I guessed that Scouring of the Shire would be left out and it was just confirmed [ for me ] on the Ch4 TV quiz [ or something like that].<P>Anyone know of other RotK spoilers, and please list a source!<P>I figured the scouring would not make it as PJ had not created very much shire to scour!<P>We would need the brandywine Bridge, a couple of inns, a mill, an entire Bagshot row, plus various other places to add to the destroyed impression, plus a hundred or so hobbits to deal w/ the dozens [ i am reducing the figures as I gues PJ would were he even to try it] of ruffians.<P>Anyway, like Bombadil it was a sad but easily chosen cut.

GreyIstar 12-30-2002 09:22 AM

PJ said that during his commentary of FOTR.<P>He said Frodo looking in the mirror at it was his homage to that part of the book.<P>As for others I do no know... As long as it ends at the Grey Havens we should be fine.

lindil 12-30-2002 09:29 AM

Still have not seen all of the commentary.<P>Thanks for the info though.<P>I wish he had done similar homages to BOmbadil and the downs and shown them as Gandalf was reading Frodo's mind while he was recovering in Rivendell.<P>That could have explained the swords and given us a glimplse of TB all in a few seconds.

Arathiriel 12-30-2002 03:16 PM

As much as I wish they had included the Scouring of the Shire I know they didn't because of how they changed a few scenes in FOTR...<P>As much as I would like to see it I really don't care that it won't be in it as long as they keep in the Grey Havens scene for the end of the movie. If the Grey Havens ain't in there I will truly felt cheated as that to me is the only way to end RoTK!

Dimaldaeon 12-31-2002 09:12 AM

Mithlond is in ROTK. I remember somebody, i think it was Alan Lee, saying he was designing them to be like Rivendell but made out of stone

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